Shouldn't share

shouldn't share

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did you fuck her in the ass after this or what

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damn dude you should try and keep one of them bitches before things are too late

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Wife's pussy

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A fwb of mine

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Has mental illness written all over her.

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Shes a little crazy but i like my bitches like that honestly

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I had my gf fuck this dude who was clearly horny for her, and then let him come back for more as many times as he wanted.

I also told her to stop asking me what the boundaries were, and just let him try whatever he liked first and I would decide if something was off-limits from then on after she told me. Better ask for forgiveness than ask for permission.

But the more they met, the fewer details she shared about the sex. When I pointed that out, she said she would always answer any specific questions about their sex date, but she was tired of telling everything by herself. Then I caught her a few times not even telling me when she had been with him because "You didn't ask, so I don't have to tell you. You can ask me anything now if you want.". Okay, she made up her own rules, very cute.

Then one time we are fucking I start talking dirty and ask about her past sex life: "so did you ever fuck three men", "haha yes", "uh when?", "a few times", "really? who were they?", "you only know one".

The whore had been letting the guy who was fucking her bring a friend or two once in a while and have orgies for months. She had even been fucking some of the guys by herself. "You didnt ask. I told you you had to ask."

She could be a great lawyer.

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Fucking moarrrr

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You opened those flood gates though man. She came to you asking for boundries. You were the dominate one at that point, and you let it go with 'ask forgiveness than permission, and you would decide after the fact" You gave her free reign, and she took it.

Cant blame her at that point

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more pls

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Post her bare ass

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More of her holes?

No prob

Show me your hard cock user

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I'm not really complaining. And I didn't ask her to stop doing anything either.

I just get a bit annoyed that she won't tell me some really juicy stories I am actually interested in when I find out, and that I have tons of questions about.

But of course she loves teasing me because I can never know for sure if she is visiting a friend or fucking some guy she met I don't even know about.

I even discovered by chance she had been having threesomes with couples here and there, mostly when I was out of town.

It drives me crazy, so kudos to her.

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There has to be more

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Hilarious, my couch looks to be the exact same, and my bookshelf as well. Both in roughly the same position.

contents of bookshelf, and cat tree is different though.

Fair enough then. Keep livin your best life!

Want more?

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ur gf?

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Moar tits

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fuck moar

Still around user? Bc MOAR

Spread her holes