Hunger Games

Hunger Games
First 30
No samefag until OK

Ice wastes

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Anime Night Richard Rawlings

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Stupid Mutt Glamcock

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Roxy Glamcock

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Piss Rock

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Max Payne

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>First 30

This is a tribute with exact name.


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I just noticed that. Plus I don’t think there is an Ice Wastes code. Must be a b8 thread.

Oh well. Someone will probably pick it up.

If you don't want to, then get the fuck off.

Donald Trump
>First 30
You can't do 30, just 24 or 36
Or are you adding 6 of your samefags OP?
Ice Wastes? I will go with OP using arctic or winter

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Kektsuba tribe

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Miranda Cosgrove

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So take it. I don't want this anymore

Nutella Girl

> Or are you adding 6 of your samefags OP?
funny i was wondering the same

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Nice hat

Ice Kirby

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skittle hosting


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Literally who?

One of HGs boogeymen

>not using the walrus instead, an ice animal
possum are you even trying?

Evil Alligator

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From piss girl to piss rock.


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Can we samefag the rest?

It’s not a real thread

My mood

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Not yet

i am fucking going to harm my cock!

It was, but I don't care anymore.

i mean we can all feel that way if true no problem

Prove it. Post the ice waste code


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Princess Bubblegum

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you all piss me off

I don't share my codes. I have my own simulator based on the generally available one.

Rigs btw

Did you get your Space Mexican War wincard, Donald?
I have a wincard for you too, Frisk, although it's of dubious quality even for one of mine.

Huh? I don’t remember winning one of your games but thanks.


I don't think I did

go for your hg. OP out.

You certainly did.
>picture not a tribute

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Why are you like this, Rigs?

get tickle gif'd faggot

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It's a silly one but in my defense SMX is a silly code.

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>I have my own simulator based on the generally available one.

So if anyone takes over please use Arctic or Winter to keep fitting the ice theme.

>still samefagging in a bait thread like a virgin

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I do remember winning space mexico but the wincard wasn't ready
Thank you!

Thanks haha. Very good WC.


All right, do we have enough tributes about? because if so I'll host a game. Code by acclamation.

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Area 51