I had my daughter make jokes about becoming a sugar baby and thought I would check if they were just jokes...

I had my daughter make jokes about becoming a sugar baby and thought I would check if they were just jokes. This what I found and idk wtf to say.

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she is a sugar baby.

Yeah so I’ve discovered, I wish I had never checked

I don't know what's more embarrassing. A father discovering his daughter's sugar baby profile or his daughter discovering her father using a sugar baby website.

....the former also posting it onto Yea Forums

I don’t use it I just made an account on the site she kept referencing and found this.

What app is this? Also no sexual favors? Who would shell out money for that?

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She doesn’t really mean it. Fuck I need a better job

It’s called seeking arrangements, idk the fact she’s stating that terrifies me. Because it seems obvious so why bother stating it.

You think she would fuck for money ?

It literally says no sexual favor there man, I don't know what you're going on about

send her my way faggot

Hey OP, although I'm not a big fan of the term, I'm a sugardaddy for a handful of college girls I met on the internet throughout the years
>No sexual favours
Sorry to break it to you but that's almost definitely a lie. Most girls will throw that out there to try and convince you not to even ask, but every single girl whos said that to me has at the very least given me head
Needless to say... not looking good for your daughter OP. Sorry bud

what made you become a sugardaddy user?

Jesus fucking Christ, so you’re nearly certain she puts out for money ? Do these sugar baby’s go all the way ? I’m sick to my stomach right now.

So she would suck me off for cash?
because some guys ask. She probably would for the right money though

It's true I was the head

I’m almost wish someone could test her and see if she would but that curiosity got me in this predicament to begin with

I'm a good guy user, 25yo, athletic, I make $200k a year. Who knows, maybe she would fall for me

We’ll I don’t care if my daughter truly falls for a man that’s natural, but the thought of her willing to do this and do sexual things in exchange for money is insane to me

Maybe you should've raised her better and not be so fucking poor

Haha maybe I made some mistakes but we aren’t poor.

Then why is she asking for money? You seem poor

I assume because she moved out and likes spending it whatever man.

You are definitely poor

Sounds good

If anyone thinks they could do some more digging for me I have something called her discord if that helps.

I have a bit of a pay pig kink and also like when women give me attention, even when it's just for something I own. Yes, I know, pretty sad.
Well I don't know your daughter, and for all I know she's Mother Theresa, but you would be hard pressed to find a girl whos a sugar baby who has never put out. Maybe they wont fuck, but head is a given. If they won't do either, then nobody would even bother.
I don't wanna be that guy who suggests you use a burner to try and throw out an offer to see how she operates, but maybe you should use a burner to try and throw out an offer to see how she operates.

Thank you for responding, I’m going to try to find out what she does exactly I’m just not sure how to go about it exactly. But it doesn’t seem likely she hasn’t at this point.

Don't listen to this guy, it's the rich/upper middle class girls who do this the most. They don't know how to survive without a constant flow of cash from mommy and daddy

Your daughter has saggy tits too gross

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>Yes, I know, pretty sad.

Eh whatever floats your boat my guy

Thanks for that I really don’t know how I could have fucked up so badly to encourage her to do this.

OP is she southern Ontario? Looks familiar

No, Canadian though

Cope harder poorfag
fuck off larper

Could you please test her for me ? I have her discord information

I will impregnate mggbaby

Oh wow you say that with certainty

Sorry OP, your daughter is a thot

What does that mean ?

Which ass is your whore daughter ? Both look good

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This thread is what I call great fucking advertising
>Boomer dad on Yea Forums
>Thinks he's still cool and up to date
>Daughter making sugar baby jokes
>Finds out daughter is using sugar baby website
It's still advertising, but I gotta tell you disgusting kikes, you actually at least put in the work in on this campaign. Almost feels organic!
>8/10 would be baited again.

This thread has a 50/50 chance of being fake and gay.

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My friends daughter who was 18 went to college. They still had access to her iPad via whatever account so they saw when she made an account and had transactions with a sugar daddy service. They told me in passing just like wtf and they were torn. Well I reached out to her not using any of the iPad accounts and told her I was going to be near by for work and we shoukd grab dinner. We did, I asked how she was funding things and all that, and ultimately she let me fuck her for $250 and dinner. I did this a few times and it was great but we both got weird and decided to chill becssue I am married.

For real? I'll do it if you want. No guarantees I don't try to see her tits though, old man

Wow not the story I wanted to hear right now haha.

Well I’d rather not hear about that, but if you could message her and get information for me that would be fantastic.

You are retarded
“No [illegal thing site is clearly designed for]” clearly means she’s open to it

That’s what I assumed sadly

I just want to see what she says please

Jesus, what a lazy hoe. It only gets worse from here user, you should just kill her.

A simp.. Also, she will definitely take the D for money.

This is your fault you know, you should have raised her better.


Sorry bro, I'm definitely going to rail your daughter.

I’m sure you would if you could

Hey man could you message her for me ?

Point is, you can pay her and fuck her or if you're not into that, maybe ask your daughter if a friend of hers needs money and bang her tight little snatch.

I don’t want to fuck my daughter or her friends thank you

Lucky for you that site is filled with fake bullshit and she'll never find a real sugar daddy there anyway

Oh really ? That’s a relief

Yeah man, unless she's really determined to find one. Most girls get scared when they realize they'll have to suck creepy guys dicks for that money and back out. Tell her to get into findom instead

We’ll I hope that’s the case with her, what is a findom ?