You do know that there is no god, right?

You do know that there is no god, right?

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How do you know there is not a God

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No evidence for one.
All evidence to the contrary.

This is more than good enough to establish a rational baseline.

Yeah, fuck all those atheist faggots that walk door to door to spread their nonexistant dogma, how dare they say they are atheists after you ask them to come to your church or when they laugh at you when you audibly talk to your imaginary friends.
All the tv shows and all the atheist politicians not to mention the rampant indoctrination and discrimination against christians.

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sit down fedora burger... Nobody is forcing you to do anything and yes atheism is a stupid fucking dogma.
If you believe something without evidence, you're retarded. As far as I know, atheists and theist both believe something without proof. You're equally retarded, opposite side, of the same coin. You've just chosen the contrarian take because mummy didn't buy you a gameboy advance.

We do not know if there is a god, but we do know that there is not a loving christian god.

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>As far as I know, atheists and theist both believe something without proof.
You are either atheist or theist, there is no middle ground, im afraid you've fallen for the strawan fallacy, just because every non-atheists says that atheists are sure there is no god doesnt mean that this is their actual position.
im agnostic atheist, im not convinced either way, agnostic means im not certain and atheist means im not convinced.

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Im so tired of these strawmans

>This is more than good enough to establish a rational baseline.
nope. That's good enough to establish a different church.
Science does not assume something they cannot prove does not exist. They don't assume it exist either. They leave it as unconfirmed.
What Science ABSOFUCKINGTIVELY doesn't do, is claim that because the other guy can't prove, it's proof enough that it doesn't exist.

What I love with atheist is that you attempt to have the lingo of reasonable studied men, but because you're just just pissed off burgertrash with little to no education, the best you can do is "be differently religious though ignorance and venerate science like a god!", instead of using the fucking axioms of scientific method.

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Not being convinced that claim A is true, does not mean you have to be convinced that the oppoite claim B is true.
Aka, not being convinced that a god exists, doesnt mean one is automatically convinced that there are no gods, we just dont know, we dont have enough evidence to come to a definate conclusion, why is this so hard for people?

What a stupid fucking post. The world isn't black and white but you being an atheist and using le sceiene to justify any action you take is pure cringe.

You are god, and you exist.

>You are either atheist or theist, there is no middle ground,
And I'm afraid you are wrong. I didn't come here to debate your room-temp ass on the MANY fallacies you claim to know while not seeing the very select few you apply and choose to ignore.
Basic shrodinger's cat proves, scientifically, that a state of ignorance regarding the state of a discovery, does not prevent or encourage that discovery.
In the meantime, science will not status on god. It may exist, It may not, It may be impossible to prove that, while god exist, we could confirm it is god and every fucking state in between. All of this, sceintific. Not philosophical, not based in belief. Just pure scientific method.

Please take your 3rd grade understanding of absolute Booleans and leave the god question to actual scientists.

I will assume, given the quality of the reasoning I'm addressing the same poster.
>y u insult?
because this
>we dont have enough evidence to come to a definate conclusion, why is this so hard for people?
apart from the typo, is basically a self-defeating proof, that atheism is a "belief".

>The world isn't black and white
I would agree, but god either does exist or not and you are either conviced he exists or not, this is not complicated.
>using le sceiene to justify any action you take is pure cringe.
Wtf does this even mean?
You are using science to justify your actions every day.

>I would agree, but god either does exist or not and you are either conviced he exists or not, this is not complicated.
>tell me you've never studied the completeness of mathematical question, but without telling me...
Your conviction is irrelevant. And no. Things can exist, but be impossible to prove that they do. Meaning that it's not "that simple"
Unless you're 14 and you know everything of course.

Take this as an opportunity to learn you're dumb and do better next time.
Or save your fragile ego and stay wrong.

How does deciding on any of this set you free anyway?
God or no god? Real or simulation? Good or evil?
Reality exists on both a spectrum and a binary at once.


>God isnt real

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>And I'm afraid you are wrong.
And I'm afraid you are using a different definition of atheism, which i dont fall into, i still call myself an atheist because every self defined atheists i know or have even heard of uses the word in the same way, i suggest you figure out that words dont have meanings, they have usages and then make a better attempt at trying to agree on how words are used, because if this is not done we might aswell be speaking in different languages.

Claim A = There is a god
I am not convinced that claim A is true, i have not seen any evidence
Claim B = There are no gods
I am not convinced that claim B is true, i have not seen any evidence
theist=belief in god
I call myself an atheist because i am without belief in god and someone that is convinced there are no gods i would call an anti-theist, what part of this do you disagree with?

Well I saw Jesus christ


>Things can exist, but be impossible to prove that they do.
We should not believe things we cannot prove and this claim itself is something you cannot prove, so why should i believe you?

English is my third language, did you have anything to add?

Well said.

There is no evidence that there is not one.


Did you believe in him?

If God doesn't exist then how are there still Christians living today?

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You already tried this psyche OP

Why do you think that your favourite god is any different from any character in any fiction book ever written?

God has all the power, knows everything, is good.

How can children have cancer?

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>As far as I know, atheists and theist both believe something without proof
You have clearly demonstrated your ignorance here. Educate yourself


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> problem of evil
our concepts of evil and bad are entirely based on our perception of reality, that is to say within time.
in our reality, there is before a thing, the thing actively happening, and after the thing.
This means we generally judge if something was bad on the outcome. We also judge on "motives" - what the expected outcome was at the time, and we would sometimes say an act was good even if it had a bad outcome so long as it was done anticipating a good outcome.

Now try to conceptualise good and evil outside of time. Without motive, or before and after. Actions and motives no longer exist, things simply are good or bad.

This is how God would exist, outside of time. God does not "act" within time. God exists outside of time, and has no actions or motivations. God simply is, and is not "good" or "evil" by our understanding.

Quads of Ultimate Truth!

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God is simply a primordial being and their intentions are far beyond anything we can comprehend.

Not for you anyway.


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What a shit tier answer, there either is a god or there isnt, you dont get your own subjective god, you instead get your own subjective delusions, dont pretend the 2 are equal.

Shut the fuck up nigger, do you think I care about your zoomer opinion. Kys

Obviously you care atleast a little, why else would you continue to respond?
If your goal is to not care, you might want to try a little harder.

Rise from the deep or drown in it.

Define god already

Kill yourself and meet God for yourself.

we are all god, but be careful they killed jesus when he found out

Keep coping my friend, surely its better than finally being free of your fear of hell that was forced on you when you were a child.

Kys newfag

you dont know that there isn't one. I'm not saying either way. Bullying the stupid christians doesnt make you cool

Come on man, if you want to troll atleast put some effort into it, your shit is pathetic.

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Check out hermetic philosophy

Read The Kybalion.

Newfags don't deserve my effort, continue to cope with your crippling depression and suicidal tendencies zoomer

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But newfags deserve your time?
I would feel ashamed spending my time posting such low quality bait for all to see.

Kill yourself already

well nobody knows so its smart to at least be agnostic..

there is many weird things in our world, like the impossibly same size of the moon and the sun from our vantage
7 chakras of humans, 7 harmonic frequencies of the earth
the shroud of turin is pretty trippy
pyramids all over the world

the bible is mostly dog shit tho
but the echo's of our ancestors were trying to tell us something

currently i think the earth itself is a god, or gigantic creature we are cells of and the cosmos itself is an even bigger 'god'
there are things beyond our understanding

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Yes, of course, everybody knows, but not everybody is strong enough to admit it.

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No, i dont even believe in god, but you do, so what the fuck is stopping you from ending your miserable existance to start infinite bliss in heaven?

On the contrary, there is all the evidence you ever needed that God existed literally slapping you across the face every single day with warmth and life-giving energy.

Humans like you will struggle their entire life to find God because their mind has become so clouded and their eyes so blinded that they can't see the very light traveling through their eyes for what it is.

God is light, and in him there is no darkness at all.

He is here with us in a very physical sense, staring down upon us, wrapping and embracing us in every conceivable sense and direction. We are born of light. We consume the light, and one day we will ALL return to the light.

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Burden of proof fallacy