Show your watches, Yea Forums

Show your watches, Yea Forums

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Where to buy that?

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Are you a kid?

How do you read the time in that?

this is my watch, I love it

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most cost effective watch in the world

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Imagine being a watch fag. Jewellery is for females. Take off the shackles, you're a slave to a brand. And a faggot.

Nice. How much?


No I am still a fetus in my mother's womb. She is gonna abort me soon though.

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>cost effective
Stop being poor, faggot. And your watch is off time.
Imagine believing you're the only wise person and everyone else is a fool.

timex explorer

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>Poorfag mentality

Just over $200 on eBay, Casio LIW-M700D-1AJF

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Get on my level, niggers

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Breguet Marie-Antoinette Grande Complication

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Nigger that is not yours

Stay mad fem fag, no one uses watches for time they use their phone. A watch is simply aesthetic, if youre so insecure you nee it to feel good about yourself then go ahead

I want to buy this.

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My watch that I bought when 17, 25 now. Haven't worn it in around 4 years because I matured and grew up.

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zenith fan but have a wide range of brands. ill post up some of what i have via internet image substitutes

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owned 2 rolex's before this. Had the plain steel date submariner which got less compliments than pic related. Also owned a hulk submariner which got me the most compliments ive ever gotten. People still seem to appreciate this watch though

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It's ugly and peasant tier. No wonder you don't wear it anymore.

Shitty bait

>basing your self-esteem on a chunk of jewelry

Y'all no better than a bunch of cunty women.

Crappy designed brand watch. Waste of money

Post your real watches or it didn't happen

chronomaster 42mm

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>no one lives their life differently than me
did you mean to be this dumb?

This. /Thread.

Yes, it is.

posted wrong watch - got pic off google. Pic related is what i have

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That's what YOU do, not what I do

A shame most of these [relatively] expensive mechanical watches all have the same chunky "diver" design with huge thick bezels. I'd much prefer thinner/minimal designs

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All watches are a waste of money except ones that retain value, which is very few. Imagine being such a female

Agreed but Nomos is a faggot jew brand, fyi

Daniel Wellnigron tier

>watches have no functional use
oh no, it's retarded!

I can't tell the time on an analogue clock

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I like the logo, it´s a shame diver watches are so big though, I cant really wear them

shaken, not stirred

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Imagine not having a watch that’s made money in the last 4 months

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Where were your parents

my watch is like 2 million dollars. You poor losers get on my level poor faggots.

its definitely the heaviest watch ive owned so far. When i use my arm without wearing the watch, my arm moves way faster (catching shit, pointing at shit, etc)

bauhaus is so boring

Imagine needing a certificate to make you feel like a special boy

Anyone here has a watch collection?

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If these are actually yours, then congrats. These are beautiful.

the only watch better than the F91W

i only have a couple out the safe deposit box at a time this is the chronomaster 42mm - happy?

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lol fake rolex

apple watch

Nigger that's fake day-date.

Thats why I really like my casio, you sometimes just forget its there.
Do you turn the bezel often?
I imagine its pretty satisfying

Nah, just a pic a took from other thread

I didn´t know seiko still makes pocket watches lol

Get on my level peasants. ROFL at your lives

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Show five more or your dad is a tranny.

'75 sub

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Did yo get this from Turkish market?

why is his hand so fat omg the poor bracelet

Can't afford a new one?