Help my gf with her play counts, she's a soundcloud rapper form a upper middle class family

help my gf with her play counts, she's a soundcloud rapper form a upper middle class family.

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nypa faggot sage

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fuck off nigger nobody cares


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post her tits she'll get more plays

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read the fucking room, for christ's sake
stop punishing us every fucking night with this :"hey, look at me!' garbage.

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cringe thread? cringe thread!


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Fuck you faggot

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i aint no nigger rapper expert but this is the worst sound ive ever heard; if she is an ironic muscian its rlly funny. Also the lyrics makes no sense, like all the nigger music.


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She isn't very good

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are all these pictures of her?

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im gonna print them off and cum to her

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post more shit that of hers that I can jerk off to

I wanna collab

i wanna coomlab

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nice titties, but now lets really see them

How do I send her beats?

Post her tits already. We all know that’s the real reason you made this thread

follow her SC and message

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>Hey guys here's the woman I stalk! Let's make her famous!

thats a good one to jerk off to

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cute belly

Is she retarded?

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She makes millie b sound like Eminem...

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stop posting these shitty thumbnails of sexy pics, and post the full size


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fuck yeah,


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imagine your girlfriends face, but with my cum on it

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come on bro just show us those titties


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just make it stop, unless you want a negative backlash

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only negative backlash alysa brandel is gonna get is my cum

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nigga what the fuck did i say about shitty thumbnails


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post more of her and her sister

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yes continue this

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