in 1981...

> in 1981, Japanese cannibal Issei Sagawa invited Dutch woman over his place for dinner where he proceeded to shoot her and cut up her body parts

What are your thoughts Yea Forums?

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I'm thinking if I work for postmates I should be able to claim sneakers as a business expense on my taxes.

Pretty fucked man.


Eh, still fuckable

They should have gotten more then 2

i would have invited her over and eaten her too but i would have kept her alive so i could still eat her everyday

Are you, by any chance, jewish?

β€œI touch the cold body again and I wonder where I should start. I start to cut off all the meat before amputating the limbs. While I cut her calf I suddenly want to taste it. I see the beautiful red meat beneath the fat. I grasp her knee and her ankle, and tear it with my teeth. It is tender. I slowly chew and savor it.”

β€œIt had no smell or taste, and melted in my mouth like raw tuna.”

~ Issei Sagawa

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I watched an interview with this man and his story is pretty fucked up
Due to legal loopholes, he managed to never get any legal sentence and is free to this day


Is that an innuendo or would you try to rely on her body's healing to get more meat?

Oh hell no.

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Why would you watch this shit nigga?

That is a crazy thing to do and anyone who does it should probably be in prison until they die of natural causes.

Compared to Armin Meiwes he's just boring.

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Trips checked.

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he's not notably creepy for a Jap? I mean look at them, swarming piefaced yellow rats

Wtf he hardly eat any of her! ofc if she Dutch probably twice as tall as him

Yeah pretty fucked, people can be monsters.

He's notably creepy even for japan.. plus, he's free and roaming around now because of law loopholes as stated

Forgot pic

It's pretty sad that he didn't get tortured and executed for this

This is not literally true but it's close enough to be harshly amusing.

I'm autistic

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What does your autism have to do with anything?

He is a very small statured man.

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More than anything it makes me wonder about the strength of Japanese family obligation and how completely his father knew what he was.

it's pretty fucked.
but why did he waste so much meat? she looks rotten.

Wasn't her head detached from her body?

If I remember correctly a porn director made a porn video with this dude and a girl, without telling the actress about his story. He revealed it afterwards, even showing the girl the pictures of his murder, and the girl cried.

had to hold something over, dude's a necrophile

>80s Japan

What do you think the second picture is?

>I'll tell you why Paulie, it's cause they're burning in hell.

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>business expense

>That's good Chrissy.

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are you fucking white supremacist gonna make a big deal out of a japanese guy eating ONE dutch women. Do you know how many people die of covid everyday? It's more than one. In fact, you could multiply that by a thousand

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>Tone I don't mean to interput but Hesh just called, he'd like a word.

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It's crazy how he went free

How are you making this racist?
Op was wondering what we think about cannibals and you come in here acting like cannibalism is okay if it isn't a white person doing it.
Are you so gung ho on fighting white supremacy that you will condone cannibalism?

What's crazy is this porno company hired a whore to suck n fuck him, then sat them both down afterwards to talk to him about his crime.

The look on her face is about the deepest disgust and betrayal you'll ever see, and they did it to catch that.

Everytime I see/hear of this story, it makes my mouth water for some reason.

Bruh you can't have taken his post seriously eat adick fuck nigga ong.

Oh so you were just pretending to be retarded.

>What'd you say?

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>He said Hesh just called and he'd like a word.

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>Thanks Paulie.

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>Lobster Mafia Retention Ultima Tri

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>Are you so gung ho on fighting white supremacy
Gung ho as a strawman can be, bredrin.

Don't stop believing, Tony.

let's relive the magic

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Gung ho means highly motivated user or overly enthusiastic user.
That user was too enthusiastic in wanting to fight white supremacy, to the point of condoning cannibalism if a Japanese person did it.

One less crackeroid in the world
Couldn't give less of a shit, good on that Jap dude


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What's with the racists condoning cannibalism in this thread?

You reap what you sow after people of your race spend years on this board calling for genocide and mass killings of anyone who doesn't share your skin color.

Oh so people who look like me, having an opinion that I don't share, still allows you to hate on me based on your associating me with them?
You're hella racist user.

If your sister slept with a black male, how would you feel?

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I'd feel sorry for my brother in law and mad at my sister for cheating on him.
I'm not against miscegenation though, I'm already mixed.
I'm just pointing out that you are a huge hypocritical racist.

here's his interview

Mixed with what?

Technically it's all Danish, but my great great grandma was Danish Caribbean, so black mixed with Danish and a smidgen of Native American.