Be fem user

>be fem user
>extremely fat, over 400 pounds
>eat mostly junk food
>spends all day every day sitting on my ass at my computer without getting up much
>barely even try to keep up proper hygiene

what went wrong in my life for me to turn out like this

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>be fem user

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sounds pretty good tbh, discord is Imaginary_Thanks#6242 if you wanna talk or some shit

fuckin rules, post tits or gtfo

idk,were you ever traumatized as a kid?why dont you try to make your situation better?

whats stopping you?

>>be fem user
>>extremely fat, over 400 pounds
>>eat mostly junk food
>>spends all day every day sitting on my ass at my computer without getting up much
>>barely even try to keep up proper hygiene
>what went wrong in my life for me to turn out like this
kill yourself

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tits or gtfo tran boy

I don't have time for this... I've got music to produce

Can probably still make some decent $$$ on OnlyFans

I don't have time for this... I've got music to produce... apparently

I win imo

>when my supervisor asks why I'm 15 minutes late for my shift at Taco Bell

nobody cares fat shit

asked and you shall receive

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Time stamped. Rules are rules.

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fuck yeah, you're a real fat ass

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im not getting up to get a piece of paper

Write on your skin.

The numbers say producer... your movie and the flower of life

I'm a murr baby from space that's who I was

stop complaining and kill yourself already or improve yourself retard

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You should try to fast for weeks at a time.

I read about some dude that did it.

Keep in mind that women are weaker creatures and you need certain minerals to live.

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intermittent fasting did wonders for me and going to the gym 4 days a week

>im not getting up
>wHy Am I fAt?????????
get the fuck offline and work out you waste of life

tits or gtfo whore

Haven't lol'd like that in a while

>Keep in mind that women are weaker creatures and you need certain minerals to live.


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The depressing thing is that even though she admits she's a 400 lb loser with no motivation to do anything with her life and is pretty much a burden to society, there is still some fucking dweeb out there that would give his left arm to date this walking (or rolling) disaster.

The correct term is "waddling," faggot.


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This is only partially your fault. You were blessed by a time of unprecedented abundance that also tries its hardest, out of greed and competition, to make you consume as many of these resources as it is humanly possible. Yours is the mind of a lab rat and yours is affected and driven by their same desires: the need to get that dopamine, in your case clearly coming from digitized skinner boxes and a nonstop intake of sugary treats. Usually the one thing stopping all of us from ending like you are repercussions, mostly of the social kind, but your immediate cradle of obesity is built on foundations firm enough to not collapse against your weight. Maybe you will get diabetes five years from now, but that's a tale for another time.
If your wake up call ever comes it'll be delivered by the part of your brain that doesn't only act on instinctive drive. You can get something equal triggered through fear or loss, too, but not even those will change your immediate habits. The only way of fixing yourself is to muster up the bravery you need to look at yourself objectively, hate yourself for what you are and the intelligence to deconstruct the habits you hate, feel an instinctive moral need towards at least your own life, and essentially disintegrate and rebuild into a much better individual still marked by past experiences. I think it's your intelligence alone which decides whether you succeed or fail here.
Either way, good luck. As this thread proves: you're a woman. You don't need to change. You literally made this thread out of a seeking for immediate attention, because of fucking course you would, you're a woman. Even your supposed self depreciation is only a shallow act not meant to wound any actual part of your ego: you're not being reflective, just quirky enough to stand away from the competition. And don't you worry. Someone out there is willing to fuck and care for you, trust me. You don't have to change.
Just make it quick.

At a certain point, how would you even know if you're over 400 pounds?

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Show pic of your fat pussy

Start doing coke.
Being a coke addict is better then being fat.

You start projecting your own gravity.

Yeah but you got dubs, so at least SOMETHING in your life is going right.

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workout like this guy and maybe you can lose some pounds

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because i have a scale in my house dumbass

I would like to use your lard to make candles and soap.

underrated post

Does it really go that high? 400 pounds? Really? It doesn't break?

We're waiting for timestamp.

assuming everything is true, its not hard to lose weight. 400lbs is gonna take some time but in about 2 years maybe less you can be down to about 150lbs easy. you have to cook your food yourself and basically eat mostly steamed broccoli, chicken, and rice, but really as long as you cook the foods yourself you will be fine. if you wanna lose weight then eat eggs or oatmeal for breakfast every day, try and get a kiwi every now and then (they are cheap) and cook chicken and broccoli for dinner. you will lose a lot of weight very quickly because chicken and broccoli have like no calories but are incredibly nutritionally dense. add milk to breakfast and as long as you dont start snacking a whole bag of potato chips between meals you will become skinny. it just takes consistency.

it goes up to 500 pounds

I came

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weight is about food unless its like the last 15 lbs you need to become skinny.
you can be normal weight entirely based on what you eat.
your endocrine system is fucked due to american food
stop eating it
you can eat as much as you want if you eat anything not full of carbs or corn syrup
your natural hunger sensations will regulate your food intake and make you a normal weight by the time you are 25
just dont eat fast food or too many carbs, thats all you gotta do.

First, you're a mentally lazy asshole. You've never developed the discipline to do actual mental WORK. You're self-centered and only concerned with keeping yourself entertained.
Second, this makes you physically lazy because the same discipline is needed for physical work and recreation.
Third, your parents are also mentally lazy assholes. Decent parents would never have tolerated such degenerate behavior.
Last, this is all due to creeping Marxism. It was done to your family and millions of others with premeditated purpose in order to take down the US. That plan is near completion.
Stop fucking eating! Get mentally tough. Exercise your ass off, literally. Find God. Fight these fucking globohomo bastards until your last breath.

>asked and you shall receive
Timestamp and or pussy?

Close. But eliminate all the carbs. They are totally unnecessary and will only prolong the torture.

spear chucker spotted

why would you ask this.

make a fucking twitter and let me simp for you.

i have a lot of fetishes including sweat, fat, farts and general slobbery and i jerk off to cartoons similar to what you described but often more exaggerated. in fact reading your post got me hard just imagining the smell.
not trying to hit on you or anything, just remember that one man's trash is another man's treasure.

youre gay as hell for not wanting to see tits

don't be down femanon, i'm sure you have a pretty dope personality and since you're here you're probably pretty funny, it not too late for you
however, we don't care about your personality or your problems, and neither does anyone else in the world. therefore, you should use your body for something that we will care about
post tits w/ time stamp, create a twitter, post nudes, sit back and watch as the money comes
use your god given gift of breasts to turn yourself into a money machine
if not then fuck off please, fucking cow

TimeStamp Not Found, Try Again.

Two hours later and no tits w/ timestamp
Why did you waste our time?