Planning a vacation in Europe what is the best country and the city to get some BBC and what are the best apps

Planning a vacation in Europe what is the best country and the city to get some BBC and what are the best apps.

Also general BBC interracial thread, anything goes straight, gay, cuck, trans.

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Also any personal stories are welcome and oc

I was in jail for almost a year for some drugs awhile back and would suck this one BBC on the regular.
Dude was super into it would come to my cell everyday almost and I'd suck him off.

theres black people in europe?

Where were you jailed? Sounds like a good way to spend prison time, how big was he, what did you do to get there and did you do it once free.

lucky guy

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the biggest black dicks are in america you faggot there are 5 black people in europe

Literally all of them are crawling with niggers.

More then anywhere but Africa.

How it started
>walking by showers and see him getting undressed notice his massive cock just swinging.
>go down stairs and grab my shower stuff head up to the showers to look at this juicy BBC
>would regularly put myself out there since I was bored as fuck and wanted to suck a dick in jail as it was a fantasy of mine
>waiting outside showers naked sitting on a small concrete legde inside shower area
>as he starts to get out of the shower stall I get up with a boner and walk in the stall past him (I'm small like 3-4in so I love the size of BBC)
>he watched me the whole time, as I get the shower started I kept glancing over the wall at him he just kept grinning at me I smiled back.
>he walks up to the shower stall and says "you like this dick" while holding a semi hard 9-10in BBC in his hand
>I just say "yeah" all shy and can't make eye contact with him
>he tells me to kneel down and I did he checked for guards and walked into my stall and sits his cock on my face
>I start sucking him and can't even suck half way down in this thing.
>the whole time he's moaning saying "you like that big dick don't you" and stuff like that I just say yes and keep sucking and stroking his beautiful cock.
>right before he comes he tells me "slow down slow down, God damn you want this nut" pulls his dick out of my mouth and cums all over my face.
>I suck the little bit of cum off his cock and just played with his dick in my mouth and rubbed it on my face.
After that I didn't suck him again for a few weeks thought I was gonna miss out lol.

Drugs got caught selling weed. I met him after I got out and sucked his dick again but I lost touch after that.

Some estimates suggest there are more black people in Europe than the US.
It's hard to tell, the EU, and most European countries don't release racial demographic data, most are "european" (defined as born in europe) or "immigrant" (defined as born out side of europe) and even then europe is only ~60% "european" kek.

>there are 5 black people in europe

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I used to work at Burger King with this black guy and it didn't take long for me to figure out from the girls there that he had a huge cock. He was fucking one of the girls on the regular (who had a white boyfriend) and I suspect prob some others.

One of my managers wanted to fuck him and she asked me to set up a party so she could hang out with him. So being the cuck I am I jumped at the opportunity. I set up a beer pong table and everything, invited her, him and a few other friends. They ended up fucking on my living room floor but unfortunately I didn't get to witness it (I was passed out in bed with my gf).

A few months later after many tipsy fuck sessions with my girlfriend where we'd roleplay about her cucking me, I couldn't take it anymore, I told her I really wanted her to fuck him and assured her that I wouldn't be mad or use it as an excuse to cheat. So she just up and started messaging him on FB. A few days later she finally invited him over.

We had it all planned out, I was gonna wait in our bedroom while they fucked on our couch and she filmed it. I was too embarrassed to let him know that I was a cuck and knew about it. I preferred letting him think she was just cheating.

So yeah, that's basically all that happened, she fucked him no condom right there on our couch and he busted inside her. He got up and left pretty much right after. I went out to the living room hard as fuck and had her ride my dick with his cum still inside. I swear to god it was the best sex of my life. It was so fucking warm and wet dude, I'm getting hard just thinking about it. I came with the force of a thousand suns.

I still watch the video frequently (although it was pretty low quality and not a good angle). I didn't go back to work after that lol I didn't have the balls to face him. So I just quit going without telling anyone why. To this day I'm not sure if he told anyone (he prob did) or if he ever figured out that I knew about it.

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That pic is unrelated btw. But yeah we drunk texted him a few more times over the following years and almost did it again but it never came through. Part of it was that I was afraid he might have an std and I didn't want my gf to catch something over my bbc addiction.

It really sucks that we've never got back into it. Now we have 3 kids and life is just busy and she's let herself go a little. I really want her to get back in shape though and get back to fucking bbc.

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Read the first part retard

Bro this is my fantasy, if I ever have to do hard time (I've been to jail) I reallllyyy hope by some miracle I get fucked by a BBC. Idk tho cause I'm not feminine looking if I'd get that lucky.

Story of another time
>been sucking him for a month or so at this point
>one day after I sucked his cock we were in my cell and he tells me he needs some coffee to pay for some tobacco he had ordered but no way to pay for
>ask me if I could suck another one of his boys dicks as payment
>agree if he'll smoke with me when he gets it
>sets it up and I go to the cell to suck this guy's cock
>get there and he's there too ask him what's up?
>he explains that if I let this guy fuck me we can get way more contraband and says it would really help him
>agree but tell him to go slow
>his friend whips his dick out and I get naked and get on his bunk (he's not as big but not by much)
>after awhile of working at it and tons of Vaseline he's in me and can start fucking me
>he's starting to pump me faster and my suck buddy comes over and puts his dick in my mouth
>there I am 5'7 skinny white boy with 3in dick getting spit roasted by BBC.
>he ended up cumming in my ass and after my buddy came all over me as I laid on the bunk recovery.
After that we ended up getting restricted cause word got out of what happened and they wouldn't let us go to other cells for a bit. So I just sucked the BBC in the showers lol

They are all the same people.

When I saw my chance I couldn't pass it up. I was a fuck boy for a BBC for like 4 months and after that I still got to suck some of his buddy's when he got out

Damn, did you cum? I find it really hard to cum from dildos but I've gotten close. I feel like if it were a real bbc I could.

Yeah I nutted in his bunk lol. Every time I've taken BBC I think I blew my load.

Whish I could get my girl into cuckolding

bro it's easy. have you brought it up at all yet?

This is the most depraved thread all night.

see, this is the type right here that their girl fucked a nigger behind his back and he will never ever find out about it

Yeah as joke, actually against cheating, but I look at cuckolding as a couple activity, she didn't seem interested, plus there are no black people around here and she is not attracted to them, wouldn't mind her getting fucked by a big white dick or two though. Might try and have a threesome, but she would be more interested in MFF

BWCs are nice too. You could get her interested, trust me. You just have to talk to her about it the right way. First thing you have to do is tell her it's a fantasy of yours and then start asking her to talk about it during sex.

The biggest challenge on your end is that you have to be sure you won't be too jealous. You're gonna see your girl kissing another man, cumming on him, calling him names. Biggest challenge for her is that you need to convince her that you're not going to be upset afterwards or use it as an excuse to cheat. Those are a female's two biggest worries in these situations. She needs to know your relationship is going to survive it.

>Use it as an excuse to cheat
Why not make it an open relationship then?
Why does it have to be a cuck relationship?

As far as there being "no black people around you" you'd be surprised, I mean I don't know where you live but there's black people everywhere man. Get yourself on fetlife or a dating app and you'd find one even if u had to travel to a nearby city.

Her not being attracted to them? Well, a lot of girls say that shit and it turns out to not be true. I mean seriously, I've had so many girls claim that shit to me, unprovoked too, only to see them later fucking bbc. Idk why they do it. But unless your girl is seriously racist or some shit, chances are she prob has checked out some black dudes in her life or thought about it. Even if she is racist, it might really get her off to fuck one. Most girls just dont want to sound "slutty" so theyre not gonna be like "oh yea i think black guys are hot" they want to sound like nice girls, like the type that youd date, fall in love with, and wouldnt cheat on.

What I'm saying is that most of the time girls are afraid that you're going to use the cuck thing as an excuse for you then to fuck another girl. You need to reassure them that you will not do that.

>Fuck another girl
That's my point. Why can't you?

Holy moly that BBC is huge.. girthy...

Jeeeze, now i feel really insignificant. It's no wonder our white women want BBC so much

Because chances are your girl isn't also going to have a fetish for that.

If you get lucky, and she does, then more power to ya.

I actually think there are more girls who would prefer an open relationship over a cuck partner. Girls are Hypergamous, meaning they would rather date the best male available to them. Most girls would leave you if you suggest a cuckold setting, maybe some will be open at first to satisfy you but most would leave after s while. If your girl stays with you even after you get into a cuck relationship you are actually "lucky".

Yeah, I know the type a lot say they are not attracted, and I'm in the Balkans so no black people, we are pretty open and do a lot of kinky shit together and she really is not interested in black guys, just not her type plus she really is monogamous and is a jelous type, and is satisfied, I'm 7' over 6ft and I'm shape and can last long and make her cum so that is not the reason. But just the idea of us doing something like that gets me horny af plus she fucks good and seeing that from the side would make me diamonds.

Nah, it doesn't actually work like that in the real world. Most women (and men, though they're not usually emotionally mature enough to follow through) seek a genuine emotional connection. Once you have that in a relationship, and you're actually a mature person who doesn't mistreat her or subtly put her down, and she falls in love with you -- she's not going to exit the relationship just because she gets some better dick or because you have a humiliation/cuck fetish. If she does, then you guys never got to the point of having a real relationship or connection in the first place. That's not always the guys fault btw, sometimes it's the girl who's not emotionally mature.

Being emotionally mature doesn't look the same for all people and some never reach their final stage.
People have different desires and expectations, what I said about female hypergamy is true tho. It's not just about good dick or not tho, it's about being the best male available for them, that can be financial, sexual, emotional, in terms of looks, status, whatever. Most girls will be turned off by a cuck fetish and would rather date someone else.

there's so much misinfo about this kind of stuff, it's not all as simple as u would think

for example in my relationship even though I like to be cucked in the bedroom, I'm the dominant one in the relationship, she's a passive person and I'm a leo. I'm confident in myself and have a good sense of humor. These are things she's attracted to and couldn't be replaced (years of connection, memories, etc.)

you can like to be cucked and still be a confident person, it's all in how you view yourself


Idk about that. Not sure where you're getting the idea that "most girls" would be turned off by that. In my view, most girls would love being able to have a partner they're in love with but then being able to fuck hot guys on the side. Anyone would love that, lol. It's the perfect deal for them.

Plus have a lot of friends, good job, I am thinking that if it got public I would lose a lot of respect, and she might percieve me as weak in other areas of relationship

You are just a rare case user, personal experience doesn't say anything, data does.
>I'm a Leo
Oh no, i see what notions you are operating under, opinion discarded.

then dew it to it man, nothing's stopping you! doesn't have to be a cuck thing to have extramarital play.

rare in the sense that I'm emotionally mature enough to be open and honest with my partner, yes.

trust me, most girls are pretty open to whatever fetish you may have as long as it's not something illegal. you just can't bring it up on the first date or be weird about it.

Sounds good, where besides Paris?

They would rather date a hot guy who also fucks good and loves them.
Also, not everyone, you are the clear example that you would rather date a hot girl who likes to get fucked but not fuck anyone else.
And most girls would be turned off by it because it shows the guy they are dating is inferior to others in one aspect, evidently so actually, remember, women are Hypergamous for the most part. U
I'm not saying having a cuck relationship and make it work is imposible , I'm saying it's rare.

Everyone is inferior to others in at least one aspect. This is what you come to learn as a mature adult. You obviously have some growing up to do.

more black trannies please

Nizza. Nizza is awesome for a trip (very good sea, food...) and yes there are a lot of BBC. Btw every big city in France has many BBC

Most people just want to give and receive unconditional love in a relationship, all this alpha brain shit you're being fed is bs

Cuckolding is a special type of fetish tho. It's the same as having a femdom relationship, most women aren't into it but it's less evident because the "inferiority" is less visible, especially to a third party, whomever that may be.
Still, for that reason most women would prefer an open relationship over a cuckold relationship and a femdom relationship over a cuckold one too, it's just simple data.

Thanks, what about Marseille, it's a lot bigger, and is grindr still a thing?

Of course, but that's why I said the most superior man available to them, not the most superior ever. Some women can't get very high status men in whatever aspect, so they sette for whatever they can get.
Is nor about alpha or whatever, it's about status equilibrium. Low status women settle for lower status males.

I'm not even sure why we're arguing about this but sure, women are attracted to superiority, power, etc. And a lot of men are too.

....But that doesn't mean that once you're in a relationship you just trade off the second you see someone more superior, or that person has a fetish that makes them seem inferior

IF you have a genuine connection. Now that all being said, if you're not into cuckolding, and your girl finds a superior guy that tries to fuck her -- She very may well just fuck him behind your back! So you're better off being a cuck.

As far as "preferring open relationships", yes, some women do, but most women are too jealous for that shit just like most guys are too jealous for it.

Bro it's just not like that, in most mature adult relationships a girl is not going to leave a man she has feelings for just because she sees someone more superior in some aspect

It happens, but mostly in highschool or relationships that had no real connection to begin with

When a relationship ends it doesn't have to be abrupt, it can be a long process and there's a deterrent when it comes to kids or economical factors.
Check the "Rest of the world" section. Most women still prefer the highest status males they can get, it's an evolutionary practice. And it is self correcting in a way, maybe in .ore years we will see a difference but for now the trend is still the same.

bro i feel sorry for you

Why? I'm just saying what the truth is. You guys are either fooling yourselves and other by spouting your fantasy or fooling others by saying what your personal experience was or is, which in no way represents how most people operate.

As I said, it is not imposible to have a lasting relationship in a cuckold setting, but in most cases it fails becayof evolutionary factors.

Amy suggestions how to procese with the Idea.

because you have such a shallow view of life and humanity, and because you sound like someone with either very little or very shallow experience with women/dating who thinks he knows everything about it

user... Even if you date 100 women you still have a very small pool of data to try and predict how most people behave.
Again, your experience doesn't say anything about people's behavior. Your data is biased to your region, your culture, your local environment, the type of people who approach you, the type of people who you decide to approach, etc.
I never insulted you guys or said that the cuckold fetish realization is imposible. I'm just saying it is currently rare and it probably will keep being rare for the next 1000 years or maybe forever depending on evolutionary trends.
Just accept the truth or live in your own bubble or even worse, in your own fantasy.

lol and yours is based on a wikipedia article that you interpreted very poorly

I'll trust my real life experience

You can use other sources too if you want to, there in Wikipedia you can find the links to the studies about hypergamy in women in the modern era.
I prefer to trust studies that were done with bias considered over the experience of anyone, including my own.

Okay? Go ahead king believe what you want you fucking autist lol.