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me too man

Why you always sad?

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Smile while we wait!

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You called me properly. I'm not in trouble, am I?

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do you think you're in trouble?

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Padre, to count my sins now would be long and tedious. For whatever I have done recently, forgive me for this evening and let me partake of the rat's fodder.

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there wasn't anything. I just wanted to make you sweat.
mostly I was joking around so I had something to say when I bumped.

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I understand completely. For my part, I was only pretending to be retarded.

Well, how are you? Oh, well how is your cat?

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good question. and she's alright, just relaxing in the hammock on her tree. I think she's sleeping.
how are you? enjoying your return to images?

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Hey everyone! How y'all doin?

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I've been able to do the images, just stuck with the >Opossum to save on data and load times. I honestly haven't gotten any new opossums recently.

In general, I've been fine. I've been taking care of the farm by myself for about a week, but that's over tomorrow. My readings have been well. I started to read the Bible in Spanish, 0-2 chapters at a day, which means it will take about 2.5 years to finish. As of now, I am in the time of Isaac. It's interesting. And I'm reading a book of poems by the first known Spanish poet, Gonzalo de Berceo. Not in Spanish, in translation. I wouldn't be able to read much 12th century Spanish anyway. It's good, although my throat is sore from reciting so much.

Make sure to pat her for me when you're certain she's awake. I take it you're not working right now, then?

Hey Skullman! And what happened today?


hello, Mr. Bones. how's your wild ride doing?
yeah, I have tonight off. slept in a few hours and missed my window to order food. once my friend's stream ends I'm going to watch a good chunk of the alien franchise and try working on my typing.

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Kick asses my boy!
I had a hard day's work (fuckton of paper work, almost fell asleep in there).
Read some Dune and Odyssey and currently working on a chapter in the narrative.
You had a good day, eh?

Doing good! Today was hard yet productive (as I noted above). Also, I gave my dogs some medicine to get rid of pests (especially ticks, those are fucking annoying and brutal).
How did it go for you?

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hey nerds!! whats going on in nerd world today? which one of you are getting fluttershy socks? lets all talk about it...

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I have very fond memories of watching Alien 3 at eight years old. That was my first Alien movie and the only I ever saw that really scared me. Doesn't quite hold up, but it has a special place in my heart along with The Blair Witch Project, which I watched at the same time, in a big house in a dark wood. What chunk are you intending to watch?

I had a sore throat for most it, but I've recovered. Where are you in the Odyssey? Frankly, I'm not a Dune guy.

You know, my friend. I watched an episode of anime.


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that's good, it sounds like you at least read a bit though. ah, like advantage or something? I have that for my cat, she hates it.
asked and answered in the previous post.
I'm the same, but it was Jaws 3 for me. at least the first three tonight, so I can watch two good movies. I'm dreading watching resurrection.

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I couldn't stop the upload in time to swap to a picture for you, so here's an entire post.

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How dare you. I almost included my special love of Resurrection in my preceding post. What's your beef with it? It's a delight and I stand by the final boss.

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This thread appears to be coming along for once, I suppose.


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thank you. i appreciate this post. Beni approved.
hope youre doing well hijiri

what a silly opossum.

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>Where are you in the Odyssey?
Book VII
>Frankly, I'm not a Dune guy.
Is it too brutal for you? Just asking.

Wait, you browse /mlp/?

It's like a chewing pill or something. I hide it in a sausage and give it to them.

Hey Beni! How ya doin? Did you do anything today?

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it's the weakest of the first four, by far. it turned the mis-step of alien 3 into a trend of lowering quality.
personally, I liked Ripley being a random bad-ass in the original movie, so whatever the hell happened in resurrection ruined that for me.
sure, it's coming along. but what's the destination?
you as well, dear.
oh, that seems nicer. I doubt my cat would go for it, though. last time she needed pills, the pharmacy had to make a solution I could squirt into her mouth with a syringe instead.

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hi there skull. im doing rather fine. had a rough night last night but hoping its better tonight
how are you?

hope work is treating you well.
i see youre mentioning horror/horror adjacent movies. going to do horror franchises sometime?

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Sorry, I suppose... It'll come back around. I'll knock on wood this time, I suppose.
Is there ever a destination, I suppose?

sometime? I've already gone through f13, halloween, elm street...
why, did you have a recommendation?
you sure seem to suppose a lot of things. third time in as many replies.

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Sleepy Wednesday

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Thank you. I hope you make a speedy recovering from your THUG 2 injury.

Nice trips, man!

No, I just don't like Herbert's writing or the lore very much. I don't find the political machinations very compelling. I honestly can't remember much past the first book, except for God Emperor because of how insane the plot was. Quite sure I never read Chapterhouse. I also had zero interest in the son-penned prequels and made fun of my friend in high school for reading them.

His meeting with Nausicaa always struck me as particularly beautiful.

I can understand, although frankly of the first four, Aliens is my least favorite. But muh hybrid....... It does have a level of camp to it that none of the other ones have, which I think in this particular case does help because the structure of all the movies are essentially the same even if there's quite a bit of difference between the genres, i.e. between the first and second movie.

I suppose so.


Good morning, Belzy Lamp b0ss!


ah, i did not know that. my apologies. well, theres still the saw saga...Texas Chainsaw Massacre saga.
hi there belzy. hope you get some good rest soon.
thank you. I hope you enjoy lasagna, cause i left it outside for you.

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aliens is a good action movie! I just don't like rootin' tootin' point-and-shootin' kinds of movies. it's still better than resurrection though.
saw went downhill after the first movie, which is honestly better than people give the rest of the franchise credit for.

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Yeah, besides, the pill looks like a chunk of meat, so it gives me an advantage.

Doing good. Today was a hard but productive day indeed. Update on the narrative.
>Working on the bio on a couple of characters.
>Made some changes on some of them (including the protagonist).
>Map of Gaia will get an update.
>Started working on family tree's (because I find them interesting).

Hey Beel! You doing good tonight?

Yeah, I noticed some criticism on the prose.
>I also had zero interest in the son-penned prequels.
Yeah, I heard of that one too. The first thing that came to my mind was "Brian Herbert is a cheap copy of Christopher Tolkien".

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In a manner of speaking, I suppose. Does it bother you, I suppose?
Glad we're on the same wavelength, I suppose.

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eventually all horror franchises go downhill. Saw just went from puzzle horror to soap opera after saw 2. it even got cheaper looking than the original somehow
i hope you have some sort of board to help with this world. dont want redundant or conflicting rules to happen.

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Yeah the filename surely doesn't sound as good as it looks.

It would be the opposite for now, I need to wake up from a good rest instead.

So far yes I basically just woke up, you?

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Hiya reki, future yuuka owner. hope youre doing well tonight.

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Thank you. I haven't consumed lasagna in months and I was afraid I'd go into a coma soon.

Yeah, it's fine for that, but that's not what I'm after from that particular franchise. Actually, I think Alien is a horror movie very uniquely ill-suited to having a franchise since it's pretty well destined to either be the same movie over and over or something completely different like Aliens.

We can agree that Xenomorphs and Ripley are cool, though. And I like the androids.

Outside of Dune, I think the only Herbert I've ever read was a short story in More Dangerous Visions. I'm pretty sure he did wacky things with the text in that story, like make it go into a spiral. I think it was him. I wasn't impressed with it or in fact all of More Dangerous Visions, although the first Dangerous Visions is a must-read if you're into science fiction of that time period. Or SPECULATIVE FICTION, Harlan, you angry dwarf.

Supongo que.

The wing girl.

I still haven't seen the newest Saw movie. I've seen all the rest. I can't help myself. I had to watch the 3-D one with half my computer covered because the shitty torrent of it kept the doubled picture.

What is she the boss of?


what anime did you watch? did it involve furious masturbation?

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I'm doing pretty alright, worn out from DMing my D&D session today. How's it goin for you. Also I'm soooo fucking excited for her to show up.
Howdy oposs, I saw one of you little critters while biking the other morning.

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I have some documents that deal with it (All in their specific classifications). It will help for a while, but the board sounds pretty good too. I will keep it in mind.

Hey Reki! You doing good today?

Busy Tuesday! Productive as fuck and doing good! How was your morning?

Duly noted. Also, since we're talking about Science Fiction: What are your thoughts on Neuromancer by William Gibson?

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>Wait, you browse /mlp/?
lol no. so no fluttersy socks.,..what about crash bandicoot socks?

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ah thats good that you had a good rest then.
well, a nice shower should help with that.
enjoy it opossum
>new saw movie
its pretty predictable. nothing new, maybe the camera quality is better and isnt so dirty and grimy.

ah, sounds like a fun time you had. thats good to hear. Soon reki and yuuka will have the best adventures and dungeon crawls.
im doing ok. i think i might play a game right now..

please do. it might get real cluttered and difficult with documents. a board is much better to get the full view of the world.

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Yep just a lil worn out from D&D, you?
What game are ya thinkin of loading up?

Attached: rekiboom.jpg (710x402, 17.6K)

Technically the Abyss at the bottom of hell as she represents Beelzebub, although I named the files that way mostly as a reference to the Tenacious D song.

That's nice, don't work too hard though.
For now it's comfy, a but colder than usual also.

It would I agree, although too late I'm already far away from my shower heck.

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Mezzo DSA. No, but it had a little bit of rape.

Ah, tell us about your campaign!

Don't remember enough to really opine, sorry. I read most of this science fiction back in high school and it's been a while. I pretty much just stick to sci-fi movies and suchlike nowadays rather than read much genre literature.

Literally the only thing that matters are the traps and the twists, so I must someday watch it. It's a nostalgic thing for me. Also, the traps, you know, I like the death traps. Seeing them get more and more ridiculous doesn't hurt. Well, just a little.

She's covered in flies is she? Is there something rotting in the kitchen?

It can't be helped.


not sure yet.. Maybe mush dash? Halo 2? Tomb Raider. i have a lot of picks from my library..
i do hope you let your mind rest from D&D. I know those "campaigns" can be quite the journey.
oh dear Belzy. i hope you get that jolt soon. maybe some coffee or really good and warm breakfast.
also cute pic.
do you have a favorite trap?

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>a board is much better to get the full view of the world.
Don't worry, I'll keep that in mind.
The family trees came in mind when I was writing an specific chapter in the narrative, titled:
>Chapter 31: Family and their daily lives.
Overall, seems pretty easy.

Got it.
>For now it's comfy, a but colder than usual also.
You got some coffee in your hand? You know, to make it more comfy!

>I pretty much just stick to sci-fi movies and suchlike nowadays rather than read much genre literature.
Oh. Duly noted then.

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oh, that would definitely help.
and then by the third it was shock gore. the original was a great indie piece.
yeah, it was great as a standalone. I can't wait to watch covenant because I heard it's the same downward spiral. watching these franchises is like a slow-motion car crash.

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I am going to have to autistically look up every single Saw trap later and give you a more thorough response. But one I have a fondness for was, I believe, the opening scene of one of the later movies and had nothing to do with the plot. It's the one where the two guys are chained together, with each having the key to the other's chains taped to the back of their necks. One guy had his mouth sewn up and one guy had his eyes sewn up, so the one who could see couldn't communicate and the one who could communicate couldn't see to figure out what was going on and thrashed the shit out of the muted guy. That one I always liked.

I did hate that one with the glass coffin and the room that crushed inward with Hoffman. Just a little too stupid. Also, the pig slurry drowner was pretty damn stupid.

Still, I read quite a bit back then. My local library system had a surprisingly good sci-fi section. And I had some from my dad, like Foundation.


We will never know, I suppose
It certainly can't.

I watched Prometheus and I just couldn't do anymore. Man. I'm almost getting mad. It doesn't matter. You know, I didn't hate Alien vs. Predator. I haven't seen it in more than ten years, but I liked it then. The sequel however, is the darkest fucking movie I have ever seen. They must have laundered all the lighting money away because it's basically just an audio track to pitch.

Yes, it's like that.


That could be the answer but also her being some sort of queen of flies.

About an hour away from that, we're almost there.

I'll get to that in an hour, maybe I could also get a croissant or something.

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Awake but at what cost

Attached: 81860447_p0.png (2010x2562, 1.43M)

I will give you a Maya Angelou quarter and some dimes.

What about birds? They fly. She got any suction with the birds?