Twice thread!

Twice thread!

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All of the evidence seems to point to the fact that the Nicest of threads are also the Twicest of threads!

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I love Jihyo

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For me, it'd have to be the Top 10 Cards Which Have A Banish Cost in YuGiOh!

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Salutations, my frens!
I hope that everyone is doing most excellent there today as we slowly make our way through this new week!
Hopefully some truly cozy as all heck times have been dabbled in there today!

> Some might even say that Tuesday is quite the... cozy day? I think that works!
Greetings to you there, my fren!
I pray that today has involved just a few of those cozy partakings I've been hearing about here and there!
Any of those particularly BLESSED dabblings going on over there for you tonight?!

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> For our first Jimmy-Jam of this Twice thread, I give the frens this that one KJimmy-Jam that I know a few of them out there are all about and I'm most certainly about this sort of pop-punk KJimmy-Jam as well!

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> Did you know that the Twicefus are planning on starting up their own SPOOKUMS hunting television show where they travel to the SPOOKUMS-est of locations around the world trying to find PROOF of the SPOOKUMS-verse?! For any interested frens, post THREE numbers [1-515, 1-542, 1-385] and receive THREE videos in the form of a Jimmy-Jam, SmartBoi video, AND a Meme!

> I heard that was for horses though!
Or maybe it's the other one...

Regardless of the fact there, I hope that all is going well over there today, my fren!
Any of those BLESSED partakings going on over there today perhaps?!

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> It does appear that we've found yet another RARE card here for the frens!

And this RARE card is also quite the NEW card as well that I'm sure the card collecting frens out there would want to snatch up, too!

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it is going ok. it is not too crazy at work right now. just waiting for the next time that it is.
>image attached
I realize that this is heavily heavily photoshopped or some how otherly image manipulated but am I seeing things with that hand? did they just pushed pixels around too much and left Lurch's hand in the image?
>I might be seeing things and I am overreaching
>I might be in a jerky mood too

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> The next Jimmy-Jam on the YouTube Jimmy-Jam rabbit hole is this: Another one of those sorts of pop-punk BOPS but one that's from way back when in the day there that I'm sure the frens have heard once or twice before!

> Maybe she's even traveling into the Shadow Realm or something for all we know, my fren!
That could be an explanation! Or just some really bad Photoshop!

ALSO, it sounds like it's been quite the cozy day there for the fren at least with the workies from what I can tell!
> With minimal to no heckery as well there!
I said it might be a bit of a cozy week after all, my fren!

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> Now what's this news about Elon saying he'll free Trumpo from the ol' Tweeterz ban there once all is said and done with the acquisition?!
Truly Elon has no shame and it's causing quite the consternation among many of those folks out there!

I wonder who else that fellow might pardon on the Tweeterverse there... heck, there's quite the list!

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This shit is almost as bad as log posting

> Our next Jimmy-Jam on the YouTube Jimmy-Jam rabbit hole is this: I suppose this one Jimmy-Jam isn't really a pop-punk BOP but it's from the same generation of Jimmy-Jams and it's in that weird category of BOP as well!

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I felt like I was missing out on the Trump tweets. I hope this is real
>I said it might be a bit of a cozy week after all, my fren!
so far it has been

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That's apparently what Elon said today there (or recently, heck knows)! I guess once he's fully in charge there he's going to just free the fellow, who knows if he'll come back or just stay on his own little Tweeter thingy though!

> so far it has been
And hopefully it will continue to be a truly BLESSED time there, my fren!
The week is young and there's still plenty of time for some even more EPIC times to be had!

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> The next Jimmy-Jam on the YouTube Jimmy-Jam rabbit hole is this: I do seem to recall a number of frens are all about their ironic band BOPS and this is certainly one that's high up on my lists as a few of the frens might know!

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I just now found out that I am going out the the field Friday which I am not to overly excited about but it will be indoors and it is not too far a drive or too early in the morning or late in the afternoon.
my boss asked if I could cover it and so I kind of have to

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I am listening to this and I thought it was the REMIXXX but it is not
>replace that with this

I feel like asking if you can AND having to cover said thingy are two different things to be sure, my fren!
> But I wonder, what sort of heckery might this involve there? How long do you reckon you'll be stuck there?

It must be a bit more adventurous than the usual workies there I'd reckon!
> I was about to say!
My fren has been all about the remixes there as of late so I wondered if he sent the right thingy or not!

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how are you

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Greetings to you there, my Blessed FRENSFren!
I pray that the day has been a cozy as heck one there for you comprised of ALL of the cozy adventures and clean clothes and the like!
> Any of those cozy as heck partakings going on there, my fren?!

For me, it'd have to be a bit of the ol' Pokevidya there and some YouTubbies as I do which is certainly some form of cozy to be sure!

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enough spookums at work... 99-199-399

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My fren says that, but he's not documented PROOF of the SPOOKUMS for us!
At least THE NUMBERS have PROOF of SPOOKUMS and some potentially cool videos!
> Since there's no 399, a 366 for you!

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kek, no clothes really, just some sheets, pillows etc, l still have 3 t-shirts left

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> Thank the heavens!
Some clean clothes are still around the place!
Hopefully tomorrow you can manage to get some more of those cleaner ones there just incase you spill all of your cereal or something on you!
> As is usually the case with most frens!

But at least some of the other thingies have been washed up there so that means you're at least a LITTLE cleaner in the end!
This might even extend the whole clean-shirt bit an extra day for all we know!

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> Our next Jimmy-Jam on the YouTube Jimmy-Jam rabbit hole is this: Another POWERFUL as heck band here with the whole rising against the mysterious thingy they've never told us about BUT they did provide to us a number of BOPS to partake in so that has to count for something!

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it is an interior gut and remodel of an office building so it is not that interesting and there might be some traffic congestion being where it is located and the time of day so it is not all that exciting.
the more exciting stuff are the ground up builds or what they call 'greenfields' which then I like going out there to look at all the trenches they dug and then going out periodically as the whole thing gets build up until the paint

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> the more exciting stuff are the ground up builds or what they call 'greenfields'
I see!

I feel like that might take a HOT minute though with all the trench digging and building of the thingies though... like multiple hours or something when I figured it might just be a handful at most!
They better take note of the fren's "willingness" to spend his Friday partaking in all of this there to be fair!
> If that's even on the agenda for tomorrow along with the whole interior bit there!

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yeah, i'm out of cereal too other than oats for muh squats, gonna buy some tomorrow

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My fren... I feel like there's some sort of behind schedule sort of thingy going on over there!
> First all of his thingies aren't washed, now he's out of cereal basically...
And you even went shopping a few days ago!

I guess getting the G4M3R sips there were more important!
I mean, they kind of are but still... perhaps another day of going out and about shopping is needed there soon!
> WITH some clean clothes of course!

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>> If that's even on the agenda for tomorrow along with the whole interior bit there!
it's all scheduling. if they are not done with what they want me to look at I can't look at it. if they are done with it they can't wait at all because they got to get the drywallers up to cover everything

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at least is what you have to do specifically?

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Hopefully it's the prior bit there because to me, that seems like if you can't look at it, it just means you get to go back to the Twice cave or something!
> Or just sort of sit there on the YouTubbies while they do a thingy at least!
I assume that'd be part of it there, just essentially waiting around for them to do something and when they do the thingy the fren can finally be FREE for the weekend!

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based swiss, they're know they're a small country but still played theyr cards right, and is not like they could say " fuck germany" in their position at the moment

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> The next Jimmy-Jam on the YouTube Jimmy-Jam rabbit hole is this: Now here's a BOP and a half of a Jimmy-Jam we haven't partaken in for a HOT minute there featuring that one Fred and the Gang band I know the frens absolutely adore!

Even though ol' H-Dawg really wanted to get rid of them of course!
> Something about him calling the Swiss the scum of the Earth and vermin and what not!

Too bad for him he couldn't really manage to get involved with them and the Soviets very much!
> The Swiss are just TOO POWERFUL with that Knights Templar lineage there keeping them safe in their mountain redoubt!

Also, I heard they took out a lot of the explosives in those tunnels and bridges and what not these days! Perhaps they go over that in the video there!

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I have my freezer full of food, but I'm out of things for snack, like cookies, chips, and all that not really necessary but still wanted, but I live in the middle of town surrounded by supermarkets and shops, I have two of them less than a block away so I never buy too much at once

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I think the big secret is that what I have to look at is not that important but for liability or something they architect wants me to look at it.
they call it "rough-in" so I will be looking at boxes and conduits inside of framed walls.
I note if they used the right materials and if they are in the right places. for schools this might be more important because they want 3/4" conduit and hard piped so I have to make sure it is not 1/2" or MC Cable. but this is an office where they might use MC Cable anyway and there is no real conduit limitation so it will be 1/2" and who care if the box is here or there.
there are other times I go out and look at critical stuff and at the end of the project I turn lights on and off to make sure the lighting controls work.
>it might look like attached when I go out there
there will be a different guy looking at plumbing
should take like 20 minutes but then I should stay out another 20 so it looks like I am doing something then I will write the report and save the pictures to the serve

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Okay, so here's how it's going to go down:

You're going to join our discord server at
discord dot gg/tsHTHWhhc5, then you're going to suckle metric fucking tons of his dysenteric pooper pickles and YOU ARE GOING TO ENJOY IT! 45tg54465yt

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> But those ARE the most required food items, my fren!
How will you manage to snack it up while you're cooking a full meal there AND G4M1NG?!
Or just chilling there with the YouTubbies I suppose!

It doesn't hurt to buy some stuff to store for a while there, especially in the freezer and what not!
> Heck, you never know when there will be a run on the supermarkets again and you can't get all of the BLESSED snackies!

Heck, that's quite the fast job then to be fair, my fren!
Maybe with all of this adventuring around as well you might stumbled upon some cool stores along the way back, too!
> Maybe one that sells some RARE cards?
You never know!

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I see, delicate stuff if you're the one putting your name and signing stuff for the record kek

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>You never know!
oh yeah. anything could happen.
I should look up what is around there
this is something more interesting and more important to look at and not screw up. underground feeders and branch circuits to and from distribution boards.

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I don't wanna snack too much, I'll be working night shift at the clinic again for some weeks starting the 19 and I always gain some extra kilos there with all the delivery and snaking

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> Heck, the fren is digging DEEP (literally!) into the ol' workies folder there!

I just figured while the fren is out and about that he could make the most of it really so he could have some cool thingies to look at while he's forced to be out there!
I imagine he won't be super exhausted from such a short stay there so MANY an adventure can be partaken in!

But I heard that if you're building up some weight that you can even turn it into some POWERFUL muscle there, my fren!
> So it sort of works itself out in the end with some extra workouties!

It'd even benefit you on the job there since you'd be a stronger fellow to keep out all of those rabid children and their strange parents!

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all electrical? is that plastic like the sewage pipes?

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> Our next Jimmy-Jam on the YouTube Jimmy-Jam rabbit hole is this: A CLASSIC BOP for the frens to partake in here and one of my favorites from that one band of Pink fellows, too!

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I only do electrical. the white pipes are water. usually black is sewer and gray is electrical. The electrical is PVC 40.
>> Heck, the fren is digging DEEP (literally!) into the ol' workies folder there!
I was actually looking for a picture but I didn't want to spend too long looking for it so I just picked one that looked ok
>here is a picture if the ITFren stops by
>the orange flex is for data/comm
>the small little copper ground bar

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If the fren didn't tell me, I wouldn't know what to look for there for sure, it must be said!
> A trained fren like ITFren though... he'd probably spot that a mile and a half away to be fair!

I don't know how technical he gets like that but I'd imagine there's a fair bit of the nitty-gritty IT-stuff there he hasn't told us about!
He does need to keep some secrets to stay top of the trade after all!

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the mothers are the problem, but you can't beat them anymore, that and some faggot doctor that apparently is a cunt with the patient's family, I already had to intervene twice so they didn't slap him

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cool, I still see old houses here with the old black metal pipes for electrical, not the best idea considering is not precisely stainless steel either

Attached: 1649489512160.jpg (720x961, 62.18K)

They're a defensive bunch I suppose and go on the offensive when they're not getting THE BEST for their kiddo there it seems!
> Not entirely a bad thingy, maybe they just need to take a step back though and think about their actions first!

Although if a doctor is being a bit of a dingus there, then I suppose they might be somewhat warranted in getting a bit upset with them there!
Maybe you need to talk to that one doctor fellow there if that keeps happening again, I'm sure the fren is trained in those de-escalation tactics and what not kek

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> The next Jimmy-Jam on the YouTube Jimmy-Jam rabbit hole is this: And from the Floydian band back to that one pop-punk group of fellows who just sort of defined that hecking genre really!

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the clinic is very fertile ground for lawsuits so I have to be extra careful even if is some punchable manlet playing tough with me or the receptionists

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do you mean black metal pipe underground? is it iron or steel? most likely not aluminum that stuff corrodes in the earth pretty fast.
I never see anything piped (above ground) in houses around here. it is all romex or what is called NM cable. and a lot of the buried feeders are rated for direct bury otherwise I only have seen them in gray PVC. I dont think I ever see anything metallic buried except for copper. and the one way they would bury metal is if they wrapped it in vinyl tape. like, half-lapped 10 mil at minimum. the soil around here is very corrosive.
that picture is probably not that interesting to him but it should be pretty familiar. they put plywood floor to ceiling on all four walls so they can hang the terminal blocks without using wall anchors.

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But that's of course where those de-escalation trainings and what not come into effect that they hopefully gave to you to prevent such lawsuit heckery!
> I mean, it'd only make sense!

I just feel like if one of those doctor folks being a dingus is causing some issues, maybe he needs to be the one to change a bit there so HE doesn't end up getting sued or something!

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Still though, the fact that the frens can even make heads or tails of most of that stuff there is sort of Blessed in it's own way!
> And it's something you two can relate to as well!

I can sort of figure out thingies there but I'd be hecked on the logistics of how much of them work and all there, it's sort of like CountryBroFren explaining some valve stuff there!

I can sort of understand it but some of the thingies are above my pay-grade as well there!

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Whaaats happenin

Running around all day doing boring stuff. Happy to be home. Might shave my head later if I'm feeling up to it

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Greetings to you there, my Blessed ITFren we were just chatting about!

I hope that all is well there today with the running around and boring partakings over there!
Hopefully some cozy as heck times await you there in the Twice cave tonight, my fren!
> WITHOUT shaving of one's head of course!

Any Y's or anything cozy like that going on there, my fren?!

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not underground, but inside the walls, still a bad after some decades if the house had some humidity, no idea how it was underground in the old buildings, now it's all plastic too

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> Our next Jimmy-Jam on the YouTube Jimmy-Jam rabbit hole is this: Another CLASSIC BOP that I'm sure the frens all know and it's of that beloved nu-metallic genre as well with all those other BOPS!

Attached: DubuJimmyJams9.jpg (711x400, 58.26K)

Legitimately going to buzz my head I think. It's how I prefer it and I've just been lazy.

No Y's unfortunately, haven't been by in a couple of days. I might go by tomorrow if I get up early enough.

Generally nothing cozy, just a bunch of things to get done at work and it's driving me a little nuts until I get them all done.
>wouldn't mind a Y or two

Attached: 1639622619923.jpg (1080x1346, 294.05K)

luckily I haven't had any serious problems, just some drunks.or guys high on something in the weekends, the last time l was there one night a guy came with a stab wound but totally calm... the karens are more annoying tho

Attached: 1650409429660.jpg (2669x3500, 594.61K)

I suppose it's different to sort of shortening your hair a fair bit and going FULL buzz-cut mode after all, my fren!
> Besides, what would the Y qt think about this!
That is IF you do actually manage to get over there and chat with her one of these days! Heck, you don't want the Y counter to reset there back to only one or two Y's!

> Also, fret not, my fren!
I'm sure that you'll manage to do the thingies as per usual there at workies, heck... that's the norm for the fren there to just jump in and fix 50 problems in one day after all!
Even if 50 more pop up tomorrow!

> Also, speaking of that one ITFren!
Now look at those cables! We certainly weren't talking about you behind your back, my fren!

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for me, it's 6:55 posting but - 3 seconds!!

Attached: Minners 2.jpg (1000x666, 99.25K)

you dont have to say exactly where but what quadrant of the country have you seen that? I am not sure I have ever seen piped wiring in houses. about how old would the houses be? that is pretty interesting.
>> And it's something you two can relate to as well!
sometimes that is fun
>actually now I dont know what picture to post

Attached: ^ ^.png (841x604, 681.57K)

> CLASSIC MinheeFren!
Always the one to keep track of time there!

I hope that all is going well over there for you today in those scorching hot lands you're in over there!
Anything truly LEGENDARY as heck going on over there tonight, my fren?!

> the last time l was there one night a guy came with a stab wound but totally calm...
Heck, if that was a Karen over there, there'd be actual bedlam going on and you would be a busy fren ALL hecking night!

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ayooo, going vin diesel I see, it's gonna be the only acceptable style for me more sooner than later

Attached: 1648218106438.webm (610x550, 907.28K)

it must be said, just more tears from kdramas! There's even one girl in this latest kdrama that looks like that there mina!

Attached: mina imposter.jpg (600x900, 95.77K)

> An interesting qt post but I tend to agree there on the title...

She must be one of those look-alike Kqts they got onboard to try and get some more views on said Kdrama, my fren!
> I'm sure it caught our fren's eyes though and that's why he's watching it in the end!

Were you watching these KDramas with a qt perhaps, my fren?
I heard they LOVE those thingies and they can help you through the tears and all!

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