Banning abortion isn't enough. All forms of birth control should be made illegal...

Banning abortion isn't enough. All forms of birth control should be made illegal, and women who don't meet a certain quota of children born by the time they turn 30 should be criminally punished. There is no argument against this, you whiny soy faggots know I'm right.

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Be not so butthurt that nobody will fuck you that you try to prevent them from fucking at all.

We already know this is whats going to happen next. You're not shocking me, just confirming why i moved out of the south and never looked back.

speak for yourself faggot. I'm gonna be pissed if my daughter can decide to just not give me grandchildren, that's not what I had her for.

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ywnbaw kys

thanks for the bump faggot

In the not too distant future artificial wombs will be a thing, making it unnecessary for women to carry a fetus for nine months an option...

kys tranny

yea, more humans, sounds like a great idea user

I'm sorry no woman would ever touch you by choice, user, here's your state mandated gf

You know that porn whore is on birth control, right? And probably still has a few abortions under her belt?
If you ban abortions and birth control, porn is going away too.

I fully agree, also men who havent had atleast 4 children by the age of 21 should be castrated(or just executed) as their seed is unfit to be spread.

porn should be banned though. i don't see why you thinjk thats a good argument.

Pro-lifers are the ultimate groomers

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women exist for one purpose user.

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An what the 40 years old dudes that never got a womb pregnant?.
Mastered the arts of Pulling out, and having an smaller dick has advantages regardless of b/'s statements.

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To produce children for you to groom, ok groomer

they should be restoring patriarchy rather than making more welfare babies with illegalizing abortion. the unwanted babies will be paid for by poor men or taxes. there wouldnt be unwanted pregnancies in the first place if there was patriarchy. also who cares if hoodrats want to kill their babies why should we stop them and pay for the babies?

men are fine, it's women who need to be controlled

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op just wants to create children to rape and continue OPs line of pathetic human scum.
OP wants its own harem without the confidence and carisma that is needed to make one naturally.

predictably just more soy whining. no actual argument.

This is b8.

Repealing Roe v. Wade isn't the same as banning abortion. Move to a state that isn't a methodist shithole.

Min or min

Women who have not mated with 20 men by 20 must be discarded. They must start at 12

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>Banning abortion isn't enough.
Abortions aren't being banned, retard. It is being moved back to state legislation. Which is how it has always been and how the framers wanted all things outside of constitutional doctrine to be legislated.


the doors are being opened to a nationwide ban. repealing roe is just a step towards that. whores will be put in their place soon. national guard will be sent to shitholes like california to ensure abortions aren't being performed.

And they say republicans are the conspiracy theorists. My god. How low you privileged retards have fallen.

Women are property and should be treated as such. Fathers should be allowed to sell their daughters to men as wives and slaves as he wishes. Any woman who is baren or unwilling to do her duty should be executed for wasting resources.

By the way, miscarriages should be prosecuted as well. A healthy woman who's taking care of her unborn child doesn't just miscarry. It should always be considered manslaughter at the very least.

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>someone openly supports right wing rhetoric
>hurrr must be a lib

are you fucking brain damaged?

Umm? How about no. How about women who fucked anyone other than their husband be discarded? Premarital promiscuous sex is like 3rd in line of things fucking up society only behind niggers and jews.

Amendment IX
The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

No, women are common property and must be passed around at 12 and have no right to deny mens needs. They will birth many children to be raised by religious leaders and never taught anything but the Bible and how to shoot. The nuclear family is dead, we must ready the world for the return of the king!

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the constitution is liberal trash. we won't let it get in the way of passing conservative policy.

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this is what anti-choicers unironically sound like all the time

make it so we can afford kids retard. oh wait you're too busy gargling billionaires' balls. not the jewish ones though, you only like gentiles like elon musk

how about you have some personal responsibility and actually work you lazy faggot. i shouldn't have to pay for your kids

i shouldn't have to pay for some man's "needs" by getting raped. if i ever have a rape baby i can't abort i'll just kill it if it's a boy

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Jokes on you, she's gay.

you're not gonna be given a choice.

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This is the truth, all you incels and virgins need to be executed. If you dont have 10+ children by 25 preferably with 10 different women you dont deserve to live.

Population is nearing 8 billion faggots on this earth and you still think this is a good idea.

how are we supposed to stop china if we don't outbreed their army? the one child policy was giving us a head start and we still failed to take advantage

you're retarded if you believe overpopulation is a problem. human life is sacred and women have the duty to produce life.

fuck you. the population is only out of control in total shitholes full of worthless animals. our population is fine. simply being able to get to this webpage puts you in a very high percentile of success on this planet. having an average salary in the US puts you in the top 1.4% of the world.

that means even our lamest people, if they can fucking graduate high school, even with lowered retarded POC standards, are easily with the potential to be in the top 3% of the world. WE should breed. africa should be ignored and left to die of thirst and starvation. fuck india, pakistan, and china. WE should breed. mexico shouldn't, and south america is also total shit.

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based supreme court. let the libtards vote all they want, we will have conservative law in the US regardless.

Retards like you are why Idiocracy will come true.

unironic fundies like you didn't exist on Yea Forums until 2016

A sizeable fabric is the right actually believes this. They bitch and whine about liberties and government overreach, but only when it interferes with their theocratic agenda. I never thought I'd see the day when I'd rather spend time with degenerate tranny commies than the right. At least they're honest about their disdain for actual liberty.


>Banning abortion isn't enough.

yes, women need to go to jail for even thinking about abortion, and their male impregnators need to go to jail as well. we need more women in jail for sure, that is the only way to fix this issue ruining the country.

if a woman has not had at least one non-mixed-race child by age 30, she should be sent to a reeducation camp.

>overpopulation and depleting resources

The us military is globally the most overfunded and powerful one out there. 3rd world shitholes can suffocate in their own smog for all i care. This court ruling bullshit is still retarded.

the ukrainian incident should tell you how much value that precious overfunded military has. you get threatened with nukes so everyone stays home. lmao

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gorls who don't meet a certain quota of children born by the time they turn 15 should be criminally punished.
using condoms to restrict pregnancy to adult women having is what causes cancer.

the idea of liberty and free speech is just a useful tool to rally people and gain power. the left has this retarded belief that those things are at all real or tangible, and that's why they will lose. the idea of free speech will be used to abolish degenerate leftist ideals, and their hubris will keep the door wide open.