Built for BBC

Built for BBC

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holy shit

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bull needs to assert dominance after nutting

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would kill me seeing Kas getting hit on by black guys at a party

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ass like my ex

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So you don't go to any parties where she is at?

dirty cum bait slut

What would she do if her backstage vid get leaked?

they ll pummel her up against the wall

u know what?
she sucks black dicks at partys

Thick asses like this need some fat cocks to stretch them out

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that a nice ass why she your ex now? such a waste

be nice

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Accept the fact she's a slut. Either go into port or start on OF to provide for the family

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Yes of course. Black men can assert their dominance over hot white girls in ways white boys cant because they are generally too submissive. That's why hot white girls gravitate towards black men.

cant be nice to a whore like this

ughh would just stand there in the corner, looking through the crowd seeing them pour her drinks and getting close, wondering what shes thinking

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Mine's rather fat but average lenght, it's kinda sat I can't backbone my GF as it's a tad short for that

no special reason
she fucked a guy on the same day we broke up tho..

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I would love a Bex OF because people would leak all her posts.

already been blacked

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made for BBC

Exactly. Though I might sub regardless

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I’m sure you could make this whore choke on it

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the african warriors will all fall in the end

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Supporting your favorite wrestler with your money , I can respect that

Well she wouldn't be a wrestler by then! And I think her husband might leave after too. Primed for porn/OF!

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she would love a couple bbc

Him and her together?

I would love to cuddle with her and play video games with her before and after she goes on dates with black men.

>be me, 5.5" big
>date my childhood crush since we were 14
>at age 16-17 she starts going to gym hardcore and gets fit
>everything is perfect, until she decides at 18 she wants to study in US alone
>I try to maintain longterm relationship, but she gets cold on me
>3 months later after she left to US, breaks up with me
>4 months later she finds a new guy and starts posting pictures
>we still talk, but it seems more that she does it to tease me
>ever since I am fucked up XD.. pic of them together

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I've only known her to get with black guys

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good girl

How many cocks do you think this slut could handle

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She models for rap videos so you know she's bbc only

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Do you stroke to their pics?

They would get boring soon. People would request stuff for them to do

in love with the choco

Nah, he'll want to keep his wrestling career and drop her quick. Just means more BBCs for Bex

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Fuck , that is hot. Her being single again.

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Yeah I do.. Mostly to her solo XD

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Kys fag

Well, all I can think now is her taking a BBC

that ass is getting pounded hard every night

bet she’d get real nasty for a chance to worship some bbc

She is definitely taking it.. I have video evidence XD

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You got to share user

post it

what would she do?

leave discs if you want private shit

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god i love bbc only whores

Only have kik

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Exactly. Single MILF Bex. Possibilities are endless

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BBCBex could be her username

Ideas how to turn my ex into a bbc only slut?

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From BBC to lesbian to gangbangs. I can imagine it all. I also see her being a domme to her online followers.

"fuck you, you cant be one of us loser"

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obsessed with thinking about Lyanne fucking him

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her loud moans can be heard everywhere

would break

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any w/out the dude?

That would be hot

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imagine the stretch

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cute, disc?

tightness gone for days and that little pussy will hurt all the way up to that tummy

thinking about her getting naked for him, letting him spread her legs, cant believe he gets to fuck her..

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