What do you regret doing?

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Way to much to list out even for greentext

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my old weed dealer had a bible verse tattooed wrong across his whole back. fucking said something like john 3:16-3:16 instead of 3:16-3:17 lol he basically was like "oh well."

someone had to point it out to him a while after he got it too. like "brother we gotta tell you something" haha fucking bible verse

being born for one.

Being born, I know someone has already posted it but I really do. I also regret not killing myself. A couple of things really

Crashing my second car. It was 100% my own fault that I totalled it. That mistake sent me down a spiral of bad car purchases that set me back financially by years.
All other mistakes and suffering in my life led me to where I am now, so I'm happy enough with those.

>be me
>raised to steongly beleive sex before marriage was evil
>literally all my exes left me because of it
>"you must be gay user"
>meet girl
>literally rapes me
>she's pregnant
>raised to strongly beleive having a bastard is evil
>marry her
>overall a happy marriage at first
>ovarian cancer
>full hysterectomy
>wife has no sexdrive now
>wife doesn't even act like wife anymore
>raised to strongly beleive divorce is evil
>still married
>am I being punished?

Sounds more like you're punishing yourself. Literally made the worst decision at every point in your life.

Growing up, my brothers and I were very close. We drifted apart over the years and one of my bros got involved with the super libtard crowd. Now he thinks he's a woman and is taking illegal hormones while being encouraged by his tranny friends. He's completely gone off the rails, doesn't work (to stick it to 'the man') and I feel like if I had kept a better relationship with him this wouldn't have happened.

I realize that now, but all my decision I 100% beleived it would lead to a good life.
Like morally "right" decisions, have never lead to happiness

Not taking advantage of easy pussy when I was younger.

Getting hooked on porn at a young age and letting it affect my psyche.

I slept in

Well if you still believe that then keep fighting the good fight! More power to you.

posting pics of my ex on here

Same thing happened to my best friend, he was tall, smart and always popular with the ladies. Then 3 years at university and boom.

almost sounds unreal that a guy goes from crushing pussy to tranny

I don't think that doing the right thing in and of itself leads to unhappiness. In fact, even when things turn out badly, I'm always glad I did the right thing.

I think the main problem is that you weren't doing the right thing, you just did what was expected of you. Those two things are not the same (though they can be sometimes).

From now on, do what is right instead of what is expected. I think you'll find a lot more happiness.

I'm sure your wife isn't happy in your relationship either, so the right thing to do is to give both of you a chance at a new life.

My biggest worry is that one day he will end his life (as most trannys are known to do). Although I suppose at this point I don't even know him anymore.

What happened

My first marriage

Happens when you're grown up as a religiousfag and never grow out of it.

If you're not happy with your wife then divorce her. Do you want to be miserable for the rest of your life?

Also before you do that: Talk to her about sex. Maybe she's willing to compromise or something.

Ruining my chances with a Woman who would have made everything better. She still won’t talk to me, a year later. I’m sorry, B. All I wanted was you, nobody else meant as much to me. My life has fallen apart now.

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Very similar. My brother was incredibly talented and driven. Literally nothing he wasn't good at. He was a body builder (built like a brick house), best grades in his year for every subject, popular, talented artist, made amazing amateur movies with his friends, spent quality time with us (his brothers), got a PhD in physics. I really looked up to him and wanted to be as successful as him.

Now he lives off unemployment, dresses like a woman, puts on a weird high pitched voice, does nothing with any of his talents and rams himself full of hormones. Literally no idea what happened. It's depressing.

Pretty much all of the halfway important decisions, that I have made since I was like 16.

For me is trying too hard in this life
and i regret forcing myself to do some stupid shit to look cool

I'm about to have my first kid and as harsh as it sounds, I'd rather he kill himself than me having to explain to my daughter why my brother is fucked up. Like you, I don't know my own brother anymore.

It really hurts having to read that but I completely agree with you.

Why don't you just try to support your brother?

If 100% of your belief led you to 100% bad decisions, then it is time for a 180 degree turn.
I'm a christian too, but not a braindead one.
Cut your family out if you need to be happy.

Not raised in a religious houshold. There was just this "good" and this "evil"
I'd consider myself atheist/agnostic honestly.
I was 18 when all this happened.

Isn't that what everyone does?
They want to do "evil" but dont because it's expected of them. So it angers/frustrates them, but they endure because that's what's expected?

maybe he feels this part of himself is really important and nobody is accepting it which is why he is acting out

honestly the best way to get people to cop on is often to just be like 'aight whatever u wanna do im here, i love you'
it's all anyone wants man, if you can change your perspective and learn to accept his shit, no matter how much you don't understand or agree with it, i'm sure your daughter and brother will have someone worth believing in

>dat pic
Absolutely fucking gold
You get what you deserve

Not religious, family wasn't religious..
There was just this "good" and "evil"
Others are raised like this..right?

There certainly is a fine line to walk depending on your community and family. Not everyone has the luxury of making these decisions as easily.

But I do find that most only 'feel' like they're restricted when they could simply sever ties with the people who put this pressure on them.

There are definitely complexities in a case by case basis.

Accept what exactly? That his mental illness is causing him to mutilate himself all the while being egged on by oir society as if he is some sort of hero for thinking he's a woman?

I can't say anything because 90% of people are encouraging this shit. So I'm the villain because I just want him to be happy with the way he is/was rather than causing irreversible physical damage to himself.

Unfortunately gender disphoria isn't actually treated like other mental illnesses (e.g. anxiety or depression). Somehow people have decided that this does not deserve treatment but encouragement. It makes no sense.

Frankly, whilst he is wasting his life, I don't want him in mine.

>Isn't that what everyone does?
Not everyone grew up with your beliefs user.
I grew up being told not to have sex with people unless they were special to me.
I happen to be a bastard, since I attended my parents wedding when I was 6 months old and I wouldn't stay in a loveless marriage.
None of the above is evil to me, your wife having raped you was evil though and you being forced to marry your rapist is evil.

Well it's like the pressure is self induced.
I just have the unending urge to do "good", but hate myself for it because it doesn't make me happy.
While "evil" makes me happy/satisfied, but I hate myself because I did "evil".

A few others might be, but you'd have to elaborate on how these rules were set when you grew up.
Was things ever explained beyond them being good or evil?

Okay, you grew up weird, its official.
I'm not judging you for it, but I am very curious.

I meant mentally:
Have the conflict in there head between doing good and evil?
I can't imagine just doing something, without some justification(?) for it.

yes, I've grown up just like you. my only advice to you is that if it's not working, try to do everything you can to make it work. be vocal about it, and be able to bend a bit. but if even after that she cannot uphold her vows to you as you are to her, then it's time to separate and move on. no one should ever be in a situation where they aren't happy. divorce is in the catholic and Christian religion for a reason after all, and no amount of you being the perfect husband will change a neglectful wife.

but you don't own his life, you have to respect his decision to fuck himself up if he wants and by not accepting it you will only make shit worse for him

regardless of how you feel about it, if he wants to engage in self-destructive behaviour he will, you can't stop him

but by accepting him and re-integrating your 1 dimensional image of who he was before with a more complex individual you can make the original person you loved come back to life a bit more

honestly if you think that just because don't agree with you they deserve to die, get ready to become estranged from your daughter when she his 17 because absolutist beliefs cause little sluts with daddy issues - have fun with that, or change

>honestly if you think that just because PEOPLE don't agree with you they deserve to die, get ready to become estranged from your daughter when she HITS 17 because absolutist beliefs cause little sluts with daddy issues - have fun with that, or change

No explanation really. Maybe a "this is how the world works"
Good= success, happiness, etc.
Evil= failure, sadness, etc.

I know alot of what I was taught is bullshit now, but hard to get rid of.
Like I was taught that dancing, horseplaying, and singing was evil at a young age.

I understand what you're saying. We're all indoctorinated with the beliefs of our families and communities. But what I would encourage you to do is to analyse if what you want to do is actually 'evil'. Is divorcing your wife evil because it goes against traditional values? Or is it good because you are two people trapped in an unhappy relationship?

Changing the way you've been taught to think is no easy task and will take a long time. I suffer from anxiety disorder and therapy has helped me a huge amount actually analysing my thought patterns and why they're not particularly helpful. Highly recommend.

fucking this

are you retarded?

Yeah starting to realize that. Think it's do me to share some more..if you got an curious questions and such


Sounds like your parents gave you a way too strict moral system.
>Like I was taught that dancing, horseplaying, and singing was evil at a young age.
And now we're crossing over into abusive, which one of your parents made these rules? Mom or dad?
Well I have some for you above in this post.

"No sex before marriage" and "divorce is bad" are both religious things lol

allowing himself to fuck himself up is not what family does. this is a stupid fucking thing to do and it's the reason why people kill themselves all the time.

respecting his decision to be a fucking idiot is the reason the world is fucked up in the first place. say your peace, and as family try to help them. 'respecting' self-destructive behavior is never the answer. granted you can ultimately only do so much for a person, but making the effort until every last option is expended is better than doing nothing if you care about him that is.

and i know people are going to say "hurr durr my family respected my choice and i turned out just fine." well you didn't. you may think you did but your delusional. especially if you went and cut your dick off to be something your not. your not really happy, and you're not really a woman. and no amount of convincing yourself your family cares about you or likes how you are is going to change that. if they said nothing, it's either they don't really care about you, to which I'm truly sorry user. or that it's because of the times we live in where people get canceled for stupid shit.

I get what you're saying.. but like it feels wrong to be unhappy. Like I'm weak for feeling that way, and because I do I'm being "evil".
Just the idea of people thinking differently is confusing honestly.

At no point did I say that he deserves to die. I just said that it would make my life easier. Yes, that is a selfish thought, I know that. I'm a flawed human, imagine that.

I will be raising my daughter to find happiness in who she is physically and in her accomplishments, not in mutilating herself to become something she is not.

The way my therapist described it is that we essentially find comfort in patterns we're used to living, despite these patterns causing us misery. For example, people in abusive relationships will continue to seek out abusive relationships because it's what they are used to.

What worked for me was the Golden Circle. You start off with a thought, action or decision and ask 'why am I doing this?'

This gives you a starting point to analyse your thought patterns and why things are important to you.

For example, why do I do the job in doing? I'm an engineer because I like problem solving. What problems am I solving? Etc.
It helps give you purpose in your life.

With you it's, why are you in an unhappy relationship? Because others expect it of you. That isn't a good reason to spend the rest of your life with this person.

It's a terrible explanation, but I recommend you read up on the Golden Circle. May help you.

i am not transgender and do not give af, i am just trying to help you understand that you think your OPINION is FACT when it is simply your opinion.

the reason they kill themselves is because they do not feel accepted by those closest to them - you are this person

i know you care about your brother a lot and that is really good, but your anger at him for what you find self-destructive (and as i say, i am impartial here as i don't give a fuck) is also destructive. In a time he maybe feels he needs acceptance, you give him more destruction - this is your role in this estrangement.

your idea that there is a 'right' and 'wrong' way to live (while i know you feel very strongly about it) is still only your opinion and not a fact - these are not the same thing

honestly mate how are you ever going to happy if you think the world has to fit into your box? you may be surprised to hear this but the world is the box, and you are already fitting into it - you just have a choice whether to accept it in its chaotic natural state, or not

one of those options will see you paranoid and angry for a long time, and the other will see you less so - the choice is yours

again, i am a random user on the internet, lying in bed naked - i do not give a fuck if you listen to me or not, it's your life and you are free to be angry if you like

Agreed. Thank you.

those sound like good ideals and i hope things go well for your daughter

i also hope you live to regret thinking that you wish your brother would die to make your life easier

Think you're replying to someone else there kek

But in response, I totally understand what you're trying to say. However, he is factually not a woman, no matter how much he mutilates his body. That's not opinion, that's science.
I don't give a shit how he dresses. Your personal clothing style is an opinion (yours happens to be nudity). Your gender is not. You can't change your DNA.

The fact that this type of mutilation is somehow being seen as heroic in our society shows how fucked up we've become.

I regret not fucking this girl when we were teenagers. She was my best friend, we kissed and rubbed sometimes, but I was a "I don't wanna ruin the friendship" kind of retard back then.

Also, years later, I was at a friends party, it was late and everybody already left/passed out/was having sex in another room. I was left alone with my ugly fat friend and her even uglier fat friend. They were wasted, we were in a couch, my friend started trying to kiss me, I refused and tried to play it cool. She kept trying many times, until the other girl suddenly said that "if you two are going to have fun I think Ill join too". I got up and said maybe another day and left.

I mean, they were objectively ugly (both 3/10 even with makeup) and if I was sober I would have never try something with them, but I really think I missed an interesting chance, I mean a threesome with 2 ugly girls is still a threesome, right?

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Mom. Only applied to me and my brother though.
Dad was an inactive parent. Literally didn't teach me anything. He was also a schizophrenic

Thanks. As you can tell, I struggle greatly with my brother's mental illness and I truly hope I can find a way through it. Maybe one day I can actually discuss it with him in a mature way.

Thanks user. I'll look into it

>Dad was an inactive parent.
Your dad was likely under your mothers heel just as much as you and your brother were.
I'm sorry user, the one actual evil in your childhood was your mom.

Yes it is you loser. Hope you at least learned something here. I only regret the sex I didn't have

I really hope you find a purpose in your life, my friend. Take care of yourself.

language is a tool we use to describe our reality, but it is notoriously flexible and unreliable - perhaps our societal idea of the word 'woman' has changed. If you look at the linguistic origin of even the word 'woman' it is formed from old english for 'wife' and 'man' together. You attempt to get a firm grasp of one thing, only to find it has slipped through your fingers yet again. In reality, hard definitions are useful for science but in society, can be pointless - as we discover from the era of fake news, truth and reality bear little meaning on how people feel, care or act - what matters is that people believe in it

(this is not unusual btw, humanity been doing this shit since its inception - see Christianity, see various religions, the other genders of native american tribes, indians etc - humanity has always been a mess. as Socrates said: 'the next generation will be the doom of us all!' Yes it will. And the one after, and the one after that and the one after.)

Ultimately you either accept that life is chaotic and doesn't make sense (in our human opinions) or you get very very frustrated forever and ever that nothing seems to match your expectations of how everything should be

here's the thing; it already is as it should be - if it shouldn't have been, it wouldn't be