Things black people would never say

Things black people would never say.

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shut da fuck up tiny dick honkey

OP is not a faggot

I will help raise our child

I enjoy reading and raising my child and have a stable job and know my father and I don't smoke crack

Can’t wait to start my new job

wiz sorry for da stealingz

I wanna suck some hot juicyy girlcock

"I confess, I did it"

I am not the best

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I am gonna keep you happy till you final breath

I'm going to sacrifice today for a better future tomorrow.

Huh, I guess you guys did fix that equality thing decades before I was born - looks like my problems are my own damn fault.

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you are smarter than me

I plead guilty your honor.


stop acting black

Hey, is dad home?

>Fried chicken? No thanks

My child was a menace to society and I hope the person who shot my child didn't suffer too much.

>want me to make you some meatballs?

I did do it

i can breathe

I know who my daddy is

"I would like to apply for a job"

Thank you

>I did indeed do something

coming from a black man. one of the things blacks never say is: "wish i was born as a whiteboi bitchpunk honkie ass cracka spook das rite whitey

Probably because you're fucking stupid and don't realize how good we have it.

>I am not supposed to get this for free,I gotta earn it like anybody else

I better hurry up so I'm not late.

Thanks dad

Hi dad

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I hate watermelon and fried chicken.

It's my fault.

Thankyou for being so helpful officer.

my dick is small

Trans rights

(Because trans rights are racist)

Here's that last month's rent before I give my notice and move out on a mutually-agreed date on amicable terms, mr landlord.

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Based Blacks


Uh, not to rain on your parade, but I've met over a handful of black people who'd frequently and openly wish that they had been born white instead.
They tended to be rather racist to both white and black people, which would be evident in the shit they'd say while wishing to be white.

I can breath

Hello dad

I know who my daddy is.

I'll pick up your shift

*hands up* Alright officer I won't move. It is just a misunderstanding anyways.

I have a job.

Hey, you dropped your wallet!

this thread is not what "jews would not say"

"i love and admire wypipo"
"im very grateful for wypipo"

they are very ungrateful. we invented fried chicken and extracted melonium. those are very very ungrateful people a very very ungrateful race. not that they would not say it, they mock us for our weak appearances, insult us for our lardass and beat us for our money. they hate us cause they arent us. a matter of time until we whites wont tolerate to be trampled on by those blacks! do something

I love you dad

Although the police shoot a fellow black person, but I refuse to chimp out and loot!

I will quit stealing

Happy Fathers Day

Where's my work boots

I got the tip

Excuse me

Thanks for the warning officer.

Yes officer. It wont happen again and I will act like a civilian.

Damn, bet me to it

I used to listen to vaporwave now I pretty much just listen to nightcore.