Just got a call from work that my trans coworker hung himself

Just got a call from work that my trans coworker hung himself
Goodbye faggot

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if i ever got a call about some personal shit about someone else about their personal life then i would literally kill myself


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Have a nice tripe meta-Yea Forumsoy

It's hanged.

What did you say to the faggot on the phone?

41.000001% now bb

if i never get a call about some personal shit about someone else about their personal life then i would literally kill myself


Probably called him White trash and Said that trans rights are racist

I like pretending to be a delusional troon on Yea Forums because it's funny seeing the reactions

that's great news!

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Dare I say.

Got it nazi
The office is having a day off for his funeral kekw
Told them that I will be there

Are you actually going to go there?

Yeah sure you did larp.

You Little prankster.
You have nazi trannies as well

That's the route most of those trans fucks take.
It's mental illness, but it's forced on all of us to accept as "normal". So I just don't give a fuck anymore. It is what it is.

Who gets calls from work about specifics of someone dying? What retard farm does OP work at?

Will go and come back quickly then spend the day playing vidya or something

Sure I'm right wing, but collecting ANY cope and seethe is fun, regardless of who it's from. ;)

Why go? Is it to avoid getting into trouble?

It's just too much fun hehe

Have a nice tripe meta-Yea Forumsoy

More or less
Social formalities are a pain but will have to go since he was in my team

Maybe I'm an autist for asking this, but could you maybe take photos and post them here? Actually nevermind that'd probably get you in trouble

Also did you two ever talk, how was he before he 41'd?

Provide with better entertainment then you inbred fuckwit.

Have not been taken today.

Yea. So you approve those white haired old white elitists running the country and you therefore have zero credibility whatsoever.

Stop projecting lmfao. Go take your meds you schyzo and nevermind that nigger above ya

Receive them.

I bet actual trannies probably don't care anymore since most of trannies you make fun of come from USA and Western Europe and are mtf and whiter than pol.

How nice of you to remind us to take our daily meds while ingesting a buckey of anti depressants

No, just one. ;)

I've been off anti depressants for years.
You forgot your schizo medication though.

>implying only one dude controls the whole thing and not a bunch of old white dudes using specops to kill civilians.

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No wonder you so grumpy mate. Take more of them instead.

Why would their color matter at all? I know that plenty of those fine young gentlemen browse this site

No faggot, I support installing one oppressive leader. Medieval Europe style.

I'm not him but I'm never taking my meds, fuckin' fed

Yeah I will probably not take photos. Will get in trouble.

He was not too bad. Except he dressed weirdly, sometimes even did make up was not too good. Usually got the job done in time, but sometimes called off because he was on meds or something. He helped me fix my code a few times, but that was the mostly professional interaction.

Did go for coffee a few times with him during lunch breaks. He mostly preferred sweet things. He was not fat though, had a little bulge in the stomach tho. But that was mostly it, I think once I saw him play stardew valley in his free time but never got the time to ask him about it.

I kept my distance for obvious reasons.

More like 41.5. There arent that many trannyfags irl

Swallow them like you swallow big cock.

Fuck you, I'll give whatever based insult I want.

Holy fuck that actually sounds amazing tbh having someone hanged just for the fuck of it on some trumped up charges. You are the mvp


What did he look like?

Why coders have so much troons?
You know How long he was a troon ?

Hi there,kinda related to the point,why do I feel so much sorrow over a particular famous person death? Guy died a long time ago yet it makes me quite sad that's he is gone. He seemed to be a genuinely good person,also very talented in his field. I've been feeling this sorrow for about two years,although his death occurred over 20 years ago. It simply makes me very disturbed that he was taken away from us,specially all the stuff he would have come up with if he hadn't such a tragic fate. I don't know if there's an afterlife,of course I don't,no one does,but either way I hope that his spirit is in eternal peace. Never met him personally but his absence is surely felt by me

I will tell you something,the reason why the guy's death been affecting me that much lately is due the realization that it happened a long long time ago,considering my age,so most of what I am and have experienced so far,are from times already past his fate. I really really wish I could bring him back somehow,over 20 years ago but only recently been that moved about the fact. Dude's gone and there's nothing else to be done. Great deal of sorrow upon me over this,specially within this last week,been reading about the guy's work,all sorts of characters and roles,good times,from a not that distance but still quite far away past. Very very sad thinking about whay if.... an alternative reality you know? Sad to be in a world in which such a great person is gone,gone that long ago....

Oof. Another bbc cuck fetishist. Ew.

How old was he? Are you really that unfazed? I would feel weird if a coworker committed suicide.

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No I'm just gay.

>Hi there,kinda related to the point,why do I feel so much sorrow over a particular famous person death?
Because you have no life.

>I would feel weird if a coworker committed suicide.
It sounds like he didn't really know him user

Yeah, but the fact that a person ceased to exist like that, and that somehow you could have said something... I don't know, I just feel like I would be disturbed.

Wonder if he's going to be buried with his birthname or his made up faggot name

>somehow you could have said something
Fuck that. That tranny made the decision to kill himself, it wasn't anybodies fault but there own. It's not OP's responsibility to make sure that his coworkers don't 41.

We live vicariously through celebrities, which we see regularly and often times because they get packaged by corporate capitalists and crammed down our throats. We're groomed to think about them and have opinions about them. So when they die, if they had any positive siginificance in your life, you feel a sense of loss. But no one gives a shit about some random kike, or trannie, or even people who were actually significant in the bigger scheme of the sociopolitical world. If Ghandi died tomorrow, I would not give half a fuck. When George Carlin died, I resolved to help carry his memory as far as I can.


Had a jaw line kek
Idk never asked, was a tranny since he got in there so 1.5 years at least
27 iirc. I mean, I do feel kinda weird, but then again I was not that close to him. I have only heard the news, it is difficult to... understand properly.

Maybe I will feel bad later, but at the moment I am unable to decide between apathy and feeling loss. Maybe it is because of my own prejudice that I am unable to feel sad immediately.

>I resolved to help carry his memory as far as I can
same here,but with Phil Hartman

He died in 1998
Entirely from the 20th century
All the life pre 2001
World was different,all the stuff left behind stuff from the 90's and before old stuff now,all old times and memories
Entirely from the past,the pre 2001 comfy and less complicated times

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with walt disney

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kill yourself literal nigger

Biggest larp in larpsville user

Why would you feel sad about somebody that you barely know killing themselves? If they were murdered, or if it were an accident, I would understand, but he did it to himself