/Work thread

/Work thread
>Post what you do for your brad and butter and some of your proudest moments/achievements

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You start

this may be the most brilliant concrete rectangle the universe will ever see

Landscaper here, enjoying doing more concreting side of things these days. Grey gold is becoming a fucking thing haha

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Couple low budget easily slapped together raised garden beds

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And now getting in on the grey gold making it accessible and making it easier for the elderly client to garden

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Currently unemployed myself but my cousin has the same business as you. I worked for him a few times and I have to say you guys don't get paid enough man, seriously.

What do you think the going rate for a decent landscaper should be ?

Not sure as it's my cousins business and I don't pay attention to the market rates. Don't get me wrong he does pretty well for himself (slightly over 6 figures) but the work is intense. Finding reliable people is annoying let alone those with a vehicle and I don't have to tell you about the customers.

>opfag here
Completely raised vegetable garden with wheelchair and walking frame accessibility.
Footpath part of same job posted as thread pic part of same job

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This is actually really well done, aren't there groups online who share the jobs they've done?

Some of my artwork

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I work at a homeless service as a caseworker. The most underwhelming work ever, line guys up from properties and they turn them down because they are either too small or there isn’t a garage etc. like hitting my head against a wall

I’m from around Melb Aus and I’m currently charging $30 an hour cash for jobs like these on weekends. Struggling to gain a realistic on book hourly rate as I’m wanting to increase the amount of work I’m doing as a sole trader

not going to get good results from those plants. gonna get 3 hours direct sun a day at best

Have you ever helped someone who needed it and felt good about it though b/ro

Love it bro? What’s your job tiitle?

Customer's bitch

One time in the last 5 years a very elderly man was being evicted within the next two weeks and I managed to score a public house property for him. Other than that no. Sounds like I’m a cunt but it’s the reality of the work that nearly all of the people we work with just come back through the system. Only word of advice I have to everyone is NEVER touch meth. That shit fucks with you and destroys your life

Yeah they get enough sun light but the right garden bed does get 2 or so hours more then the left. Put zucchini’s I’m on the left garden bedand they’ve gone crazy. I’ll find photo and post garden bed update next post

Why would you go in this line of work. Are you at least at one of the big charitable places in your area so you get paid?

Yeah I get paid very well. I went in with a very positive outlook. That whole “I’m going to make a difference”. However that fades fast when the reality of the uphill battle of sustain someone’s tenancy with mental health and drug addiction.
I came from a background I’m project management for shopfitting firms.

Not to sure man? haha
Just come on here cause I feel like the b/ros would have some random work pics to post.
This is up in far North Queensland coal mining a year ago

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Have you ever had a drug addiction yourself dude?

Pain medications was/is my addiction.
But I don’t think I have the trauma/predisposition for a full blown addiction

You took a paycut then? I know good money can be made there but lot's of people just blow the money they earn, ironically end up worse for it

I listened to a podcast called death sex and money, they called it boosting right? How do they even make money, who's buying (I thought that's how they made their money, mind explaining)?

That’s why it’s so hard to get them to sustain a tenancy. It’s comes down to paying rent or taking that money to get on. Tbh trauma does change the way the brain functions on a measurable level, i couldn’t explain in depth but if your interested the concept pf “the cycle of change” basically explains it all

Also prostitution or dealing is how most people fund their addiction in my local area currently. It was petty crime but that has decreased since the police cracked down

Just spent two years in mining and burnt myself out. So taken the last 8 months off and have just been surviving doing cash landscape/concrete jobs. Big pay cut but the strict regimen that comes with that kinda pay check is exhausting.

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Job I did when I was7 years ago, thoughts on crazy paving?

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>Telecommunications Interception Analyst
>manage team of people who listen to live wiretaps
>shift work but pay is good ($85k muricabucks equivalent) for 8 day / 72hr fortnight
>sometimes boring because even criminals have real lives
>sometimes exciting because supporting tactical events - SWAT team, surveillance etc - is highly dynamic and has dramatic outcomes

Been in the industry for 15yrs but getting tired of human misery.

Can you share your past experience in a shop lifting firm? how did you even get this job? My friends mom a long as time ago use to work for a company that designed stores, until it was pointed out to me I didn't understand why the meat was always at the back. She had said it's not just meat but typically the most valuable items are found there because it takes longer for to get out of the store.

Great career choice and am interested in what made you get into that field of work?

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I was studying criminology and saw an entry level job with a federal government intelligence agency. Started out as a wire tap monitor, eventually became a team leader then got poached by my local state agency for more $$$ & responsibility. It used to be a lot more fun as encryption & general awareness to electronic surveillance was much less prevalent. Now it's only the real morons who get caught talking business on the phone, or the wiretap is used to support the investigation as opposed to directly gathering evidence. It gets a bit disheartening when the bulk of your work is just meth junkies who are the literal bottomfeeders of society when previously is was real gangsters & outlaw bikers etc. I'm looking into a career change.

Work in Rail
Best achievement going from a 52k a year job to a 101k a year job

Completely understand, quiet desperation is a shitty spot to get stuck in and unhealthy work life is a major cause. Would you consider re studying or turning the collar blue and going to try more hands on roles?

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Conductor right? Isn't it lonely?

pushing trolleys is so much more peaceful than factory work, I love it

Congrats mate! What age bracket are you in and how are you coping with the vast increase in money?

I was guessing rail construction, theirs a shitload of rail lines going in atm and if you can land a gig there it’s cruisey, high paying and no FIFO. So worth looking into

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As you colonials would say…law enforcement.

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Actually extremely jealous mate. Made a few minor mistakes when I was younger DUI on marijuna when they first introduced road side swab tests when I was younger otherwise I definitely would be considering joining the force as a backup.

I'm a process engineer at a waste water treatment plant. And no, I dont shovel shit, and the most fun we have is throwing dildos at each other that some idiots accasionally flush down their toilets.

That's a really nice house, those gigs sound attractive for sure.

Hahaha gotta have a bit of fun at work what lead you into that sort of work? And what kinda pay package are you on?

No I could never drive I think I'd fall asleep. It's train operations division on the ground.
I'm 32, got the job as I turned 30. I just spend more now plus bought a house. Lifestyle change is quite minimal

You study industrial/chemical engineering? Sounds like you guys at least know how to have fun.

Yeah mate have been pretty lucky with someone of the clientele in terms of working in and around nice places.
This is dandy ranges, Melb.

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Martial arts teacher

Proudest moment was teaching a 12 year old girl how to escape if someone grabs her wrist.

A month or so later get a call from perents apparently they were on holiday somewhere in Spain someone tried to grab their daughters arm and pull her into a van

She used the tenique I taught her to escape to safety and the culprits drove off.

I worked in the oil and gas industry from when I left school then went into specialist engineering services (pipe freezing, on site machining, controlled bolting etc). Got paid off from a great job because my manager wanted me to do continuous call outs for our offshore clients and I refused. Ended up getting a job through my mate doing leakage detection in public potable water supply and that ended because the company fucked up a contract. Was out of a job for a few months and an opening came up at my current place and I got the job. Small plant with only like 16 employees, usually just me and a shift operator I boss around. I just sit in the controll room fucking about on my phone or watching Netflix. I make around £46k a year which is pretty decent money around here.

I went from being a causal concretor on $850 a week to being an operator at $3200 a week. Should have a house and a nice work Ute/trailer setup but instead I developed a cocaine habit and a toxic relationship shit
>nudes of said toxic slut

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Have you gotten any contracts yet? My cousin has a couple for some small time landlord. He takes care of several of his properties year round, well mostly all year. He said that's where the money is and it's nice due to the consistency, ever look for those opportunities?

Yeah nice bro why wouldn’t you take it. Nice local and cruisey, i prefer the less money for the better lifestyle but it’s important to experience both imo

forgot pic
not really anything amazing happening though lol. proudest moment would probably just be improving my cardio. twenty bucks an hour at thirty years old lmao

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I done an apprenticeship after I left school for my engineering qualifications but I got all my process stuff here. My engineering background basically got me this job as you need to know how all different types of machinery work to properly operate the site. I just sit in the control room and run everything through a computer system.


Sorry to hear man, by reading your text seems you're an Aussie as well. Heaps of psychos here to cook your head, stay strong and fuck em off. Hope you're doing OK with the coke. A lot of my pay goes to piss

You kind of sound like a baller, not going to lie. Even banging hoes, getting big money and the drugs haha.

30 years and retired now.

Exactly mate. I could be off working abroad for £130k+ a year but you're never home and theres always shit kicking off in these countries... thats why you get paid so much. Naah, I prefer being at home with the wife and kids and being able to grab a few beers when I want. Not stuck in some African hell-hole afraid I'm going to be kidnapped, fuck that noise


How powerful did you feel when on the job? A friend of a friend had to drive a police car to the station and he told him his experience. He said every road he drove or turned on all the cars would slow down, he said it was intoxicating.

Yeah so I’ve got a couple little shed slabs, a 22 metre timber fence and a
Concrete driveway all through word of mouth and all ready for me to go an quote them. Just trying to find confidence and calculate jobs correctly before I go rushing into taking on a lot of work I’m only in my mid 20’s

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