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also goals. if there is a god, they're very cruel.

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Neelix in general has some good stuff.

You can't have all - if so, life would be boring as hell because none of those hot ideas would exist.
But you can try having some and have fun.

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no, they're cruel for making me into this shit! :P

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Then go and ask waz if you can have kinky sex.

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if only that was possible right now. I could go for it, too...

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Babe you're poggers

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do it like apollo.yuken.xyz/gayshit.webm

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You know if I can do that yet?
Also got I date I can come over?

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no clue and nope. prolly waiting until employment though, applying to more "guaranteed" places until something better comes along for now.
less of a deal then.

but you'll also have to try smh. gotta be able to make me not able to articulate myself at the very least.

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REEEEE How long will that be?
Of course I'll try but making you a moaning mess isn't that difficult

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iunno, probably within 1-2 weeks if I had to guess.
also pfft it absolutely is hard

ok, guess I can wait...
Really!? I didn't do anything that special the last time and you didn't even hear me most of the time

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pfffffffffffft. I don't think so.

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homosex is wrong

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Maybe in the beginning since you were still saying faggot but after I started to use the collar a bit more you sure seemed a mess
going to go take a shower and get breakfast

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But it feels so right.

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you'll need to experiment with the elusive... multiple male orgasm. apparently some can do it from butt stuff - maybe I'm one of the lucky ones!
surprisingly difficuklt for me to deny

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You both are.

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>some can do it from butt stuff
Its easier when you're already pretty close. Then hump at a fast pace. And not getting off 2-3 days prior also helps a lot.

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I edged for 4-5 days a few weeks ago and I swear, I could have used a finger + prostaet and gotten off in like 15 seconds.
Kinda wanna do that again but with an actual waz who can do pic related.

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Maybe if you didn't sin and masturbate that one day you would've already found that out!
Thanks Scaly
Doesn't hurt do to it by yourself, will probably make it better for yourself once I'm around

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Also you flexible enough for the position? Cause if you aren't it's going to hurt the next day maybe next few days

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I am super-duper flexible. could probably suck my own diiiIIIICK.

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I used to be able, but it's also not that great of a feeling

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oh ya nah doesn't feel that great. fag

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Did you just attempt it? boyfriend

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nah I already know from exerpeience

I'm straight

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Hope you've kept the flexibility for what you want to do
Hey me, how's me?

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hi me
did nothing today and I feel bad

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Cause you didn't do anything?

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Lazy days can be good too
which ones?

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