Clump of cells :)

Clump of cells :)

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whats your point?

Abortion is immoral and just saying it's "a clump of cells" or other such nonsense on consciousness and the like is just sweeping your morally conflicted feelings under the rug. I guarantee any pro-choice woman you know would keep their kid after getting knocked up, single mommy status or no.

Set of holes :)

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Yeah what else is there? There's a hole for cumming in and a hole for bitching.


Leftists will argue but they don't really have a solid stance except to do the opposite of natural morality. Islam? Support it. Baby lives? No way. Let child molesters teach kids about drag? Of course. Socialism? Definitely.

Ayy lmao

kek "natural morality" so stupid

>sweeping your moral feelings under the rug
Yeah... that's called higher cognition; not being a slave to feelings, emotions, and the stupidity granted to you by nature in it's desperate attempt to keep us in a status quo ending in inevitable extinction. ...because that's what nature does fucktard. Logic, reasoning, problem solving, and higher cognition are what got the shitty humans this far. Unfortunately, they still don't do it worth a shit because of an overwhelming portion of below average intelligence masses like you. Thanks to people like you, My people and I are forced to set the world ablaze and push humanity to its last leg with the wanning hopes that at least some of you emerge from the ruins to help build the Third Kingdom.

DJ Leia:

>lol don't feel bruh just kill

haha yeah so true we should kill the unborn and fuck kids lol

Lol reminds me of Vietnamese trứng vịt lộn or Filipino balut, fucking delicious yo

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That's a thing actually

Indeed, I agree with you OP :)

Don't debate leftists


I can't stand some of you niggas

any fetus born under 24 weeks will have serious mental and physical problems

stfu cracker

why do you care? When you see a child living in the streets and asking you for money you ignore it,so you do you care about a fetus?

never cared since i don't have a vagina and i am infertile

Please tell that's a white baby

How can you assume?

yes, unironically, and you are still just a clump of cells, ywnbaw kys


all babies can be born black and turn white or born white turn black

Ok buddy

he's talking about genetically cuckservative faggot
all nigger (black) fetuses should be aborted, you should be retroactively aborted, i'm not pro life, i'm pro-white-life ywnbaw kys magatranny

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cause MOST of the people who are so passionately against abortion,couldn't give less of a fuck about children in extreme poverty,for instance. That doesn't make sense to me. You caring that much about a yet to be born human?
I hate the left and liberals as much as you do,probably,but I just can't see the point on caring so much about fetuses

The Phillipinos cook a half developed chicken fetus still in the egg. I've heard it's customary to wear a ritual blanket hood over the head in an attempt to hide their gluttony from God. That may just be a gimmick to "tempt" over priviledged white tourists into buying the dish. It's probably pimped and sold at higher prices, despite the material costs of a fucking egg are almost NIL.
>*jerk-off motion*

Sun Tzu - "You can not truely defeat your enemy until you learn to love him."
>Teach niggas and maybe they wont hate


Entirely subjective. Why not take an introspective look at yourself instead of trying to control others?

Why should they? They didn’t give birth to those children.

stfu cracker

Freakanomics showed how killing babies literally decreased crime and made life on planet earth better

Nope. Sorry fucker, but your worldview is not true. My cousin accidentally got pregnant (failed condom) and got an abortion as soon as she could because she knew she couldn't support it.

There's TWO holes for cumming in if you have enough lube.

Which party keeps having their members go to jail for fucking children? Oh yeah, the Republicans.

IF it survives at all.

Caring if a child grows up in "extreme poverty", which is nonexistent in the west, is the parent's responsibility. Nothing makes a person more responsible than the extreme drive of parental instinct. I've seen REAL pieces of shit turn into model people because they shape up fast in the presence of their offspring. This is the magic of the nuclear family and why the kikes want to destroy it. They want us to fail as a society, so they can rule over ghetto Earth for generations.

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>I've seen REAL pieces of shit turn into model people
I've also seen those same piece of shit people end up going to jail because they murdered that child in a fit of abusive rage. It could go either way, and usually has tragic results.

There are no "parties", user. This is the 99% Vs. the 1%.

You've never personally seen that. You've read propagandized stories about it happening.

No. I've seen it happen. You can't tell me what I've seen and not seen you ultra-nigger.

Do not believe. The odds are astronomical.

I am a doctor who performs many abortions every week. I guarentee you this photo you posted OP, is NOT an abortion. this is a stillborne which was removed. in a way, yes its an abortion, but this one was very far along. I'd say about 6 months by looks of it (which is far longer than i would feel comfortable performing on). did you find this one facebook or something? why do conservatives always act like experts when they dont know the first fucking thing about anything? ffs, did you retards miss that Roe V Wade, was YOUR DECISION?! it was passed by conservative judges, now being repealed by conservative judges. this tells me one of two things:

A) conservatives have zero principles and are purely reactionists
B) there actually WAS a platform switch

so which is it?

And which party has is policies based on pedophilia? It goes both ways

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No you arent

>let me just make things political instead of agreeing kid fucking and killing is bad

neither are you dumbass

I didn't larp as one

abortions should be mandatory.


The blanket over the head is a French dish of Ortolan bunting, which is being eaten to extinction. Ortolan is a young bird, not fetal, but eaten similarly, but cooked and with aromas that come off and would be held in by the sheet.

Yeah, they would totally let a patient hold an aborted baby. That's almost surely something that died in birth. Late term abortions are generally ones that would significantly affect the mother, because of medical complications. Or are nigger babies, and I don't give a fuck about those.

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>extreme poverty", which is nonexistent in the west
poor delusional moron

Your cousin is responsible for murder. :)

That is a nineteen week that was born early and died in the process. Most abortions don't occur that late, and when they do, it's generally because the baby is already in a position where the mother would die in the process of birthing a brain dead infant.

This is the future religious fags want.

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Looks like an aborted nigger fetus. They make up over 80% of abortions in the U.S.

Not sure why OPs making a big deal about it. Can you imagine how much shittier America would be if 1/3rd of niggers weren't cut up & vacuumed out of their crack whore ape mothers diseased pussies?

/thread. Niggers need abortion on demand.

Bingo. Provide tax payer funded abortion to control nigger populations.

Kek! True.