Dubs decides what I do to her

Dubs decides what I do to her

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Feed her eggs

shit in her mouth

Pic of her soles

cover with blanker

Piss on her ass

larp more

feet pics

Trips aint dubs, coulda had a timestamp


Anal rape, in the ass

prove its not a dude

anal, no lube

Sharpie in pooper

Wake her up and tell her to put some pants on.

Press your asshole up to his and start farting into it

Break her fingers.


Is female, request invalid

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Sniff it

show more pics

sharpie in the stink

Please show her feet.

Finger her ass God damnit

Jesus fucking Christ are white females really that masculine-looking? I thought it was a man at first

Put a blanket on her and let her sleep in peace.

jerk off onto her face

Just fucking rail her like no tomorrow. Ejaculate inside.

Put a bag over her face and then duct tape it around her neck.

wake her up and propose marriage

get her a blanket

put your dick in her mouth

she looks hungry, order her a pepperoni pizza

Yeah its 2:48am in rural Saskatchewan, I couldn't get a pizza here if I wanted

yeah but you got dubs too...you better go make one or something because clearly you have to deliver a pizza

Not him but where I live there is a place that will deliver until 3:30. Do you have any cereal?

Pics of things in her asshole

Ejaculate on her face and take a pic

feed her


two in the pink, one in the stink

Open Her legs

Take a piss and shit on her face

Put balls on forehead take pictures and post

Hand in warm water make her piss herself

put your wiener in her poop chute.

put a blanket on her and then leave go out to a bar

Ice cube in vagina

Put food in her

Sharpie in pooper

Put a blanket on her

cum on her face

Get her a comfy blanket, she looks cold.

Go fuck yourself

pee on her

Fuck her right in the pussy

Suck her toes

Make her piss herself

eat her smelly ass

And go to sleep

flick her clit

piss on her


Cum on her ass

Stick a permanent marker in her pussy

put random objects in her butthole

feed her cum

Cum IN her ass

hug her and tell her you love her (lie)


come on op

**dubs not required for this**
post a timestamp