Would you share your wife or GF?

Would you share your wife or GF?

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Definitely, I want others to agree that she fucks/looks so good.

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Yeah but not with a jiggaboo, wife and I are swinging this weekend

is that yours, we need more

We haven’t tried anything yet just role playing about it, she’s just nervous. Hasn’t been with anyone besides me in +8 years. She thinks some drinks will loosen her up

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damn, she's hot. more?

she looks good, that’s what it was like with my ex tho, unfortunately we split so it sucks that I won’t be able to see her fuck others

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Like share her cereal? Sure. I’d do that. But I need a separate spoon. Otherwise — yuck!

My wife wants to try it. I'm still a bit cautious about it

Share how you would do it

Yeah, but not with a nigger

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Yeah we’ve talked about it for about three years now, we’re certain about it. I bet it was the best sex, well I hope. We’re looking to hit the club and I leave her unattended and she gets swept from whoever she finds physically attractive. She prefers to stay away from blacks

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Share my gf with a buddy of mine a couple times a year, we're hanging with him and his new gf this weekend so I'm hoping he returns the favor

Depends on interest

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same boat here, we started this year and it’s been indescribable. Each time has been better than the last and its like she’s getting more convinced of how hot she is every time she sluts out.

10/10 would recommend

that’s good that you both have spoken about it, I hope you both can get there eventually. it’s really fun for sure

100% I want to see her destroyed in front of me.

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Damn I'd fuck her

damn, i bet she's a real slut huh

Eh she sucks well

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Let's see her tits

she hot?

Same here, but we just have 3somes with one of my friends involved. So far 2 different friends.

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More of her cute ass?

Tell us about the first time you did it

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No, and any nigger getting caught trying to fuck my wife will get an ass full of lead.

Okay there we go that is what she wants to hear, my compliments to her sound biased because we’ve been together for years so she doesn’t think she still has it to pull guys in how she used to.

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they're already fucking her behind your back. she loves black cock and just can't go without it

Sharing and swinging is a blast.

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Your friends fucking her raw?

it’s different seeing how she reacts to different men as well, you may end up getting surprised at who’s primal she could be. imo that’s one of the hottest parts. seeing their confidence soar let’s them do things they didn’t think they could

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Holy fuck that ass.

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>Yeah, but not with a nigger

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Keep going, I wanna fuck your gf

Would love to do this with my friend and his girl

Girlfriends pussy after me and my friend tag teamed her raw

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I share both. With each other.

This is hot

When you have the right guy, girl, or couple over it's so fucking fun. We do it once every month or two, generally the same guy or couple now that we have met good people to call up.

Thanks user

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Yeah she gets a huge boost in confidence when she gets a compliment from another guy, could be from her posting on IG/story or anything really. I can’t begin to imagine when she’s told she looks like a goddess, I’m sure she’ll put on one hell of a show for me

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Stories please

Anymore like this, shoving it down her throat?

Yep, anything goes.

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No other way to do it, girls are so much hornier getting fucked raw. First time I heard her tell my buddy "cum in me" was so fuckin surreal

Maybe if she wasn't such a ho. Girls literally just let life happen. They don't stop shit which is why they get raped. They end up getting fucked by someone and thinking well this is life these things happen. And guys are such pussies that they just habitually let things happen even if they're wrong because they're getting gaslighted and told they're being paranoid. So no I wouldn't share her because it's supposed to be tabboo not par for the course

does she swallow you both

Another pic

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Yes I would

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more in stockings?


Sure but no one wants her lol

we fill up her pussy

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Just did a gang bang with mine a few months back

Amazing ass

after being fucked for a couple hours and two loads dumped in her

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she loves being filled up

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