Drawthread heaven edition

Drawthread heaven edition

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Forst gudnight

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I’m lighting fast
I’m all in

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Requesting human female Sonic holding onto a steel bar like she's doing a pull-up. She's sweaty, her legs are flailing, and she's facing the viewer. She is also oblivious to being a naked woman doing a pull-up.

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colorfag or objectfag still hang around gere?

You're too slow!

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me here! me here!

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hey pal, long time no see. How're ya?

Requesting the blonde and ginger teaming up on the goth shota preferably like the pose ref with the bench

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pretty good. suffering at uni cause exams soon.
overall good. How about you?

Requesting Guy Fieri spanking Imp, Road, Elixir and Sku's butt, sending their asses to Flavortown.

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I thought road buggg and imp have kind of flat asses?

no u >:C

then make them thicc

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making someone with flat butt thicc is boring.
When it comes to imp, it would look like a stick with 2 big balloons

I've had a great day bro. I'm just catchin up with these threads. Covid era has been stressful for me but I got through it. What's been going on over here?


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Welll mostly usual thread stuff.
Constant verna, cece spam when it's american time.
New psypops appearing from time to time.
Really weird, but you can just add 5 words to filter and you are going to be alright.
Some drawfags went away and pop up from time to time like Scruffy. New drawfags like Lee appeared.
Pretty much casual threads based on what happened before i came. Oh and i guess people are interested in doing collabs 24/7 now.


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hiiiii terez

Looking fancy today.
Are you treating anons to a nice restaurant hmm?

hello terez

make yotsuba type words of encouragement to user on Yea Forums.

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maybe if you behave well

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haven't seen blessed in quite a while

Bark, bitch

Milk sucks nigger cocks for breakfast

You know who else I miss?



bark bark

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Does terez like women?

Good girl :)




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thank you

/r/ lewds of this little boy pls

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Cute stuff Cobra
sorry to hear about your computer troubles I know that's always super frustrating


What's your opinion on our mia detective?

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>based bunny poster

I must flip canvas 200x so i can see where doodle went wrong.. I must fix. Pls wait..


>mia detective
wuh? my brain is slow today cause i barely woke up and still don't think

>Pls wait..
ok... ಥ_ಥ


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Would you be interested in an art trade?

you didn't finish your last one yet you dumb bitch

oh shiiiet.
i remember that guy now. eh idk, he gave me sum cool color reqs and that's about it, i almost never interacted with him outside of requests.
i thought he went to Yea Forums?

what'd you do with zazzy?


btw, I saw the drawings you posted the other day, fucking good stuff, mate!


I don't understand

I don't care about titfucks but that burn he gave Dante was legendary

requesting these 3 bitches worshiping a big black cock while the little white boy Cecily jerks his tiny dick.

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based, secoding


he dipped (from here and Yea Forums) a while back it seems
I witnessed a lot of his "roleplaying" throughout these threads, he just popped into my head

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N o s h i t

is that a "seconding?"

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maybe maybe

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the only person i remember from detective times is azazelfag. i kinda liked him. Remember as remember non drawfags, i still remember Dark- and others.
>inb4 i get spammed with psyops

go to bed dante