At a real low point right now, any one else?

At a real low point right now, any one else?

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It's okay user.

I'm at a high point financially and in my professional life but inside I'm regretting becoming trans

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No, you're so special, you're the only one in the world who's at a low point, no one has it bad as you, you're so unique.


I turned my whole shit around by doing a mixture of self-led CBT and reading about Buddhism. I'm completely centered now. 30 years of the depression cycle and now I'm like a rock.

Hello there, i literally cried to sleep at 3 am yesterday because i missed my dog who is at my mother's home

Yeah man, world is hooked on an economic system destined to fail, "life" as we used to know it is out of my price range, lonely and wondering why I'm still here.

Hit the tunes man, that shit makes you feel good

Most people are poor then they work hard and grow up and find a niche and then can afford material comfort. It's not just current_year.

Aw baby needs a bf to cuddle you and you'll feel better

>Hit the tunes
Any recommendations?

I have a bf, im still lonely though, i miss being a man

Nah man, not like this.
House prices are averaging $1m where I live, wages haven't increased in 15 years, indexation isn't keeping up with inflation so effectively a pay cut, 6 jobseekers for every available job.
I feel like the whole get old, get a house have a family thing is out of reach. I don't want to be a millionaire, I just want stability.

What are you in to?
I usually hit the heavy stuff, but I branch out a lot

Bruh nowadays both the husband and wife need to work to keep a family going, it isn't the 900s anymore whe a half time job could keep a family of 20 going

Cock and ball torture?

I've been trying to find new stuff. I was listening to a shit ton of rap and electro swing but I'm burned out on those. I'm think I want something softer, pleasant to listen to.

I miss the 900s too... Back in the day it was just plow the field, fight the Vikings, harvest, rinse and repeat.

"Work hard and you will succeed"
-The billionaire that got rich with daddy's money and gets more profit from the hard workers

Meant to be a cheeky reply to

Judging by the aggression you have won this competition. You are the most miserable, congratulations.

Thought about nu metal?

Shut the fuck up commie

I drink 2 pints of vodka daily to cope

You can reverse it, unless you have already cut your cock off, in that case, I'm sorry user.

You can make it through bro.
When you're at the bottom, the only way is up, time to enjoy life.
I believe in you.

Never listened to it, band recommendations?


Sad folk music

Dunno how to classify this, shoegazey

rock/doom metal, but very ethereal feeling

Dissociatives in musical form

Psychedelic droney stuff

Psychedelic doom, you can get lost in this

Outright self destructive sludge/blackened doom

How to tell a capitalist cuck has been domned: They start calling you commie


Deftones - Saturday Night Wrist
Absolute classic, less nu-metal than their early stuff, has a heap of shoegaze and post-rock influence

me too user.. me too..

Its either ...

Exercising (started at 5mins a day, now I can 3hours no break)
or sleeping

Yez is laughing at you right now. Thinking of what an ugly loser liar you were. She's sending me images of your disfigured gout foot ass.




I love you user.

God can't save you from your choices.

God never saved us from a damn thing.

I'm always at a low point. My best days are behind me.

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This is b, everyone is either fat or incel

so why can't we be friends? we're all on the same boat aren't we?

I dont know

I want things to be better for you, and for everyone else here.

well there is no god
nothing can not save you from anything

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Work out to vent the stress out
seek out new things/places/hobbies tp beat monotony
pass up on material conforts to readapt your joy-meter (hormone/brain bullshit)
talk to someone to validate your existence
'misplace' your phone for a day to break posible vicious cycles

God could intervene, but won't, because God gave us free will.

That image seems familiar

>when my mom ask why i cant get out of the house and get a job

i cant because god gave me free will

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It's been my life for the past 20+ years.

The charity will run out eventually.

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Arent you the guy who keeps editing that pic?

what charity

they are living on my inheritance for the rest of their life

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Also yeah, feeling kinda shit myself
29yo and still kissless, never had a gf, tinder is only good for overcoming that initial fear of talking to women, after that its just boring chats with small talk, an absolute dead end for me.

Nothing but to get fit and ataine more disposable outcome. Once i have that i'll look for a rural village and buy myself a bride, fuck inner city women

kick their asses

but it's still nice to love family and friends.

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You sound like an ausfag living in Melbourne.

I'm walmartanon.

>they are living on my inheritance
Oh, a reverse situation? Yeah, no. You're not a bank. Been there, done that.

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Nah but yea simultaneously. Since I stopped drinking my life has improved a lot both physically and mentally, I'm just glad I made it this far to be honest. My lowest I could've very easily ended it but I persevered. At this point I don't see myself as having low days because of depression, it's usually the same head space continuously

Things will get better user.

Post face and tits with timestamp

My mood today. I was listening to these.


Thats pretty cool looking walmartanon, thanks for sharing

I mean, even as an amerifag I feel bad about anyone living in that situation. at the very least there should be some care for that person

You're still a fat fuck with gout AND an UGLY FACE LIAR INCEL


My wife stopped sending me nudes from work recently because our cats are fighting a lot these days.