Feet thread

feet thread

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Ah eurofag gf, she's perfect

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What have I done?

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Those are amazing!


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Ohmandy56. Too bad hers are starting to her wrinkly

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I love unique feet, especially wide soles and long toes.

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Idk about you guys, but I'd choose her big feet and long toes over her friend with small feet.

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Wow. Perfection.

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Gf's feet. I try to get her to wear toe rings and show them off as much as possible.

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I like em! Show me more of them on kik?

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No kik but i can show more here.

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i wish the second girl violate my mouth with her big feet

Same, love big feet

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My girl and her cute stubby toes.

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Cute. Share more on kik?


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Here you go

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Choose Who has best legs feet and heels

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Goooood. Moar

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She might have stubby toes but at least she was smart enough to hide it with her nails shape and length.

Bump. Kik?