Cast iron:

Cast iron:
>shit doesn't stick
>gas on med and food is cooked evenly
>can use fucking grinder and then just add a bit of oil and shit be like new
>cheap, can be found for free in metal junkyard

Teflon shit:
>shit sticks
>gas on high because edges dont heat up, despite being like 1/4 thick aluminium
>food is not cooked evenly
>have to treat surface like it's my balls or something
>expensive as fuck for what piece of shit it is

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based cast iron

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Cast iron gang rise up

Cast iron:
>rusts like a motherfucker
>bitch you better oil my ass regularly
>have to do special prep work to season it
>better not put tomato or acid in me

Literally any other skillet:
>what's rust?
>can throw in dishwasher like lazy shit I am
>stainless can take metal like a boss


Cast iron bros... we won

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All hail

>rusts like a motherfucker
Once it is sealed with oil, it doesn't rust at all. Unless you leave water in it for month or so.
If you're worried about rust or acidic food, there is stainless.
>have to do special prep work to season it
Not really, you just cook and it is happening automatically.
I seasoned it just once when i got it, as chinks didn't really season it that well and i sandpapered it a bit. But then again, chinkshit problems, not cast iron problems.

I'm having a hard time with my cast iron pan. I seasoned it, but the seasoning ended up being uneven (sticky in some places, maybe not enough in others). I read that bacon was a good first item to cook because it would strengthen the seasoning, but it stuck to the pan more than I was expecting, which was surprising since bacon is so fatty that it doesn't even really stick in a stainless steel pan. Do I need to strip the seasoning and start over?

Fuck you nigger. Stainless steel is still the more superior option.
>non stick surface after properly preheating
>shiny and weighs half the weight of cast iron
>does not need to be seasoned like cast iron (wtf kind of boomer shit is that)
>does cool little water bubble thing when its heated just right

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Stainless is more sticky and ideally you have to polish surface somehow now and then.
Still better than fucking teflon.
Cast iron is less sticky and it has rough surface from factory so no big deal.
>does cool little water bubble thing when its heated just right
Any pan can do it
Just use it. Cook something greasy in it, then it will fix itself automatically. How the fuck did you stick bacon to cast iron? I'd understand sticking potato to it, but lol.
If you have real issues, maybe it is a good idea to get 100 grit and 320 grit sandpaper and smooth the surface a bit.

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>How the fuck did you stick bacon to cast iron?
Like I said, I guess I didn't season some parts of it sufficiently I guess maybe I should just melt some lard in it, pour it out while hot, then try cooking bacon again.

Vegetable oils work better. Coconut oil is a good choice as it smokes at super high temperature. But I used sunflower oil.

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yeah, but does your pan come with an infomercial with a hot milf?

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Fuckin pansexual freak.

I use cast iron because it makes me feel cool

I use cast iron cause it gets me HOT

I only use stainless steel and GreenPan ceramic non-stick. The ceramic is awesome for alot of things. You also have to take care of it though. It scratches easy and you're only supposed to go to medium heat but i go way higher. I've had since 3 years and not one scratch and those eggs still slide off better than any teflon i owned.

Well, I have grapeseed oil, which has a super high smoke point, but that's what I seasoned it with. Apparently without 100% success. I've heard some old timers say solid fats work better than liquid fats for seasoning.

I don't know then, try scuffing place that didn't season with sandpaper, and squirt oil on there and shove entire thing into oven.

These are all untrue…unless you wash it with soap. Are you washing your cast iron with soap, you fucking tripleglownigger?

According to Lodge, you can actually use a little soap.

even if you use soap, it shouldn't really damage seasoning. It just makes it a bit sticky.

>cast iron
heavy as fuck and breaks everything it touches

It hasn't broken anything in my kitchen.

Drop it once and your feet are vaporized, you need to rub it with oils to keep it from rusting unless you use it daily, takes forever to cool down when you need it to. Has its uses but not a miracle item user

>Drop it once and your feet are vaporized,
Vaporized? That's an exaggeration. But damage? That's true of many of my kitchen implements.
>you need to rub it with oils to keep it from rusting unless you use it daily,
Not really. The seasoning polymerizes on the surface of the iron.
>takes forever to cool down when you need it to.
>Has its uses but not a miracle item user
Miracles don't exist. Cast iron being based does.

Take the carbonsteelpill, user.

Do I look chinese to you?
Same shit, but worse thermal conductivity due to thinner walls. Meh

They make steak and chicken better for sure, but for all the gay little special things you have to do to it I use my other skillets 90% more.

Similar performance to cast iron but with a smoother finish and way less weight to handle.

>way less weight to handle.
idk, i like heavy stuff.


stop being retarded boomer

You peasants need stainless, cast iron, and maybe a high carbon steel.

Stainless for acidic foods and create a decent fonde for pan sauces

Cast Iron for frying, baking, roasting and whatever else.

High carbon steel is basically cast iron just lighter and easier to reason and move.

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All non-stick shits are teflon. Ceramic? Teflon with sand to avoid paying dupont or just old-school glazed shit.

Modern dish "soaps" aren't soaps, they are detergents. You weren't supposed to use soap on cast iron because of the lye, which eats organic matter, which is what the "seasoning" is made from. But you're fine using Dawn.

You ever notice how people always say, "Oh, my grandma gave me her old cast iron pans!" Do you know why? Because after 50 years of cooking with them, she finally got sick of all of the bullshit and spent $30 on a decent pan that doesn't require a degree in material sciences just to fry some hamburger. pans that aren't teflon
Here you go, old man.

If you want to maket spatchcock chicken you need cast iron. Don't let the fucker air dry. Use salt or mild detergent and no problems.

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I never got this meme, do you just let the oil rot

They don't tell shit is PTFE-free.
All those ceramic shits are basically a patent evasion, or just weird enamel/glazing.

Eggs still stick to it and that’s what I cook 6 days a week. A nonstick pan is useful for fast breakfests

>have very nice cast iron
>cook big steaks , life is good
>dad tries cooking with it once
>he "washes" it and scrubs the shit out of it with a copper scrub
>"sorry son, i didnt know"
>i love me dad, i re-seasoned it and made us more steaks

It doesn't matter for most things but you can't toss food effectively when sauteeing in a cast iron pan. Flipping a pancake is out of the question.

Are you being retarded on purpose?

No. Its because grandparents get old and the cast iron becomes too heavy for them to use practically anymore.
My mother gave me a cast iron tray that she can’t use because she has arthritis.

>can beat peoples skulls with both
why even fight? they're both effective.

those are heavy so soybois prefer teflon.

>"Oh, my grandma gave me her old cast iron pans!"
>Do you know why?
Because she died...?

Heavy stuff like your mum?

Who the absolute fuck still uses cast iron? I use stainless steel then toss in the dishwasher then have sex with my wife with all the time I saved having to not season and maintain a cast iron.

You weak fuck

I use peanut oil in my wok and cast iron.
I use very good olive oil in my other pans.

>Not buying Lodge

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Post. Her tits

If shit cracks - i will buy lodge, in my country it was real hard to find cast iron, and i found one in trash, but it had giant crack in it, which means it actually belongs to trash... Moment I bought chinkshit one, I found lodge and while it is more expensive it looked more high quality but i dont need 9000 pans.

>GreenPan ceramic non-stick

Got one of these for cooking eggs, etc... because
my wife forked my other one to death. Probably gonna
buy another larger one.

Weak fucks

Cast iron is top tier, but ANTIQUE, very old cast iron cookware is God tier. It was made differently. Google it. Lodge is fine, but vintage cast iron is amazing

No. You want oil, not lard. The process is to polymerize the fat molecules, so you want mono- or poly- unsaturated for the initial seasoning.
Coat it, wipe up any excess (puddles). Place in 300 - 350 oven for 3 hours. Repeat once or twice.
Don't use strong detergents or steel wool and it should be good for 5 - 10 years.

Then you can throw it into a bonfire, dig out the next day and re-season.

Season the outside, too. Won't rust unless you submerge it for a month.