Dick rate thread

Dick rate thread

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rate mine

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8/10 would look good in my girlfriends mouth

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inb4 bottom butt bred reach around handbreeder shows up and fucks the thread up

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no hidden homo-erotic bs! NO ONE IN WORLD COMPARES DIX UNLESS ITS TO BE GAY! faggots

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0.000000000000000000000000001/10 handbreeder

right on schedule

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Hey at least your day is complete, honestly you literally do sit on b 24/7 waiting for me. I’m totally rent free in your head, and you somehow try to act like that isn’t pure mental illness


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10/10 I’d do anything for you


Hard to tell because it’s soft and kind of weird angle


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You’re welcome!

9/10 thick and beautiful


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Thank you. Glad you like it

You’re welcome! Thanks for posting and giving me some eye candy.



you dick has downsyndrome

around 7.3x6.3"

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Thanks for the 10/10

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Absolutely gorgeous

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Thanks user. My picture perfect monster dildo dick. Here’s a softy

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You're fucking insane.

my cock

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Beautiful, love the shape and the veins. 10/10

Wow is that hard?


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did my 1st DR yesterday. 45 yr old

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A good 7

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I keep it a little more trim now.

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dick rate, i'd never posted before

Big monster

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another angle

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Glad you like it

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Do you have people in your life that care about you? If so, imagine how they'd feel if they knew this what you do all day every day.

Oldfag here. Hope you like.

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Aesthetic cut bros 8/10

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8, trigger the shill HB




Me at half mast.

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Looks tasty. Nice and thick too

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10/10, nice cock brother.

Small and skinny but aesthetically nice. 6 out of 10

Checked. Its a thick one.

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Don’t tread on me HB.... lol.

Fav one here so far. Nice even skin tone, perfect shape, kinda smallish (which I love). Would suck 9/10


Like the furnishings. Especially the green wooden chair you got from your gramma. JFC grow up

Not to mention boxer shorts.....

At least you have Yea Forums bud. I get it. It’s your world and no one can take it from you except the jannies from time to time.

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JC Penney’s 4 pack special he got for Christmas from gramma

cant imagine the kind of cretin that comes to a dickrate thread to complain about people’s furnishings and tell them to grow up lmfao you might be the single most virginous freak on the entire site right now

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Thanks for the 8 user, I’d give you an 8 too. Big and aesthetic like me

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