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Wanna keep going

please more of the blonde slut on the right

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Go fishing.


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Get that emo girl naked, face fuck her by pulling her hair, making her makeup messy. Then cum on her face


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Walking up to her, grabing her pushy under the skirt starting to rub her clit. Pushing her against the wall making her cum in the school hallway


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her face through the whole thing

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Got more of her? How would you like her being fucked?

Let all three bend over, fuck the middle one while fingering the others. Then let them get on their knees sucking my cock and balls and cum on their faces

She would need all her controll Not starting to moan

Knocking her out, I'd stick her in a diving suit with gloves and feet, with holes cut out for her areolas, pussy and asshole, and glue it around her so it's water tight around the holes and neck. Locking her ankles in a spreader bar, I'd tie her arms up on that dock so her head is barely above water, and wake her up by spreading her asshole wide and shoving small fish into it until she's stuffed, feeling them wriggle around inside of her as I cork her with a buttplug. Covering her clit, pussy and nipples with leeches, I'd then facefuck her every day, feeding and caring for her.

How would you destroy Dodie?

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Tying her spread eagled to the hood of the truck, I'd cut her clothes off, gag her, and have her be the free use toy for the bonfire party over the entire week, kept drunk with a constant supply of beer.

depending on how well you do, she might not bothering trying to hide
last pic I found of her sadly, wish I had nudes

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I wonder what one will beg you to cum in their holes the most

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More of one of the others?

I bet middle one. Sie looks like the one who needs it the most

Back alley gangbang

Wwyd to lisa

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Id let them undress each other, let left spit on right titts so I got some lube on it for fucking her titts while she's eating lefts pushy. Then fucking left while pudding her ass till it gets all red

Titfuck right while left eats her sisters ass

a few, which one do you want? also wwyd? both for this and for , won't share without that

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Sit on her face let her lick my ass while I'm jerking. Then slide my cock under her bra, fucking her titts. Let her turn around Cumming on her leather skirt

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wwyd to Megan?

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Overwhelm her with cocks, she can't stop until she's serviced every last guy with all her holes

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I’d love to see them pull each other’s clothes off before watching the other get pounded

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For the last time fucking her I'd sneak behind all the girl, lift her skirt while she bends over and start fucking her secretly. I'd pump a big load inside her as goodbye present.
Left one (I guess I'd start with her) sees that, talks to me about it, I drag her to the toilets where she starts sucking the cum that stayed in my dick from fucking her friend out of it. Then I'd fuck her sitting on the toilet Cumming on her glassesater

She'll eat that asshole and kick the cum off after

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I'd bring her back to my ranch while she's knocked out, and have her voice box surgically removed, as well as her arms and legs below the knees and elbows removed, forcing her to crawl around like an animal when she wakes up. She'd wake up strapped to a table with me removing her teeth one by one with plyers, calmly explaining that she's now a farm animal, and after the teeth are gone I'd throat fuck her then have the rest of the farm hands have a turn with her toothless mouth and throat as well. While she's healing, her nipples and clit are constantly pumped with goat milkers until she starts lactating, and her clit just protrudes from her folds like a swollen red knob. Bringing her out to the barn once she can crawl on all fours, we lock a shock collar with a bell around her neck, paint her like a cow complete with bright pink udders and pussy, and milk her several times a day while her clit is played with. We let the dogs mount and breed her by keeping her rubbed with scent

I want to see them lick hot loads off each others bodies then making out, sharing the cum with their mouths

Jerk off and tell you in discord how much I’m jerkin off

Get her undressed, release those titts. Sucking her nipples, then pulling her head on her hair to my cock so she starts sucking it. Turning her around fucking her and Cumming on her ass


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Yeah. That lill slut needs to be funked roughly

how's she looking without glasses? still facial worthy?

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Shed be a good fuck!
Would love to drain her black suit with my white cum

Yeah! Would walk up behind her putting my hands slowly down her chest sliding in the dress, holding her titts right there on stage

Turn her around and fuck her Latina ass till I cum on it

Sluts long legs need bent behind her head

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And her dress needs to be drenched in cum

she'd enjoy that, no doubt
for that matter, her friend clearly wants people to focus on her tits, what are you gonna do about that?

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Her lips and tits

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motorboat those tits


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Face fuck her and cum on her dress so everyone who's looking at her titts will se my cum to

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I'm sure she'd learn to enjoy her new purpose in life as a mindless cow and breeding machine

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Waiting till she's home alone, spy on her in the shower, go into the bathroom all naked and hard, join her in the shower, turn her around and bend her over start fucking her from heind

Would love to leave cum stains kn that shirt

nice, keep going. what about her?

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