Best saves from /b this week (webms also well accepted)

Best saves from /b this week (webms also well accepted)

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so you are telling me that your best save this week is an average looking fully clothed girl?

more pls

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Maybe in America and in the UK

yah that's what he is aging but u didn't mention how obese she is huuuge bonus

I have a type.

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got adipose for daaaysss son!

Nice I know her

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Those tits are terrible

Not this week but this has helped me get off a lot.

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Got more? We might share a type.

I didn't realise until I looked through this thread just how shitty this week's been.

OP here, nice, yeah doesn't have to be this week strictly, even the whole month for what I care

or probably people are just very bad at saving what is actually worth saving

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>average looking

>disgusting obese whale

user be better.


Want to see if someone saved me and my gf having fun outdoor

not a single good one smh

Seen this same chick posted a lot lately but this webm really fucking does it for me

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that's kind of disgusting to watch tbh


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Pics apparently a few years old, but I only found out about this chick this week

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Apparently lesbian (?) and completely nuts, but I find her hot af

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my Top 5 this week

Num 5

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num 4

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num 3

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num 2

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Is there more!?

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I used to have this whole set.

only saved 4

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And this:




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Very, very nice. She needs a great boyfriend to do all that work.

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