Trying to get better at deepnuding. Post girls you want deepnuding. Needs to be a frontal photo in a bikini or similar.

Cannot work miracles so don't bother posting some girls profile pic of her in a long black dress.

These aren't photoshops but you can edit them afterwards to get a better pic.

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Can alternatively make x-rays so let me know if you like this style

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this one?

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Pls try this bitch from the teacher thread

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Alternate photo if it works better

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Learn to read:

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this one or...

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this one?

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>i'm lazy and don't want to do every image
just say that then newfag kek

big tit jungle woman

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If you want it done download the software yourself and do it. Then you'll see it won't work you fucking retard.

you're a liar are a miracle worker. thank you

>If you want it done download the software yourself and do it. Then you'll see it won't work you fucking retard.

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got so many please keep going

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Anyone got a link of this bikini set, I wanna get my gf it.

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Absolute god. Is this one possible?

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this looks like dogshit, you can't photoshop at all!!

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you're doing good work op

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Here yo go sir.

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>ops daily breakfast

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Needs to work on her tan lines.

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give up photoshop!! this is TRASH!

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give a man hope

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let me see her titties op. hope it's not too low res

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Do Justaminx

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And this

Attached: justaminx_0003.jpg (810x1080, 123.8K)

He can't, he's not good enough to do one's that require any bit of effort

any hope for the girl on the right?

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will you do it then?

Can you do this one OP

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Attached: 3a.png (195x511, 233.99K)

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Tried my best, sorry.

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>shitty photoshops from a wannabe image editor

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Begging OP

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Looks like dogshit, thanks though

higher res pic would be better

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Sorry this won't work, if they aren't already 99% nude I'm too lazy to do it

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These suck! Please stop!

>imagine being this retarded

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You're hella salty at being told "No" aren't you nigga

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Attached: anie 10 and raj.jpg (1600x1030, 446.46K)

>I-it's the resolution! that's why I couldn't photoshop anything better!
Let's face it bud. You can't do this. You're embarrassing yourself.

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Attached: sydney.png (250x509, 200.82K)

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this is the poorest photoshop attempt I've ever seen. You were actually proud enough of this to post it...?