Yea Forumsros i have a colostomy bag, a hole in my stomach that i shit out of

Yea Forumsros i have a colostomy bag, a hole in my stomach that i shit out of.
can i monetize this on some fetish website or something? some freaky fucks paying for videos of me tummy-shitting myself or something?

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i am sorry my dude

Can a dick fit in your stomach anus?

i've never heard of anyone having that fetish but i'm sure someone out there does, like one guy

maybe, a doctor put his little finger in one of the holes one time to see if it was blocked, and he got it all the way in there
i could certainly try and shove a pen or something in there slowly, if the money is right

Medfag here. Short answer is yes. I would use protectionas stds can still transfer. I did have a guy who's ostomy ripped from getting fucked to hard. Developed peritonitis because his shit kept leaking into his abdomen. Almost died from sepsis.

of course you can, if you can find your audience.

how prone is it to infection or anything? how careful do you need to be?

This thread is gold thanks user.

top kek

You do pen trick
You become legend

can you fart from it?

holy shit lol
i don't know if i still want to do this. don't get me wrong, i think if someone paid me a hundred bucks i'd take a video of the hole shitting or whatever, but it would take a couple grand for me to attempt to shove something in there

i'm sure it's extremely delicate, it's basically just the inside of the colon turned inside out.

yes, it farts constantly lmao but it's completely involuntary, same as the poop coming out.
all kinds of farts, too. big braps, whistlers and those "just air" kinda ones too, where it just goes pfffffffffft

timestamp or gtfo

Start an OnlyFans

i'd sign upfor that

i hope it's legible
gotta empty the bag, just took a fat dump in it

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jeez user

this is it without the bag, a few weeks ago. it has healed more since then, it's less red around the edges and has gotten a little smaller

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Hi, I wish you the best of luck with your situation. So I recently was in the hospital with a perforated diverticulitis and they told me that this is something that might end up happening to me depending on what they see and I'm frankly terrified. So how did this happen with you? Is there anything you could have done differently?

Fuck I’ll give you $2000 to come over next week an fuck the hole

Sorry to hear about that

hey man, first of all, be calm. it's obviously not great but there are worse things.
my situation is different though, i have had crohn's disease since i was 13 (i'm 30 now) and last fall it got really bad because i was being a retard not taking my meds and smoking a shit ton, and they decided to give me a temporary stoma to let the last two thirds of my colon rest without any poop going through it. when the inflammation is gone, it gets returned to normal.

as for you, first of all don't worry because doctors HAVE to tell you about the possibility of this happening, doesn't mean it's 100% set in stone. if it does happen, just know that most people i've met who have a stoma are completely fine with it. you clean it and replace the bag every day, which you get used to fairly quickly. the only thing really annoying about it is the possibility of getting a hernia due to the damaged stomach muscles, so you can't lift heavy things and stuff.
so yeah. it's not fun but it's not really completely life-altering either. you just need to change some habits and adapt.

also, good luck to you to and sorry for my ESL post

not enough, not after what said

probably if it causes pain somehow
though ive been playing manhunt recently
your condition isnt very sexual more gruesome

Hey man thanks I wish you the best

You will have the cleanest asshole, ideal for breeding.

what website should i use to do this? how do i manage to stay anonymous?
also, should i eat certain foods? depending on what i eat, the color and consistency changes, some things like sesame seeds come out completely undigested. do scat fetishists have some sort of standard when it comes to the shit they like?

I have a urostomy. Never thought of monetizing it. I have a hard time meeting guys. It skeeves them.

At what point do you decide its time to let natural selection take its course?

What does it feel like to stick a finger inside of your new asshole?

that really sucks, i completely understand your situation. thankfully i already had a gf before this happened, but ever since i got the stoma i haven't let her see me with my shirt off, i just don't want to give her that mental image.
i'm sorry i don't have any good advice or anything. the only thing i could suggest are those bandages made for all sorts of stomas. some are to prevent hernias, but others are completely cosmetic and just cover the bag. it just looks like wearing a towel around your waist.

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Jackpot if that guy happens to be Jeff Bezos

Do you ever squeeze the bag and poop back and forth?

difficult to describe, but exactly like you would imagine it feeling. i clearly felt the finger going into my stomach. i'm pretty sure i'm slightly traumatized from this whole ordeal, my brain just hasn't been the same for the last few months, something broke

I had ulcerative colitis, used a similar one for a few months

I was thinking of getting one.

I'm not gonna lie and I don't say this to be rude, I would rather kill myself than have this, it's just not worth it

i've been thinking about that a lot lately, but since this is only supposed to be temporary, i have some hope left. i wouldn't know how to cope otherwise. but as i said earlier, literally everyone else i've talked to who has the same issue is super happy with it. some have it because of colon cancer and they're just happy to be alive and not shitting blood anymore, others have had a colitis or crohn's and they're happy they can finally eat what they like and not have to worry about shitting their pants anymore.

human sexuality is so fucking weird. odds are if it exists, there's someone who gets off to it.

and to add to that, i'm a fucking sad emo wimp. for any real man, having a colostomy bag would just mean a change in habits. instead of wiping your ass, you wipe your stomach pussy once a day. it's literally just a minor inconvenience, if you're really head strong


You say that, but it's amazing what people can get used to

that's hot

Just out of curiosity, whats at your ass? Is it stitched shut?

no, that's a possibility for some severe cases, but since my colon is still fully intact and just "shut down" for now, it's all normal and active, just no feces going there. every few days i poop out some liquid from my real asshole that accumulated in there.

Ok. Also when you clean your abdominal anus, does it hurt or feel wierd? Pretty sure the intestines arent meant to be touched. Or do you get used to it. Also how much work goes into maintaining it in healthy and proper condition?

I wanted to fuck one of.those back in college but the girl was concerned it would kill her.

can you stick a q-tip in it?

Can't swallow guy here,. Jeez OP, wish you the best.

Bruh people on jail pay You to let them fuck that thing, of course outside it have money potential

the colon itself has no sense of touch, i just feel some light pressure when i touch it while cleaning.
i basically take off the bag like a big band-aid, then use wet gauze pads to clean on top of and around the stoma and then put the new bag on top of it after cutting a circular hole the same size as the stoma in its adhesive part. takes like 5-10 minutes.
other than that, i empty the bag three to four times a day.

rightfully so

i guess i could. there's actually two holes there. sometimes, when the last part of the colon gets removed, people only have one hole which is the end of their colon. mine is like if you took a garden hose and cut it open halfway and then bent it outwards. you have two holes, one where the water comes through and the other one just empty. that's what i have.

i have problems swallowing too

Make a twitter/tumblr/find a kink site and advertise it. You will find your crowd, or just google "stoma fetish" or anything of the like. Hop in the community, offer custom content for a price

does it just go in the bag or do you need to push?

how much

I had a Stealth Belt to hold it in place. I was very open and honest to everyone I knew and took it in stride.

You speak the truth. Cancer and bad disease for me. Bastard cost me a lot of money and life just to be cut out.ymdej

At least you will never have constipation. Plus you can do anal too.

I haven’t read the thread yet, but my idea is that you wait for E3 or something that needs are overly invested in. Wait for some kind of “disappointing” announcement and pretend to get really upset, and then act like something went wrong with your body in response to it and that happens. You can use your imagination. something about the Nintendo switch or whatever.

Man OP I am really sorry for you, I hope you are doing okay

Do it for the bread my boy!!

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