Midnight celebs

Midnight celebs
If you post a girl she's a whore Edition

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Those are all replies. You are choosing a specific definition to use regarding reply and response. If you wanna specify responding to what I am saying and replying to my comment despite not dressing what I say specifically, then be a bit more specific. If you reply to me but don't ACTUALLY reply then I'm not just going to reply without taking it seriously, how fucking dense are you? lmao you're a fucking stupid piece of shit and I just shat all over you.
Guess what retard, people can't read your mind. Express yourself better.

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Victoria Justice is the most overrated celeb posted and anyone who posts who is a low taste shitstain

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anyone got some mommy celebs?

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goddamn got me hard in a second, who is this?

Nah emma watson is, Ive been lurking for 10 years.

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No, EmmaWatson is annoying and her fans are horrible but she isn't he worst. Victoria is honestly the worst and her fans are low iq as shit. she's horrible

Dafne Keen

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goddamn i want to impale that bitch on my 8.5in, got discord, I show off

Do people post billie eilish because they think she's supposed to be attractive so they try to fit in?

I suspect it's a combination of her massive boobs and her hot/cold relationship with enjoying putting them on a display that entices people

Victoria Justice is overrated and ugly and her posters are literally retarded

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I do not find her attractive, she got big milkers, but not into that..

Cool story

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that is a bubble butt, who?

rekt for the trillionth time

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Half the fun is not just that she has "big milkers" it's that she alternates between the ugliest sweaters known to mankind and stuff like I see her as a younger mopier version of Milana Vayntrub in that way

Dafne keen

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the fuck never seen that bitch.. post more of her legs or ass

don't listen to this post, it's a janny baiting trying to get ppl in trouble here

wanna taste her soles so bad

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how old is the bitch?

Billie gives off this impression of a tranny who got lucky with HRT and grew big boobs and tries to show them off with a 5'o clock shadow

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Who's that?
Never seen her before. But damn, those hips

generic e-celeb instagram thot, go outside, there's probably a dozen out there looking for someone just like you

yeah haha, I do not see any feminine features in her face.. When I compare her to like a proper woman Anne Hathaway for example

Young enough that we wouldn't want to see a repeat of poor bra-user now would we?

kek based taste pilled

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Got the picture.. I thought the bitch is 18+ haha

That is a WOMAN! A WOMAN!

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Understandable. We can wish her the best of luck in her career and you can pause any of the rest until next January

If Anne Hathaway was 18 or 19 today, I think she would be the most popular woman in the world

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Definitely best idea

Never seen this one


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she got some mad long legs

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Tay worship time again?

I love Charli.

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The wall has spoken

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No sex cult necklace? Damn.

It's always a good time to worship Tay

Anne or Natalie D fans?

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are you close?