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Why is foreskin so hot, anons?

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>I love masculine monkey-boys. They’re so sexy and cute and naughty.
>I want that monkey butt on my face so bad

dirty masc boy butts

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Exactly, that’s what makes them so amazing.

Easily the best kind of butts

not enough elric bros :(

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It keeps the glans moist and sensitive, and you can play around with it if it's long enough

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because pulling the foreskin back is like unwrapping a little present

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i want a bf that likes boys too

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Wish that was me in the center

in school, all of us had to wear white briefs. Coloured briefs would show through our white shorts and we were told it was "inappropriate". It was part of our dress code. No ankle socks either

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>when you realise your friend's pp is hard

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Wish I had this, just ended up getting bullied for still wearing briefs up until I finished school. Being bullied kinda gave me a fetish for it especially since I didn't really bulge out my briefs much

I'm curious about this. What kind of school did you attend that mandated what kind of underwear you had to wear.?

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it was great, especially when we had to change for PE. its a very boyish underwear

we inherited the system from UK, which meant we have school uniforms

and because of the tropical weather here, uniforms were light and single layer of fabric, which meant dark colours easily showed through. Girls couldn't wear coloured bras either.

Not that user but sounds cute. I also went to a school like that but my uniform had very opaque colors with dark gray pants and a marine blue jacket. I still use my gym uniform when hanging around my house too, it's comfy as loungewear.

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Makes sense. It's hot and humid there. It's rare to have those restrictions in the U.S.

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Greetings shota friends, just want to say hi to my fellow posters tonight.

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Hello user, I hope you're doing fine

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dating a shotabro sounds cute

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Doing fine. Thanks for asking.

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Boyish shota buttsex!!

I love when wrestling ends up in buttsex

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It just makes it even better

I fap every other day.
In that order.

Just stopping by to let you know that I finished on loli tonight and did not last long enough to fap to this thread.

That is all.

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based coomer

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sauce on this?

Yea Forums is the sauce

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>Tfw no Naruto bf

I still can't believe you sick fucks don't understand just how much data collection goes on now kek.

Everything you do, say, download, watch, visit or post online is auto mined every minute of everyday and stored on a nice file with your name on it, and this has been happening for at least 6 years.

You actually do have a pedo file lol

The tide is turning and it won't be long until this shit is considered CP and therefore a felony

I can't wait!

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boyos and doggos

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Come get me feds!

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They will, this isn't just the U.S, it's everywhere now. The EU is just about to pass a law that will allow them to legally at anytime look at your data and prosecute or put you on a public list lol.

Welp, I guess I'm fucked. Might as well go out on a high note.

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