CELEB new thread new thread

CELEB new thread new thread

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he regrets jerking it to toddlers

oh fuck Karlie Kloss is 6'2" no wonder

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anons have had it up to HERE with me edition

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Posting thousands of photos if Babs will somehow make us all forget, I guess?

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What the FUCK are you fucking fucks fucking talking about goddamnit

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DAMN that's a fat cock WOW

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She wants to lick your British penis

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Let her kiss it with her black lips

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Fine, Troy. Have it your way. You post me, I post you.

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at least they aren't gingies

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most anons beg for my nudes so they'll know when it's not me, sorry. I am very physically attractive

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man what the fuck. you fucking cel coomers are fucking weirder than the goddamn share and clothed/nudes coomers

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And that was after 40 mins of slapping some blood into it.

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>dumb coping faggot who wastes his time bullying someone who is better than he is

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It's just one friendless mongoloid named Troy who doesn't know how to defend himself.


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That's right, sweetie. It's all one person using 7 devices at a time.

suck my penis

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most anons beg any living creature for nudes


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You're trying too hard.

nobody would. chad uses you for attention

I gotta get to work. You have fun with... whatever this is lol

burgermiesters power level is 100x either of us combined before umm... recent incidents
so fuck off
suck my balls

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Troy posts Jacob you stupid dumb cunt

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leak the dms again

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Post those pics that remind you of you and your mom.

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no you stupid faggot go jerk off to someone else. maybe if half of you had any real semblance of care for others or enjoyable personality at all you'd be able to get those sort of dm's yourself

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i prefer mentally unstable babsfag over your pathetic borderline ass any day

Lili is babe

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yeah I know. only other fucking idiots here who have any value are chad, beady and dfu.

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for you to leak them afterwards?

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I don't have access to your dm's unless we are talking directly. how schizo are you?

more so than you

ouchie mah boo boo

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