Fresh g/fur bread, because ghey love is best love

Fresh g/fur bread, because ghey love is best love

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Was I too late?

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Its never too late

wtf is this gay shit faggots? go to fur or mlp ffs

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Hew newfriend

speak english gay mong

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It's just a typo. No need to be upset. You could try punctuation, though.

shaddup he whos farts make no sound

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Imagine coming into a dying thread just to bump it. You're not a smart one are you?

its called sage newfren

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euros should be up soon

I hope so!

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It's just after 9am for them. More people will show up soon. Im just watching some dumb shit until people get here.

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they will be available on mlp, hm or fur. go the fuck there poofs

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that's pretty gay

Nah nah

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No gays here boss

seems a bit gay

If there is some hidden /fur/ board, link it and I'll go

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Nope. Just some homies hanging out.

homies? or perhaps maybe.... Homos!

Thats not what I said!

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Cant prove shit dawg

do you prefer penis or vagina?


I think you're lying

Honest truth. Never touched a cock but my own and never fucked a guy.

you touched your own cock? That still counts as touching a cock. Touching cock is gay.

Nice try. No.

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no u

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yea what of it?

u gay innit

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no im tired kinda tho


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Soon. Maybe. idk.

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are y'all gay irl or are you desensitized to actual humans?

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I can see my upper abs when I pull them up

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Some people are some aren't. Not that being desensitized to humans is why. Some people just don't find irl men attractive.

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only ever been with pp havers so thats fairly gay

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Personally I found yiff when I was a teen and I kinda stopped being interested in humans for a while after that, but it didn't last and I'm gay for men irl too now

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He draws the best cocks

I like both


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Dont worry about him. He calls everyone else a faggot to cope with his denial..


You too, huh?

stole my colour

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