Hotwife worship. Showing super intimate pics and videos. If you'd like a show, leave your kik. Redhead, natural...

Hotwife worship. Showing super intimate pics and videos. If you'd like a show, leave your kik. Redhead, natural, small tits and a little bubble butt. The more you comment on her, the more I show. She adores sucking dicks, and we meet guys monthly for her to devour. Super passionate, nothing held back.

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Only bump

why do you enjoy this?

is it because you've lost faith in your ability to please your partner?

What? I'm 7.25", in great shape and my wife adores me? What are you talking about? I share her because she's amazing in bed, and I love to see her pleasing people with her body. You should stick to your day-job, you pretend shrink.

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damn she's sexy asf

you dodged the question dude. no need to get defensive, im genuinely curious what drives people to do this

have you lost faith in your ability to please your partner?

Thanks, user. I appreciate that!

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he's obviously a stag and not a cuck and you are obviously retarded.

Any videos?

Mmm pretty blonde chick, can I see her feet?

Do you let dudes blow loads in her?

No. I please her so well that she reciprocates it by pleasing me well. That includes having threesomes that I like. If I didn't want them, she wouldn't do it. And is so happy and secure with our relationship that she feels more than comfortable doing thus because of how solid we are. Mind fucking right off now? Don't project your failed sexual life on me. We are not the same.

obviously. ill never understand this fetish, seems like some beta shit

sorry i upset you retard. why the fuck would you come on Yea Forums to not have your feelings hurt? keep telling yourself this shit. your kids are going to grow up as spineless as yourself

Don't have many feet on my phone. We actually made a custom feet video for another user the other day. She found it really fun

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Yes, mostly. She's had a tubal ligation last year. They all blow inside

Post vids faggot

Are the dudes more attractive than you?

Do you enjoy sloppy seconds?

My feelings aren't hurt. I feel sorry for you if you think you have that power over people. It's comical how off base you are. You're coming off as a massively cringe retard. I hope you're better at anything than you are at playing pretend shrink. You're in nobodies head and couldn't have fucked this whole situation up more than you have. I'm happy doing me, I'm trying to share my happy life. You seem real pathetic and fun af at parties. Get fucked.

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I think it’s cool you and your girl are open like that. When I was with my ex of 5 years our sex life needed a little something more and we started to consider adding people that we mutually agreed on into our sex life. Both guys and girls, mainly girls for me but at least a guy or two for her. I liked the idea of both.

No worries about the lack of feet stuff, they look good in that pic. If you got any ass stuff I’d love to see, I like ass even better.

Not yet. I've been bigger and more in shape than them all. All chad guy's profiles have been fake. We fuck normal guys, they like feeling special as they probably don't get laid much. This dude put it on her, though. He was a genuine good dude. He's a friend now.

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Give me your kik, retard. It's 2mb limit here

I pump out cum if it works out that way. I don't sit and jerk off, I'm in there the whole time

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Thanks, man. This whole process has been all me. I think she's great, and I like my friends to like what I have. Her and I seriously could not be loving life more than we are. This is icing on the cake. I appreciate the normal, based words. Take care

damn I'd rail the shit out of her with you

>We're so happy with our relationship!
>That I'm sucking some other dude's cum out of her vagina!

You sure this isn't some military grade copium? If you were secure, you wouldn't let some user get you seething. I think your girl knows this, she probably enjoys being with a dude who isn't some sensitive fucking cuck. Your generation is fuckin' weird, man.

This is great. Would love to chat, hit me up on Kik.


Lmao! That's great! Here's an unedited

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>Her and I seriously could not be loving life more than we are.

you keep repeating this m8, who are u trying to prove it to? anons on 4chin?

Thanks, bro. I'd like that.
Again, where is this coming from. More projection, is this how you feel about your life? If I was insecure you think I'd let her fuck other people. What kind of military-grade retard are you?
Will do!
Have you not read the drivvle above? I'm repeating it because I keep getting autist above who can't understand anything I'm saying and would rather project their own insecurities/jealousy at me. I keep saying it, in different ways, to try and help them understand. There's no hope. It is funny though, knowing what I know and watching them fumble about aimlessly trying to wrap their heads around it.

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your kids are going to grow up retarded

Found another foot. Most images are above 2mb, so posting her is hard

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Nice wife!

you defensive faggot he asked you a simple question and you go down his throat like your wife's boyfriend did her. fuck you and fuck off with your terrible pics too

Ignore the assholes trying to catch your attention and lets just enjoy the thread.

no user they wont even be his kids that he'll be raising

How old are you and your wife?

Keep going tho

Thanks, man. Very kind!
Wise beyond your years. I wish you well!

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The 2mb is killing me, but I'm trying lol

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Any pic of her dressed in miniskirt or minidress like a slut? Stockings?

Im 36, she's 38. We started last May doing this. It's been so much fun. Her and I are even closer than when we started. We both like the excitement too much

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Got me stroking.

I have a couple, but they are way over 2mb

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Send me your kik and I'll send videos man

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Kik me the pics: aureon6767

You got it, I'll start kik'n the 2 that posted their names

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Name for my FAP folder?


She looks like John Denver. Tell her to wear some make up and take care of herself a bit. Being a trash whore doesn't mean you have to look like one.

That’s a sexy pic, she’s got great feet and I love how she’s looking at you while licking the dick. Glad I checked the thread again, stroking to her.

She has a great bush

You ever bring in more than one guy? Has she had more than two? How about DP?

Thanks, man, glad you dig her! Send kik, just got dome dumping like a gig to 3 guys.
It's so pretty! Thank you!
So we've tried to set up a 3-5 guy total thing. Both fell through. Looking to get a couple a repeats together for a group soon. She's always loved the idea, so we'll do it soon!

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She’s hog ugly. Jesus OP


Got more showing off her bush?

I think so?

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>So we've tried to set up a 3-5 guy total thing. Both fell through. Looking to get a couple a repeats together for a group soon. She's always loved the idea, so we'll do it soon!

That's cool. I always wanted to push the limits with a woman, try to wear her out.

kik RandomGBfan

I'm clean and visiting Vegas this month, can make a reasonable side trip on west coast or host.