You're at home, you hear a knock at the door and a car speed off

You're at home, you hear a knock at the door and a car speed off.
>open door
>see this
It's yours, dna test proves it.
>what do?

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sigh... *unzips pants*

Raise it as best I can and see if nurture over nature wins out. If male then he can help out with the physical labor around the house since they were pretty much bred for that. Teach as many practical skills from carpentry, plumbing and car maintenance to selfcare and healthy living. All in all try to raise a decent human being.

I dissect its corporeal form and as it succumbs to agony and I beckon to thee dark gods to torture its soul for eternity so all shall know the wrath of my hate

Woah woah!!! Don't do that!

Whats stopping me to just take the whole basket next door, ring on the doorbell and fuck off?

corrective rape at a young age is recommended if you want to rise a proper femboy.

You're doing the right thing, shame other darkies will call him a "coon" or "uncle tom" for having good morals/manners and not acting like a nigger

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How could you do something so cruel

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take it to the courts cause it's obviously a hoax,I didn't even have sex,ever

Nothing but the guilt that you're abandoning your own child when you know you should raise him
>you're no better than the shitty mother who put him at your doorstep

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You're a groomer, very bad.

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Well, I dont remember ever banging his mother, so there is a high chance someone else did the same thing with me, so in a way, I'm just keeping the tradition alive by passing him around

If it is a girl I would make a sex slave for the 12 first years of her life and then kill her

Your semen was perhaps stolen while you we're sleeping.

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But the dna test shows that it IS yours, you'd still give your son up?

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Its a boy, and that is terrible anyways

That just raises questions about how that might have happened, most likely it was faked to coax me into cooperation

Was the nigress at least hot? If not the kid will end up fugly too

You dont know, but lets assume yes.
It's half you, so hope you ain't ugly user

Oh, I am beauty incarnate. Boy just have to not fail his grades and he is set for life. I'll still kick him out the day he turns 18

Well there's a place to find the answer and proof

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You really think I'd go all of that hassle just to prove something I dont want to work with is mine or not? I'll dump the fucker one street away to some random guy's doorstep and take the dna test away if my name is on it.

so all shall know the wrath of my hate I said that. Nice drawing, btw.

That would suck. I obly make 20k a year

haha, now that's my son!

most fathers would disown their kid if that happened, you weirdo

I feel like a lot of fathers would either be happy for them or have sex with them

....not mine

it's 2022 dude, get with the times.

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I think I just achieved the happy ending. GG I won this thread

Raise him lovingly, but also with regular sex between us from the start, so that by the time he's in school not only do we have a naturalized sexual relationship, he'll also bring his friends home to have sex with us too.

How could you :(
Wouldn't you feel bad knowing your own son is out there without hia dad to guide him?

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You'd get a tax break for being a single father.

Certianly one of the most sane and rational options user

I'd probably lean on my mom a lot for parental stuff. as a white lady, she raised me and my sister (both mixed) well enough.

1-2 week and most likely I even forget the event happened. I did not grown any attachment to somebody who was with me for 3 hours at best. Besides, he now has another dad who will guide him, so I was not even needed in the first place

This might be the most diabolical answer yet. Shame on you user

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I love these drawings user.

lol, kid got a moustache

same, they just feel cosy, even when the theme is about grooming them, the drawings still look kind of innocent

Find his bitch of a mother, breed her over and over again

Your mom sounds like a good mommy user

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Nah thats just the large nigger lips

Mm, so much fun just walked in the door!

You sound like the average african american deadbeat dad with that kind of attitude :(

dont ruin my fun user, its funnier to see little mustache kid

Glad you like them user, love making little doodle threads where i can make little stories. (Also cause drawthreads are just cancer/drama)
Been trying to make a simple style thats easy on the eyes

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One more reason to dump him, so he ends up somewhere better. Its a win-win situation, and the best part is that he most likely will never know

The boys you draw are always easy on the eyes, fren.

I've seen so many of your threads over the years you've become like a staple of this board. We should've named you long ago, I vote for doodle-chan


What happens when I take my niglet and his shota friends to our bedroom? They might be a little tipsy from the wine?

Now that's an interesting answer

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Rip :'(

you are going from "not cool" category, to "jesus christ stop talking" category

if it's brown, flush it down

Alright calm dowm there user...
I go by satsun on Yea Forums, just try to make entertaining threads on Yea Forums
>also had threads where i doodled on a whiteboad
Should do that again sometime


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