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has literally had a bbc bf

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>Fake jew news/propaganda as usual

Fuck off.

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I just wanna watch Clairo throat BBC

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she needs to be treated like a rag doll by bbc

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should my crush take bbc?

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Tori needs to be gang raped by bbc

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fuck yes

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She needs BBC

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needs a gang

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She’s never been blacked before

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holy shit

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Would u cover this face

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this slut would be covered in spit tears and piss while taking it in all three holes and being choked and smacked by a group of niggers

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she’s only 4’ 10” you think she could take it?

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Bailey stewart. Youre welcome.

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She wouldn’t have much of a choice. And who cares. Stupid whore should be destroyed

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Never seen an ass so hungry for black cocks

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prob has no reflex anyway

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keep her out of this, sage

itt: low-T incels

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She built for it?

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I am into black girls though.

more she is such a dirty whore

This dude is a high T alpha for sure. Sike, fuckin dork

My wife was built for bbc

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Put hair down and wear feminine makeup

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keep em coming

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anymore ass?

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kek, get it boy

I'll post girl if I get dubs.