This has pushed me to the left...

This has pushed me to the left. I don't think women should be able to be sued for going to another state for an abortion. Call me a baby killer or whatever, ill never be on board with you.

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>Call me a baby killer or whatever
You're a baby killer or whatever.

Dont go left, just realize that abortion is ethnic cleansing and own it

zero affect captain virtue signal

One of my progressive friends literally used this argument as why I as a conservative leaning libertarian should be pro abortion.

zero fuchs given.

>This has pushed me to the left.
You were already a leftest, don't come to 4chins and lie so blatantly like that. We all know you're full of shit because women are people, so just stop while you're ahead.

whatever you want to believe man

It's actually a good argument. And tell your "progressive" friend that the Progressive Party in the US was the vehicle for abortion and sterilization of blacks and jews in the US in the early part of the 1900's. And I have no idea why you, as a libertarian, should be against abortion. No one wants black kids, even black women and definately not black men. No reason to keep them around- we should just make it as simple and straightforward as possible.

You're either a simp or a cuck, so you were already a leftest. No one is convinced by your blatant lie, at least try to obfuscate it a little.

imagine switching to the pedophile party because you don't like that baby murder is gonna be stopped

pretty fucking apt if you ask me. have fun being arrested you pederast.

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>pedophile party

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Joe Biden is actually fucking insane. it's very telling that the left supports him when he does this shit. I wish we had Trump back, he actually tried to put a stop to it.

The invasion of Iraq (what Russia is doing to Ukraine now) or the Jan Sixth Insurrection weren’t enough?

You gave them permission to let this happen to your girl. You’re next unless you fight back.

Still, fuck you.

you arent convincing me

>We're using up resources at an exponential rate, if someone wants to make one less person I'm fine with it.
>I fuck a lot of women, and don't want to be a father.
>I see people everyday with children who shouldn't have them, just another room temperature iq tik tok little shit, why would I want more of them.
>1000 children not fetuses children die every day of c dif in India, because someone is shitting in their water supply. So either conservatives are saying the lives of Indian children matter less than unborn American ones or they don't care enough to lift a finger neither of which is very Christian

For all these reasons, I support abortion.

-self absorbed

for this reason I support aborting you.

Watch this faggot user

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Yeah most virgins are in support of abortion.

How can you call me wasteful considering all the cum your mother swallows.

>You're either a simp or a cuck, so you were already a leftest.
rightoids logic

>it's very telling that the left supports him when he does this shit.
The left don't support Biden, retard.
>Trump actually tried to put a stop to this shit
lol whatever helps you sleep at night buddy

>supposed to care about a fetus


who asked. you're 1 person

bro shit looks like an alien, am I supposed to be moved by this? If anything I want that creature dead, kill it with fire the little mutant fucker

Nobody does. You fell for the bait. This is all designed to bring the people leaving the democrat party back. In fact, your post is likely a plant.

better than the cum you dad takes in his ass?

Imagine defining yourself thru political labels. I pity your pathetic ass for having no personality to the point of using political buzzwords as a mean to define your personality.
What a fucking retard.

Yeah, more future democrats


I guess I could make a lot of money illegally driving women out of state.

I love every argument you make. I also support this for similar reasons.
Maybe if being sterile was required to qualify for welfare, it wouldn't be mandatory.


Isnt being overturned for any ideological comcepts, it was the wrong way to implement these policies that went against states rights to self govern. And avoided going to a vote through due process.

The proper way to pass this kind of legislation is at the state level, but even federal would be fine if it went through the legislative branch not judicial.

Who said people can be sued for going across state lines to get an abortions? The beauty of the US is you can choose where to live. Move to a state that lets you kill babies.

Basically another version of astronomy except more elitist

What does being left or right have to do with one issue? It's ok, you are allowed to have a take that isn't 100% in line with some perceived list of acceptable takes that one group supposedly has. Grown up time is approaching. Time to be mommy's big boy.

The poor doesn't pay taxes.

Wrong nigger.

I'm all for aborting this poster.

They proportionately pay more when dealing with fuel tax. Also, when dealing with tobacco tax, it's really fucking nuts.

Fines are a fee for rich people to break the law and poor to obey it.

no, its the rich who dont pay taxes
check your facts

Did anyone actually read the document?

that shit looks like every surgical procedure on the planet. you against heart surgery too?

KILL MY BABY KILL MY BABY (I need money for boob job)

A conservative leaning libertarian would realize that Roe v Wade prohibits the government from passing legislation banning abortion and would support the ruling but not any laws passed banning or allowing abortion because it would be none of the state’s business.

Depends on the recipient. I';d love if fatties and smokers paid the ultimate price by not getting any.

>Bill Maher
What a faggot

If we outlaw abortion we have to outlaw governmental monopolies on violence.

Just because a bunch of law nerds who idolize scalia and jerk off every day to his pics see overturning roe v wade as the pinnacle of a judges career, like a video game stage they have to beat, doesn't mean that lawmakers politicians and intransigent minorities of prolofers share their cynic views.roe vs wade about the proper way invoking the 14th amendment was the only way such a law could come to pass

Imagine telling someone in France that the have to move all the way to Albania to get an abortion after getting brutally raped. Texas is as big as 2/3 of Europe you fucking retard

There is no government monopoly of violence in burgerland if there was one shittenhouse would be rotting in prison

Bullshit. You were never on the right to begin with.

>fewer abortions
>more Nigro babies
>more mixed race babies due to rapes
>more nigros->more rapes
>the grand replacement will be finally completed

you should not be pro abortion, you should be anti anti-abortion

Good. It shouldn't be easy to murder a baby. Acting as if that argument is going to move us emotionally LMFAO THAT'S WHAT WE'RE TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH!

Why be so dramatic? You can disagree without having to be one side or the other. I lean right and disagree heavily with gov trying to control abortions.

Rothbard, the father of american lolbertarianism had claimed that a parent should and is not etically and morally required to be invested in the raising of his children

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We know that already elonite no matter how much you play coy when hiding behind legalism along with the other scaliafags

>this has pushed me to the left

Ohhh. that's why the jews push abortion so hard on the right. they think people give a shit about it.

>muh joos

republicans can't be taken seriously anymore.

Agreed, Bible types try to tell us all to support Israel to score points in heaven. Fuck them. Let it fall if it can't support itself.

Just think for a minute what's Jews want according to you magatards is to extinguish the white race. What better way is there to do that than banning abortion. Illegals and blacks have an increased birth rate compared to wasps. Repealing roe vs wade has always been every Jews dream

jews don't believe in heaven or hell. what the fuck?

the black and latin birth rates are actually lowering more than the white birth rate.

why are you gaslighting assholes always so wrong?

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