Milfs - cougars - and everything else

Milfs - cougars - and everything else

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Trading hacked snap files and logins

Kik: rivthenek

The group

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Send me your gf/wife to stroke to


Trading links s2r no lims

Will match what is sent mikehunt752

Morning wank. Help Me explode quick


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New group. Post when joining or get kicked

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Any milfs here who want a cock trib
Kik odinxxx

If anybody has more of her at all, please add my Kik.

>My Kik is anonyuser456

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Any guys wanna jerk together


huge dick bull, send me your slut and watch me jerk to her, tell you what i'd do to her, etc. doing video tribs if i like what you send, fucked up wwyd's etc. also down to let you watch me jerk off to any porn you send. (18+ only)


mrdrink0 on kik

send your worst. mostly into girls you know in real life. love roasties and loose sluts. will do anything or send anything you want back to match


i send back

drop your username if you messaged, new chats aren't showing up

Drop username so I can message back. New message requests aren't showing, Kik is bugged.

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Need to bust. Send me whatever to jerk to, feet and chubby is a plus! Cuck stuff or wives ok too.
Kik swaa27

Kik BottomBoiSlut23

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Wanna trade?

also group invites are welcome

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Sharing my ex's nudes on discord


Show me your wife gf sister or ex and ill show you me Cumming to them kik is evat121


Send anything to make me cum. Need to cum immediately please

Bump still going add me

Would love to vibe and chill ive got a micropenis i love to amuse and entertain with. Im only 1.5 inches hard. Love nude women. Whatisthis44

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trading nl

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Cock tribute my wife and her best friend please.

28 m open & horny

Talked to this super fucking hot black girl yesterday. Her Kik is ge2025

Would love to trade traps, tgirls, sissies, and zoo, also into loli but don't have any

looking for a sissy trainer

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Whynot4577 looking for someone to rate my cock

White guy into degrading whores and hairy female assholes.
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Want my wife judged and degraded, pick out all her flaws
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Kik: Nivabella

My ex girlfriend used to cheat on me a lot and I've developed a huge fetish for it and being degraded, humiliated, insulted etc. Also enjoy talking about her and sharing her pics

cuckhunterr - looking for dedicated cucks to give up ownership of their girls

Send anything taboo welcome

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tom_maccy - nonpass CD for daddy exposure degrading, and blackmail


What makes a daught a daddys girl?

Send me anything to help me cum.
Gf uses my phone so I can't ever save anything :(
Please feed me and let's talk.

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18 F here :3 kik: lauracac18.

looking for bad brothers addicted to their sisters teen bodies.
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especially if you have stolen pics or creepshots!

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Send me your hot moms, sisters, daughters, wives and gfs. Tell me your forbidden fantasies. It'll be our little secret.

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Help me cum during work.
Prefer female relatives, friends, gfs and wives. No socials.


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Kik shy teen ex Georgia at lozza.woo

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Kik thatman1436

Sharing my friends cute sister for rates, tries, wwyd, captions, or chat. Be interesting, I'm not just feeding

Share/Trade feet pics and vids. Bonus for gfs/wives/family/etc. @oskaridk


Loli daddy here. Whos else is?

Ill be on and off all day. Horny for some chubby girls and mom bods. Ill be stroking at work.

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sharing sis, sis friend and bbw gf's nudes, plus social sluts pics.

My 24yo girlfriend lives in a predominantly black neighborhood, because the appartements are affordable and she has a short way to uni.
Works as a barista under the week and as a babysitter on the weekends.

I wanna show her to you and hear your thoughts about that, hmu kik malgek999

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latina gf just caought me sharing her for tributes

tribute or trade gf, kik dachri27

Teased growing up called a sissy and fag, always denied it. I had a dream last night about a guy's cock and now im curious, I want to see more. Talk to me and tell me im a sissy and show me your cocks


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