How would you react if a guy was checking you out Yea Forums?

How would you react if a guy was checking you out Yea Forums?

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depends, what does he look like?

Not like 10/10 model but cute/handsome 7 or 8

>he is handsome
saucy wink, then do the yawn / stretch thing where it makes my top ride up and show off my tummy

Has that worked beforehand?

So are you here shopping for flirting behaviors?

i did it once without thinking (or the wink) and it worked extremely well. i've tried it again on purpose a few times and yeah it seems like a killer move if he's already interested.

Admittedly curious how Yea Forums bros handle these things
I'll keep that in mind, spotted a really cute guy recently

I would suggest that guys are sluts and react better to blatant signals than hints and subtlety. Like sticking your thumb in your waist band and acting like you're about to pull your pants down whilst smiling at him, that's worked before too...

Caught him at the gym kek so I'll think about it

be careful making assumptions about guy's intentions in not-explicitly-gay spaces. unless he's clearly signalling queerness, you need to ignore everything i said and approach it from a 'have a conversation and drop hints' perspective; he'll tell you very fucking quickly if he's gay and interested

I know I know, in a what if kinda way it just made me sad kek. I was leaving whilst he was entering the changing room. Could've atleast seen him shirtless but like you said I can always try talking next time

Like he wants to fuck me or be fucked?


probably just look away, not straight but still very uncomfortable.

probably be confused cuz I'm fat

gay guys want nothing to do with me, but some also want to suck my dick idk.. don't hang out around them really

my aunt was a faghag and her lil boyfriends were my only experience in faggotry. i was fucked up on adderall one night and showed him my dick and he leaned down to suck it but i put it back in my pants before he could

I mean, I AM Bi but not for him - and not enough to let a man suck my dick.

>not bi enough to let a man suck my dick
go on plz? where does the bi-ness end? how gay would you go?

Don't beat yourself up about it user, there's plenty of guys who like bigger men. Or if that's not your thing going to the gym is actually a great way of meeting new guys + getting someone to help you with weights and so on is a great conversation starter

Let my towel fall revealing my bruised sack and little pp I guess.

There's always the back door kek

>bruised sack
What bullshit are you doing to your sack for your gratification user?

why bruised? checked


You need to give your balls some TLC user

I wouldn't react, or interact with them, at all - unless I knew them to the extent that we might strike up a conversation.
People have a right to look at things around them - including other people and myself.

If they tried to start a conversation, even though I did not recognise them, I guess I might ask them:
> "Do we know each other?" ;
(like I sometimes think I recognise a former schoolmate, or colleague whom I have not seen for decades).
But if we hadn't met before and they really did seem to be "checking me out", I would just excuse myself and get on with what I was doing.

I'm normally courteous in real-life, but if they were persistently bugging me with their bad vibes I would probably tell them to piss off or something like that.

That's fair

Depends on the context really
I've noticed guys check me out before, including friends.

Do you swing that way user?

We're you flattered with the friend one or was it just sort of a don't care kinda thing

Tell him to get out of my house

I don't really care, sexually or not., I shower with other guys all the time. my youngest nephews always look, but pretend not

I'm bisexual. Usually I figure they're just curious, though it is kinda flattering

Same as with girls. Talk, flirt, be myself. Ask him out. Later on make a move or just ask if he wants his dick sucked. I've gotten so much pussy just being myself and being forward with chicks. Works on guys too.

It can be cute if they're shy about it to be fair

I also know what it's like to be caught having a peek so I understand

Found myself seeing a guy not to long ago that I wanted to peek at, my morality won out in the end and I didn't kek

Was this in a situation where he was naked or something?

At a gym, really cute guy I was walking out whilst he was heading to the changing room

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Long socks + shorts, it'd be uncharacteristic of me. I know I've done the right thing but I can't say it wouldn't have made my night seeing him pull those shorts down

But there's more buff twinks out there afterall

I'm gay, but I'm autistic so how I'd react irl is hard to guess.

Sometimes you gotta bite the bullet user, if it's a no then who cares

Well I've never been with anyone ever so there's that.


>t. In this thread

It's never too late user :)

Yeah I'm only 22 lmao

If tonight lasts forever.
It won't matter if there's no tomorrow.

Just gotta turn that autism into a superpower kek, forget social akwardness anxiousness and all that. If you see a cute guy just go for it

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I'm 24. Similar situation, though I've learned a bit about reading people

What would be those lessons user?

Take him out and eat chicken wings and drink beer with him, what are you gay?

That sounds like a date user

If you can't comfortably make eye contact, look just between the eyes instead. If you can't tell if someone is being sarcastic by the tone of their voice, try to guess using context. Also try observing (discreetly) how other people interact in different situations.

I see I see. Sounds useful, I've been trying to be less anxious myself and try to become more flirty

It’s only a date if he sucks a bro’s dick as a favor after
Gay for him not for me.

Fair play to you user, so long as you both wear socks anal is okay too


Always thought flirting with guys would be easier but both are nerve racking

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At least guys are hornier

I was a pretend supervisor at a call centre, tried chatting up this cute chunky guy, helping him loads and talking about grindr etc, was joking that I had never seen him on it, maybe he has blocked me, then get messaged by this account who had already messaged me with someone elses pics (guess he thought I wouldnt see the old convo because he blocked me after), so he had actually catfished me, I was so flattered, then he quit the next day
for fucks sake

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Couldn't you try to get his number?

he blocked me on everything once I discovered his lies, I really didn't care about the catfishing, sad times

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