Abortion is murder

Abortion is murder.

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it's unfortunate no one "murdered" you

One of those instances where you're both right.

I like the idea of killing babies but I don't like the idea of women making decisions

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Well my mom is not a whore that lets everyone cum in her.

Child support should start at conception.

Abortions should be illegal unless the fetus is black, black abortions should be mandatory


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Man the fuck up and stop crying about a piece of meat that has not been formed into a human yet.

Fucking snowflake.

You don't give a shit about abortion. You just hate women.

I do not care about babies
they don't even have a soul till 1yo

No it isn't and you're a goddamned retard.


I want to cook an aborted fetus

Well, that's half true. Your mom is a whore but she does make me come in her mouth.

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So? Fuck them kids

I disagree

The internet really is only like five jokes and ten thousand people who think they deserve a pat on the back for re-writing them over and over again.

It probably wouldn't be that good

*Abortion on whites is murder

That procedure was literally forced on doctors by retarded politicians that you voted for.

What's so bad about hating women? Genuinely curious.


Just the internet?

Filling your heart with hate isn't very Christian of you, which is the whole reason choice is being made illegal in the first place.

Cool. Any vids?

So you're willing to help make paid maternity leave, additional food, housing, educational and medical aid? No life only matters to you before it's born then it can fuck off. Moraltards unironically like people suffering. Following in mother teresas footsteps i see.

It isn't being made illegal. It's being made state law rather than federal law.

She shouldn't have been a whore. The choice has already been made and it was her who made it.


I mean, how much meat is really gunna be on a fetus? Plus any muscle that's there will be extremely small portions.

I feel like you already know the answer to this question.

>"Man it really is hot outside today."
>"Just outside? Just here? Just on Earth? What about the sun you asshole?"

That's you.

so is creating life in a sense, if you consider dying being a problem

people shouldn't have children unless they can support them. arguing that we should pay for other people's kids is retarded. if you can't support a kid then don't have one in the first place, it's actually that fucking simple.

"hurrr bitches should let themselves get knocked up and just get a free ride for it". stupidest fucking argument ever.

Tell us more about your mother.

libtards as usual proving non-arguments because they know they're wrong

Nice self-report

go back to posting your shit on a communist subreddit where you'll get 6 gorillion upvotes. you're not gonna get the pat on the back you want for supporting baby murder here.

kind of like OP's post

Cuntservatards doing moral grandstanding while pretending they actually care about anyone but themselves and act like they actually are small government. But you can't smoke a plant or sit for the pledge or make a giant life decision without our input also no homos. Oh my baby girl got a colored baby!? Welp better take a trip to mexico. Fuck you people are braindead.

Like you're patting yourself on the back for doing jack shit and acting like a hero? Fuck off neet freak. Go get touched by woman.

Ok but do you care about the kid once it's born?

It's sad seeing reddit users like you fail to understand such basic social interaction. Literal down syndrome tards have a better grasp on reality. I guess you're too retarded to know you're retarded so I don't pity you much.

They don't. They just want more wagies.

the government should intervene when people commit degenerate acts that harm society. baby murder, drug use, and spreading seditious propaganda should be banned. the idea of "free speech" as liberals present it is retarded.

So no small government? Thanks for proving me right cunt. The only degenerates are you people. Bunch of fucking hypocrites. Best part you know I'm right.

Murder is defined as ILLEGITIMATE killing, therefore you're objectively wrong.

>Bunch of fucking hypocrites.
But user, can't you see how transparently and sincerely they care about the Precious Babies? It's all about the Precious Babies and not motivated by incel malice at all.

It's called natural selection. Look at any of the washed up whores who are going in for abortions and tell me you want them to have offspring. Their daughters will grow up just like them and do the same thing. If the lowest of society are voluntarily wanting to take themselves out of the gene pool, let them.

small government is a useful tool to rally people. but anyone with a brain is right wing because they know that degeneracy must be stopped in order to preserve society. that means government intervention is needed. you didn't make the amazing own you think you did, conservatism rightfully demands strong state control unlike the degenerate anarchism that leftists want.

I get that you want to come across as skeptical and worldly, brah, but the impression you give's much more that of an ignorant bitchass shut-in.

>anyone with a brain is right wing
Never the wisest choice of ground for you people, user. You're as thick as pig shit.

States rights IS small government

Yeah? Cry me a river faggot

That's disinfo. Being hateful is actually good. “The fear of the Lord is to hate evil: pride, and arrogancy, and the evil way, and the froward mouth, do I hate.” (Proverbs 8:13, KJV)

Trying too hard there, champ.

Jesus Fucking Christ you butchered that joke worse than OPs abortion graphic.

The state telling you what to in your personal life isn't small government.

typical leftist. no argument, just insults. it's because you know you're wrong and don't know what else to say to protect your fragility.

That's what I thought. I don't get why redditards like you even bother leaving your shitty circlejerks to come here

Yeah apparently raping your father and killing children with bear attacks is also morally correct.

You really have to ask yourself how completely they understand this extremely simple idea.

People who've got jack shit and know it always pull reddit out of their asses.

Cuntservatard too thick to understand the reproduction of there decisions. No actual empathy or regard for the lives of other. Just sitting there the good man doing nothing.

again, you're retarded if you actually believe the right supports small government. we support the government preserving a stable society that doesn't include things like baby murder and encouraging drug addiction. that's a leftist Boogeyman. granted, it is useful to present the idea of "small government", in order to draw new people in.


Surely not. Won't someone think of the Precious Babies?

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Are you upset, user? You seem upset.

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Obviously. I havent seen a counter argument yet that makes sense. Its all just excuses for kids not willing to take responsibility, but what about rape and incest? And what about the other 99.9% of abortions. Fucking smooth brains.


>it is useful to present the idea of "small government", in order to draw new people in
By deliberately lying then. Sucks to be you, brah.

this is so fucking stupid. murder is wrong, there doesn't need to be an argument beyond that. "hurr durr but da babies won't get taken care of afterwards if we don't kill them!!!1!" We don't want the babies murdered in the first place you dumb shit.


Backpedaling! Love it! Who gets to say what's degeneracy you? Your sky fairy? Q? No you'll just say whatever you want to make sure you don't see yourself as the bad guy. It's not about being moral, it's about winning! So you can feel oh so superior while doing jackshit and ruining lives. It really does get you off doesn't it?

it works. not my problem if you dumbshit libs keep losing supporters because we have better tactics. stay mad while we knock down your door.

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you're an idiot if you think this is backpedaling. conservatism has been firm in belief for centuries, unlike leftist retards who still can't decide what gender they are. we understand politics and you don't, that's why we're going to win.


But you refuse to help out any of them after they're born. Why would you? You did your part you put your two cent into someone else's life. Aren't you just so holy! Gold stars for you bud!

Yer a racist 'arry.

Nobody cares incel.

I'm not paying for someone else's kid. if they don't want them they shouldn't have them. I legitimately don't understand how you can't get this extremely simple concept through your head. Kinda wondering if you're trolling for the sake of the right by making the left look retarded, if that's the case then I commend you and I ask that you keep doing it.

this is really how a leftist thinks - if you aren't going to raise someone's child for them, they are allowed to kill it

its embarrassing they keep bringing this up as a talking point