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I told yall mew thread lol

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Fuck ive been really turned on for the last few days, I wanna fuck so bad :(

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Wow dead tonight :(

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I have returned

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here, have a cute boi

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Welcome back ;)

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go away

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Wish i could have a cute boi, fairly new to the area and havnt met anyone yet :( It makes me very sad, been thinking of even going to a bar lately geez :$

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why :(
thats kinda fucking gay user

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Does it actually make you sad? I've felt zero difference with versus without so far and have never felt a need for a relationship with someone else at all.
Maybe that's the mark of some underlying issue though.


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oh no i just kidding oh no :(

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meanie >:(

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Yeah, ive been alone for the last 7 years... i miss cuddling big time... kinda just want someone to hold me close lately... i dont know why

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>kinda just want someone to hold me close

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hey bois

Eww no.

Hey :)

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read the file name faggot

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I stand by what i said. That dude gross, why would i wanna look like the guy from lazytown?

well alright then

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who you?


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I never understood why artists draw these cute bois as being a public use horny station
im 80% sure there are more STDs concentrated in that butt then there are in the average college woman

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hello fellow homosexual



in furry universe there are no stds

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i have nhever gay

the 13131 confirms it
>captcha P8R8P

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damn those STDs for finding their way into my fantasy world!

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to further ruin the fantasy, fugging a shark would leave your penis cut up cause of they way shark skin works

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meow :3

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heyy there plane boi

plot twist I am da shork

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Nigger Nigger tell them lies
black face and bloodshot eyes
crooked toes and crooked nose
thats the way a nigger (wyoming) goes
welp guess I gotta plap that cute shark now

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thats one way to start a conversation

hey newfriend

to any newfriend anons incase they were wondering were using an extension

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herro :3

how are you today?

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I see u like sharks

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hes using it but yea if anyone wants it just ask

Im okay. Just got some beer and putting these down while my friends cat is roaming around my room.

oh why yes, I do. how could you tell? x3

noice, I be sippin da beers too :D

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Just fapped to a femboy for the first time, furry ofc. Ask me how absolutely massive the load was

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im out of whiskey so i hadf to resort to beer. What your drinking on?

hopefully a drowning in cum sized load :x

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dont know
maybe its the quantity of cute sharks that are being posted

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Enough to cover a face almost completely, a good 6 or 7 thick pearly white ropes

uhg, same. I really prefer anything stronger. A buddy of mine got me into this Pacifico stuff, so I am trying that. Not bad ig.

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Lel :3

oh, damn. Well I am extra thirsty now jeez.

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I usually drink Gentleman Jack mixed with ginger ale. Currently swigging some Heineken.

Round two coming right up for ya

It has been a minute since I have had a nice cold heiny x3
Normally I'm drinking some Jim Beam or Bacardi, I need a shot rn :c

well, it better be another big one then!

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oh fuck not again the NF-104 I made in KSP is spinning out of control

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I like both of those. For Jim i like the Devils Cut 90 proof.

So, how did you find yourself here and get the extensions?

If you keep posting so many qts then it just might be

C o c a c o l a

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I stopped doing that after multiple sugar headaches the next day.

Ohh I love that too, it's not bad!

Well I was user posting for a bit and someone else in the threads recommended that I set up extensions. I am glad I did!

hehe, do it :3 all over mah face!

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