Does this arouse you?

Does this arouse you?

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Not really.

kill yourself furry fucking waste of space.

not only is it gross
but it also looks really painful

No, only dysfunctional people are into fucking lesser animals.

Kinda, but not really.

why does western cartoon porn always look so unrefined and ugly and with those retarded orgasm faces

Also what the fuck is the story line in that picture?
A man drawn to look like a woman gets dominated by a dog and people around him not only accept it, but are amused by it?
Nothing like that would ever happen in real life and whoever made that is mental illness levels of delusional.


>Not horse

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Same levels of not sexy user, the disdain you feel at user liking dogs, is what the rest of us feel at you guys being into animals.

hmm... No, not really.

>with animals

let me guess, you are white

Only cartoon animals. IRL animals can't consent.

You get one gram of a respect for not raping animals.



Yes hnnng

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This is somehow worse than when a human is drawn in there fucking the horse.
I mean lesbian deer and horses? Do they even have that.

Lesbianism does exist in the animal kingdom, like among cheetahs.

Sure, but interspecies lesbianism?

I think it should feel good in the bag, but the butt too... And clean. Goood and clean . I love dog dick

Yes. I want to get a male dog eventually. Once he is old enough one of his rewards for being a good boy will be fucking my ass

Vagina not bag or bagina(?)

You're ill.

Hello groomer, planning on raping dogs I see.

female dogs too but a strap-on like for her to feel in charge and find her a husband or let her play hump me and be nice to her. But yes male dogs... Dude

Let's siriously hope not all the way!!!

Yes. Deal with it :)

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Can op really blame American anime?

Dog rapist. You are incapable of loving an animal correctly.

Those feels man

Distain .. heh .. the board platter


Yeah but dude duuuuude!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stuffed animals!!!!!!!!!!

There is no correct way retard. You are not the authority on anything.

Sure I am, I just declared myself the arbiter of loving animals and people who fuck animals don't love them, they're merely rapists.

Cool story bro..

I somehow have to back you up

Why not

Then I agree really hard
Also golden dogs

Dick dicks everywhere

Doggy wants what doggy wants sorry pal. You'd have to be a real dog-hating piece of shit not to let Fido get some ass when he wants it

wtf is this stoopid gay shit?!

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Some people have weird assss names for dogs bro

Yeah I'd never name a dog Fido. Sounds ridiculous. I'd use a proper name, like Beans

Nah, dogs like knowing their spot in the pack, how can you be their alpha if you make them fuck you?
You're confusing your dog, all because you want to selfishly rape it.

Yes, the dog has nothing to do with it tho, it'd be better if that was another human

Tell me about it!!!! This is just the tip of the iceberg. There's like diaper play costumes and romance..
>What is this shit!!!!

Cool story bro

Maaaad Respect bro!!!!!!!!!

Find a furry boyfriend to fuck you, pls don't get sexual with your dog. Even if all you're doing is allowing it to hump you, you're still essentially telling it that it's the alpha, which will cause bad behaviour.

Parrots can.

>make them fuck you
No-one is forcing anything

Define.... Selfishly rape. As aposed to like ... Genirusly rapeing .. or angrily raping....
Like if god raped it would be lovingly rape... siriously dude mind blow

Flags are gaaaaay female dogs thread fur fagss can't triforce lol

Fair enough. I'll go abuse someone elses dog then

Nah, just grooming and that is just as bad.

Okay bro.

Trans are gay

Too bad so sad. You'll never stop me. I'm going to rape and groom ALL the dogs

True that

Power to the people

I hope you try to groom a pitbull and get your junk eaten off.

Being in love with a tranny isn't gay, enjoying sex with a tranny is gay though. I think trannies kind of thrive on having bisexual partners.

Okay, maybe all dogs except the nigger dogs