I am Joan of Arc reincarnated

I am Joan of Arc reincarnated

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it doesn't count if you have a cock


dubs of truth checked

I am a woman tho. I mean this is Yea Forums but I am a woman and I truly believe I am Joan of Arc reincarnated. Am I schizo?

Literally a woman but ok chud

Do you mean really literally? If so, you should be carrying a message for me.

Okay sorry I am actually a woman though lol

What's your message

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Tits & timestamp or gtfo

I'll get my three favorite saints to smite you

Are you cute miss Joan?

Smite me bitch

Btw here's my reasons why I am literally Joan of Arc but reincarnated

>same hair length
>crossdresser but only in crusade sense
>i would fight a war for god
>schizo (how else did she hear the voices lol)

Yeah just look at pictures of Joan I lowkey look like her


I believe you as I also feel a very personal connection with an entity

What entity

Marry me

Shut up nerd
Joan of Arc was a virgin so I also dedicate myself to virginity

Its been ten minutes, where is the smiting?

thank you for what you've done for the transgender community

I shall not name him out of respect but you would most likely consider him evil and blasphemous but he has helped me quite a lot and I am in his debt

Up your butt to the left

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Ew dont call me a tranny chud
I was born a female

Yea I know who you're talking about I think
If so, shut up larp

>same hair length
>i would fight a war for god
I match all of these, I am Joan of Arc reincarnated. You're an imposter.

no you're not she's already in heaven

Your not funny whore, i hope you get raped by pidgeons

It's okay. Times have changed. You don't need to hide it anymore. Let down your walls and be free

Reincarnated dipshit

You're* Pigeons*

Ok duel me then whoever wins is the real reincarnated Joan of Arc

I refuse to let times change, I am very conservative on the matter of trannies

Yeah ok who are you thinking about, I'm sure you're wrong

Would rather not name the guy

Thanks for proving my point, bitch now commit suicide, but send me the video

I was Jean Seberg

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It's time. I've had dubs twice. It is the will of God himself.
Be free my beloved Joan. Or John. Whatever you like. Just be free

Nah, I have some crusading to do

Lol sorry

>tfw rejected
Very well then, I admire that you will follow the ways of purity just like your schizo persona.
If you need a Guienne or Ambleville let me know, La Pucelle.

John?? Stop thinking I'm a fucking tranny I would rather be burned at the stake (Like Joan of Arc did) than to be compared to one any more. I cannot stand it yuck

clone high lmao

Being a schizoposter is based

I'm still sure you've got it wrong lady. But don't worry he is not your enemy

I enjoyed that show ngl

In addition to the transgender community the bondage and kink community would also like to thank you.
It's hard for me do describe how thankfull I am. Seeing you all tied up made me feel warm inside. The way you screamed made my heart melt. You really are a martyr to us all

Well sorry


They will fuck off if you send tits

Clotilde Forgeot d’Arc, descendante du frère de Jeanne d’Arc, incarnant Jeanne d’Arc la Pucelle d'Orléans aux fêtes johanniques d'Orléans.

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It was more of a playful fuck off. Anyways posting your tits, or any tits for that matter on Yea Forums is cringe and unbased

I like her
Thanks for posting

Don't worry, I truly believe you so it's fine

I understand you have to put up this facade in this harsh world. But I know that in your heart you know what is true and what is right. And you also know it. Don't be afraid. Just like Joan wasn't afraid

was gilles de rais innocent?

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I do apologize for speaking on her behalf but I really don't think she would like trans people

Those are hard words for a sub girl. You're one of those who pretend to be a dom but love being tied up and tortured, aren't you? Just like Joan

Probably, but you never know.
If you truly believe you are her reincarnation, use it to further humankind. Become someone who is absolutely awesome and make best use of your talents. Good luck.

I truly believe that in his heart he didn't want to do any of that, I think he was plagued by mental illness. He might not be completely innocent but I do think he's in heaven

Dear lord

That's what I plan to do. Thanks user

She was the Caitltyn Jenner of her time. If not for trans people, then who or what did she die for?

Anyways goodbye Joan. Maybe beware of demons but not of false gods, they are not the same. Take care

She only cross dressed for the sake of crusades, she knew she wouldn't be able to do what she did if she didn't cross dress. In that sense I don't think she's the Caitlyn Jenner of her time

like Justin Bieber?

Goodbye user, thank you for your kind words and advice

I disagree. The medical procedures necessary weren't available yet back then, but if they were, I believe she would've sawn on a humongous cock the size of an arm and she would've been exactly like Caitlyn Jenner.
She would've swung both her sword and her enormous cock around in battle, clieving and clubbing the enemy. In the name of God