And just like that, the left is ok with horse pills

And just like that, the left is ok with horse pills.

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So is your point that the left finally got on board with self medicating with horse meds, or that its always a ridiculous option and now the left is making the same mistakes the right made?

Dont strain yourself, sweetie. Its just a meme.

You have vaccines dumbass. You chugged livestock deformed because you aren't a "sheep" remember?

No, the left isn't okay with horse pills, but as the right are about to take away all the safe, medically sound options, this is all that's left

the difference is that when the right were taking horse medication, they did it despite there being safe, freely available, better options.

The right chooses horse medication, the left has to be forced

Livestock dewormer*

Not user, but the covid horsepaste was at least an approved human treatment, just sold with a different label. Is this other thing approved for any human use?

I did what now? When did this happen?

rightoids make me long for the days of neon haired feminists because at least they stayed on their own fucking site

Not to mention that the drug they were hoarding was also used for people with a rare disease and those people die without it but "muh pro life" right?

>safe, freely available, better options.
You mean like that option that causes mysterious higher-than-unjabbed all-cause mortality? That option?

OP here. Ivermectin comes in human form and has been approved for use in humans for over 70 years. Have a nice day.

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Go back to Tumblr then.

What is cytotec OP? Google that real quick for me and tell me what is in that human medicine?

>the right are about to take away
They're taking away nothing. The states can always vote to allow abortions. Stop spreading misinformation. All Roe vs Wade did was force abortions onto state governments. States can and always have been able to legalize abortions on their own.

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Dont have to google to spot a false equivalence.

It's only existed since the 70s and was approved for human use in the 80s as an antiparasitic only.


disregarded for being a faggot, didn't even read

Yet retard republicans take it seriously

both these meds have human versions of them

Lol yet they ate the horse paste anyway cause Facebook told them to.

Majorities are not permitted to vote down the rights of minorities, which is exactly what RvW guaranteed. No different than a white majority voting that blacks can't live in their state.

>being this triggered

you could take quinine and induce an miscarriage, it was a common concern for malaria ridden countries.

TIL taking things seriously makes one somehow retarded.

Well that is why the states is an embarrassing shithole country that has failing infrastructure, the highest number of incarcerated people, very little clean drinking water left and an uneducated population: a psychotic delusion of self determination at every level...don't like what is best for the country? Make some loophole at the state level. Is that loophole affecting your business? Close it at the county level. Can't dump your trash because of the county? Drive outside the county and light tires on fire. Don't like the burning tires in your unincorporated libertarian paradise? Good thing they don't have cops...hunt your fellow "most free people on earth" for sport.

You are an embarrassing rabid mutt and you are just butthurt that the rest of the same world isn't spraying the same shit everywhere.

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Except it never actually was horse dewormer. People were getting the human version, the guy who claimed they had treated people for it got fired and his hospital said it was a lie. The original story that started the entire controversy was made up. Stop believing made up crap

We see here in real time someone trying to convince themselves of made up bullshit.
Take your horse medicine and shut up lefty cuck

Jealous of what exactly? Use your words and not some copy and paste meme if your gouty fingers will allow it. Try not to exert your 700 lb frame Kyle.

No it causes abortions. I hope these retards mix the pills and kill themselves that would be hilarious a bunch of whores dropping dead

Kek yeah duh retard, are all rightwingers this fucking stupid?

>The right chooses horse medication, the left has to be forced
Look at you complaining of being forced to do things you dont want to do. Payback is a bitch, eh?

Lol third world cuck stay jealous

Yeah sure buddy. And people never died from eating fish tank cleaner either or huffing bleach fumes.

"It's a psychotic delusion, the Americans hunt people for sport! They have no laws and no drinking water!" You sure it's not you who is deluded?


Whores and sluts are super angry rn. Pretty funny.

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I'm sure your dad did shortly before you were born but that's doesn't mean anyone else has. Try making up a real argument leftoid

Jealous of what you inbred subhuman? List 5 things to be jealous of.

No. Keep seething lol.

Retard rightwingers deliberately overlook the fact that it will actually work

You have the worst gun violence in the world. Most niggers in Africa are less violent than an average shart in mart. Americans are objectively worse than niggerz

You can't. You have fuckall to be proud of

Congratulations on your bold plan of breeding more niggers and white trash.

Not my plan but thanks.

States rights are states rights. And abortion is not mentioned in the US Constitution.


Now the real argument appears, what it is actually about: eugenics

Nigger lovers

If you want to do a dysgenic speed run into being a nation of chimps just say so.

hypocrisy. Democracy is okay until it impinges on the Left's goals? You either have higher principles or you don't.

Grow up, you tard. I'm actually for people having legal abortions, but 65 million abortions in the last 50 years is ridiculous and big government is ridiculous, too.

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If it aborts nigs, then we don't need approval for human use

How can you legislatively legalize infant murder?

>just a meme

And suddenly they are all about "my body my choice" again. I hope some anti vaccine mandate protesters are there with them at the Supreme Court, I am sure they are welcomed with open arms.


Retard Republicans are a minority and should be treated like so

In America horse medication is a highly charged, left v right, political topic.

I'm gonna go get myself a poop horse.

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There's no yet. Its a a med for people

They didn't eat the med for people though, retard


It was from an article describing the depth people sink to when getting abortions in red states.

Of course taking animal medicine is fucking bonkers.

And just like that, the right thought taking animal medicine was crazy.

Look at the size of em, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

user, don't you get it? Only the left is allowed to change their minds as many times as they please to suit their agenda.

>My body , my choice
>Take the vax or else
You lot proved that slogan was invalid last year.
So cope and fucking seethe, baby killer.