Loli thread: Foot faggery edition

Loli thread: Foot faggery edition.

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I need twin cat loli wives

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How about twin feet in your face, instead?

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stinky smelly sweaty ticklish FEET. stinky smelly sweaty ticklish FEET. stinky smelly sweaty ticklish FEET. stinky smelly sweaty ticklish FEET. stinky smelly sweaty ticklish FEET. stinky smelly sweaty ticklish FEET. stinky smelly sweaty ticklish FEET. stinky smelly sweaty ticklish FEET.

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not that much of a footfag myself but I certainly wouldn't complain about it

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Imagine a loli just "innocently" playing with your cock with their feet. Try to fight back a boner. I dare you!

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I wouldn't fight it back, could probably find it fun even, but like, the same way I would for a handjob for example

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I think a footjob is more personal and intimate than a handjob. I requires more dexterity, work and love!

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you're not necessarily wrong, I just don't find feet that attractive though
I'd prefer if they kept their socks on, too

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Is that some kind of tanning booth or a capsule hotel?

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Under the kotatsu

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what the fuck is a kotatsu? a child broiler?

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>what the fuck is a kotatsu?
are you legit asking or are you just dumb?

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>I'd prefer if they kept their socks on, too
I'm very disappointed in you user. Keeping their socks on is the same as keeping their underwear on. Fun to see at first but eventually they got to go.
Kotatsu, is what i believe it's called. A table with a heater which is semi-common in japan.

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Mizore ain't a loli dood...

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Sir, that loli has a ballsack

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Sir, that's a puffy cunny, don't be a retard

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I want her to jack me off with them puffy lips uwu

But she has nice feet!

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lolis feet are the best

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>But she has nice feet!
I won't deny that, lululewd has a nice art style but still that ain't a loli

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I disagree, user. first of all clothes and/or lingerie can be part of the experience, enhance it, and don't necessarily need to come off during sex. and second, tell me you wouldn't cum on a loli's thigh highs as she gives you a footjob

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so gooood~

Okay. I'll try to included more loli feet, then!

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>gives a peace sign with her stinky toes after you take off her sweaty socks
>instant boner

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