Does anyone know who this chick is?

Does anyone know who this chick is?
Also /bnwo/ thread

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Official /bnwo/ flag

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These fishnet pants are so fucking hot. My gf wears them sometimes and I like to fantasize about her being a coalburner.

These girls are always hideous

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Where do I get bbc clothes that aren't obvious for my gf, so I can sutly turn her

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Pics of your girl?

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I dont want to hijack the thread too much. She doesn't know I'm into any of this.

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Keep going? Hijack away

Ideas how to turn my ex into a BBC only slut?

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I feel you. She would look great getting plowed by a fat black dick though

As The old saying goes:
Burn The coal, lose all value as a human being

thats what makes it hot

Sniff sniff, does anyone eller noticed that? The smell of gefilte fish in this thread.

Yeah I know, no way in hell I'm going to tell her about this autistic fetish though

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you can just buy bigger dildos and "burn" her yourself

I feel you. Maybe get her some panties with spades on them, no words or letters

Do this!
if she asks, tell her it just means "Queen"

She far prefers vibrators because she likes external stimulation on the clit

Naah, gonna keep this stuff and my relationship separated.

maybe she just never felt the stretch?
inside + outside is the best too

You get her to blow you while she vibes and you finger her?

Think that would work?

Anyone know where I can get underwear like this from? Would love some for my GF

>pic related

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of she doesnt know what a qos is, sure
the Q just stands for "Queen" :)
she wouldnt know and you cum harder, win win

Yep, I eat her out a lot too

ever thought about how it would be eating her creampied pussy?

Of course, I even fantasized about it when I ate her out before.

I Get mines on ebay / amazon

you should fuck her with a dildo while eating her clit
girls love that

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Well thanks for the tip lol, I will look into it.

I might get some. Any idea where to get some with just a spade or qos?

amazon, ebay

Try to get her into the idea of using a dildo when doing that. You'll cum hard as fuck imagining its someone else in her

maison de neige

I meant any decent sellers?

i never bought any, just search a little bit

dysnie1 on twitter my dude

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they have some nice undercover stuff
i think i buy something for my next gf hehe

this is so beautiful

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It really is. Interracial sex just looks so 'real' compared to white on white sex.

i wish my gf would send me a video like that out of nowhere

this is just perfection


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