Which country has the cutest guys?

Which country has the cutest guys?

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madagascar for sure

Never thought I'd hear an African country

England, has a lot of hot twinks and femboys

Highly concentrated though. Not spread out sadly


Israel. Specifically tell Aviv

Sweden or one of the scandinavian countries prob

Alot of parts only have ugly guys sadly

white is right

What parts have ugly guys? The vast majority that I see I really wanna fuck, and I live in what I can only assume is the worst part of the country for finding guys my age, especially gay ones.

meds. specifically yours need to be taken.
ywnbaw, kys goytranny.

What part you at?

So London, where it's all somalians rite?

London can't even be considered England anymore. Like 20% British kek.

On a remote island, nothing but farmland and old guys here lol

Must be exciting kek, old wrinkly cock. I think I've just got the curse of being in but fuck middle of nowhere aswell. Finding a blonde twink round here to suck me off feels somewhat nieche

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I recently met a really cute bisexual femboy. Only problem is that I met him normally, not through Grindr or anything, so he's like, actually a normal person.

I've spent some time with him and I like him a lot, unsure if I can successfully score some butt-fuckery with him or not though. He has a super curvy ass so I'm really hoping I can get in on it, but I've never heard him once ever bring up anything sexual, so IDK how into that he'd be.

I consider myself an introvert and I'm usually horny as fuck kek. Some people just need it unleashed through someone, maybe try being abit flirty, slap his ass and little things like that

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In my experience it's not by country it's by environment. I live in a college city and we have all sorts of hot / cute / fem / twink / otter guys here. A lot of them are only here for college and are living away from home too, so it's their first time getting to "experiment" in a place where people they know aren't likely to run in to them.

I don't really think he'd appreciate a butt slap, he's like, extremely new to being a fag. I guess I'll try and steer the convo into light flirty/horny talk and see if he seems interested or not. It's hard to talk to him because whenever I'm looking at him I can't focus on what he's saying because I'm just imagining myself clapping his cheeks.

be pretty forward dude, he'll let you know if he's not into it. Have you told him you think he's cute?

Must be nice kek, getting your dick sucked sounds easy as ordering pizza

No, I kinda regret it. He opened up about his identity as a femboy, which was an easy opportunity for me to compliment his looks, but I fucked it up and didn't really say anything.

I might try and start up a convo about identity again if I can do it naturally, then try and find a way to compliment him through that. I did compliment basically everything else about him tho, just didn't comment on his appearance.

Try just braking the touch barrier. Play with his hair. Bump him, rest your hands on his shoulders and so I'm. I'm sure he'll be trying to gobble your dick in no time

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It kind of is, and when I was younger I used to do stuff like that. Alas I am in my mid twenties now. A weathered old man that wants to settle down with a cute dependent twink.

Just wave money Infront of one kek, I'm sure you could pick any out so long as you have a decent budget and looks

yeah, obviously avoid bert staring him and telling him he has beautiful eyes, totally sounds like the right idea working it into a conversation.

also this. and booze. have a drink or two, give him a hug, tell him he'd look cute in a dress. bam.

He's had a bad experience previously with being harassed and potentially attacked, I feel like that'd just make him feel really uncomfy. I guess I'll just try and be as friendly as possible and maybe slightly flirty and just hope he wants to get close to me. I'm not really socially competent enough to be the one to make the move, I'd probably make him really uncomfortable.

I don't drink and I don't really wanna assume he's comfortable with hugs. Though if I can make it come up naturally, yeah I'll try and tell him he'd look good in a dress.

Do you know of any fetishes he may have or something?
Maybe try and see if you can turn him on without doing anything to him per se. Bend over, jack off with an open door. Shower in a way where he can peep if he wants to. Give him lewd openings

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Nah he's really not that type of guy. He's never said anything remotely horny or sexual, at least from my experience with him.

I only fantasise about topping him because he has a good ass but I genuinely have no clue whether he'd even be into bottoming, even if I could score some sex with him. I just don't really know how long I should get to know him for before trying to find out what sexual stuff he likes, if anything. We've only interacted a few times so far. Most I've done was spend 2 hours round his place.

Maybe see if he ever checks you out. Wear pants where the outline of your dick is easily seen

I don't really have anything like that. I think my best option is probably to just slowly work a conversation into sex stuff naturally?

I do really like him as a person. I don't wanna risk losing a potential friendship because I'm trying too hard to get in his pants.

I get what you mean user, but imagine losing the possibility of blowing that back out aswell. That plap plap

You said he only came out recently, you can always just talk about LGBT stuff with him. On the one hand you're being friendly and helping him out. But in the other it could lead to other things

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Yeah that's a pretty good plan. He seems very interested in the topic too (I noticed he had books about LGBT stuff at his place), so I'm sure he's wanna talk about it. Just not sure how to transition from identity/LGBT issues to asking if he likes it up the butt lol

Maybe talk about guys kek, how he realized he liked em and so on. Just a sorta friendly chit chat to get him to open up about it. So you can open up his cheeks


Hmm yeah that's a good idea. I guess asking him how he realised he likes guys is inevitably gonna become sexual, and it'd be a good way to see how interested he is in talking about sex too. I'll probably leave it until we're a little more familiar with eachother, just in case its a bit too soon, but I think I'll probably go with that approach.

I really wanna open up his cheeks, it's all I can think about since I met him. He doesn't seem like the kinda guy who'd do casual sex so if anything was gonna happen we'd probably have to date, which I'm more than fine with, just gotta hope for the best I suppose.

I assume you won't wanna drop a pic of him. But if you had to compare him to a character what does he look like?

and yeah, I'm sure it'd help with his confidence aswell. If he just came out he'll probably enjoy someone to talk about it with. The ins and outs and whatnot

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Shit I really can't think of one. He has dark blond hair and cute nerdy glasses. He's tall and has a super curvy body. I can't really think of any characters like that, if you think of any feel free to post lewds of them lol, you have awesome porn taste

republic of the congo

>Anons and the nerd sitting in a tree f u c k i n g

Best of luck to you user. I wish more guys were after my butt like you're after his kek

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Thanks! I'll try my best to get that booty

Also got ass pics? I'm sure your butt is worth going after

Probably abit hairy for bottoming kek, I think we'd just have to have a sword fight. Goodluck on the hunt with your guy though. Seems like we both wanna pile drive blondes

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There's always articles aswell, some maybe shit bit there'll always be one or two with decent tips

I think I did most of this? Probably could have been better at keeping conversations going, and my arms were resting on the table rather than at my sides though.

I was definetely smiling and making eye contact a lot though, and was wearing my goth clothes

Have you tried winking at him and little things like that?

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I feel like that might be a bit on the nose. It seems like he's still figuring things out, I don't wanna over-step boundaries by being too flirty, especially since we basically only just met.

Not sure if there's any ways to suggest interest in him without being overly flirty, just so I don't need end up making him uncomfortable.


Well, I commend you for being able to play the long game user. But hey, atleast him recently coming our means he's a virgin. So you're gonna play the role of the good friend, talk about LGBT stuff with him. Get him to accept himself more. Maybe a pride event in June. And you know that slowly but surely you're working towards a tight as fuck asshole whose first visitor will be you

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I sure fucking hope so. I'd give anything to get between those cheeks right now. I'm so infatuated with him it hurts.

Practice for the future user, you could always have a wank imagening what you'll do to him

the cutest boys come from wales, actual boys id have sex with

I'm jerking off while thinking of him right now ah ha

I'd love to release a fat load all over his face

no, he's right, israel has the highest concentration of gays, and as jewish culture is a sociopathic hysterical matriarchy, the ambient increase in degeneracy and estrogen poisoning these last few decades means that jewish moms are all stark raving unhinged perverts, which produces an exceptionally high concentration of fragile cuteboi twinks

Would you be rough with him? String him up like a slut and spank him with a belt

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Well, in my fantasies, absolutely.

Definetely don't get the impression he'd be into kinky shit like that though, I feel like if I actually get to fuck him it'd be pretty vanilla. Not that I'd mind, it'd be really passionate because I love him a lot.

If he is secretely into kinky shit that'd be fucking awesome though.

Vanilla can be quite aswell though. Imagine if he tells you to be gentle only for you to fuck him like a rabbit

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Sounds hot, but I definetely wanna prioritise making him feel good rather than making me feel good. I'd lay him down on his stomach and be as slow as possible when I insert myself, and I'd just slowly move my hips back and fourth on his command. I imagine I'd jerk him off to.

Would also love to eat out his ass and get a good smell of it too ~

You should show him whose boss though.

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Ehh, he's a precious angel, I just wanna make him feel as comfy and good as possible. Maybe after we've already fucked a few times I'll start to dominate his ass more though ah ha

This is all assuming that I get to have sex with him and that he'd even be a bottom though. For all I know I'd be the one bottoming lmao

You sound determined. I'm sure you'll pull through, before you know it you'll be sliding his boxers off

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dude, a little faggot cuteboi twink like that is literally swimming in torrid rape fantasies every night
once you've got access to him, you will need about 3 seconds of suggestions to have him be your free-use bdsm fuck toy
sauce; I've used a few

Well I certainly hope so, but I don't wanna assume too much and end up potentially ruining my friendship with him. I'm prioritising him as a friend rn, and will hopefully move on to a relationship/buttfucking if he's into it.

I think next time we hang out I'm gonna try and pry some information about what's into sexually, but only if I can do it naturally. He's only ever dated girls before and IDK if he ever even had sex with any of them, if he did he hasn't spoken about it to me.

Maybe Get to know some of his friends aswell. If you buddy buddy some of them than maybe they can help you get that ass

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The only mutual friend we have is the one I was introduced to him through.

It's kind of weird. He said he wants to distance himself from him because he made him uncomfortable, but he also said he has a crush on him?

I wasn't sure how to take that when he told me.

I Would like to have some fun with a cute guy. I wish i looked nicer

Hmm, well maybe just do pseudo dates with him. Take him to get food and stuff like that without calling it a date
So long as you're well hung don't give up