Tributes thread

Tributes thread.

Post requests/saves/collages.

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she needs all the cocks

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Smol pps allowed?

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more scarf girls

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theres no way she'd let that tinty azn pp touch her irl. :)

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PLEASE dude I’d love to see your cock and balls on this little tomboy slut

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Send me all asians

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Tribute please

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Half Asian. Hope you’ll get your cock and your balls on her pretty face

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please trib her

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Doing cock and piss tributes on disc/kik. New tributes I'm experimenting with. Anyone interested?

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How many hours should I keep edging before splattering my $1400 tablet

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This tomboy badly needs a proper cock, so that she knows her place as a woman

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As long as it takes
Give my gf your hard cock while you edge

Your cock looks like Freddy Kruger



Drop discord

That's a damn fine cock

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My old HS teacher's face is such a good trib material... thankful to all the tribbers in the past, this is sooooo hot for me, she deserves hard young cocks

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God that looks so hot she deserves your cock

I’d love to see you rub your balls one her mouth:

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brilud83#8150 would love some piss tribs

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love the precum in this one

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I'm interested

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I can trib. Got discord?

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Disc is Magick#4917. I'll message you guys

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got the original image?

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add me on kik


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I like asians

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Cumming for mommy

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Would love a tribute.

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If you like asains you’ll love her

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Take your pick

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Looking for cock and jerk tribs of my girlfriends feet and soles.

If you love feet, add beyondreason69 and please be ready to trib