So are you burgers ready to be a bit more responsible with your pickles after the SCOTUS overhauls the baby killing...

So are you burgers ready to be a bit more responsible with your pickles after the SCOTUS overhauls the baby killing rules?

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Culver’s is so fucking good

Now referred to as SC(R)OTUS.

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Wow, good eye. I'm assuming the other one is just as good.

Yeah Culver's looks awesome. Never ate there but its on my bucket list.

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The food and service there is like if chic fil e was a burger joint

Still assmad your intimidation tactics flopped? Get raped, roastie. You'll raise your rape baby and you'll like it.

I remember your type, came out to the house a bunch during freshman rush, went to all the events. Didn’t get a bid, anywhere, stopped associating with your hall mates. By junior year your bitterness against our superior way of life had consumed you.

Sad tale. Happens a lot though. Fuckin GDIs

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Cheer up, Trumper. Things arent all bad with sleepy Joe at the wheel. I hear the red hats will have quite the wave come midterms.

Yeah I follow burger politics too. Fascinating stuff.

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I know eating that would probably kill me but I want it so bad

all this "whores just keep your legs closed" makes a lot more sense when you realize the retards on here who say it get zero sex ever and they assume everyone else is similarly pathetic, or at least close to it, in that sex requires extraordinary effort. The idea of a sex positive relationship, or the idea of women enjoying sex, is completely foreign to them

Why are American women so retarded that they don't know how to use a condom?

why are men so careless that they insist on not using one?

Why is breakfast pizza not a thing in more places?

If you're a woman and you willing have unprotected sex and let a guy finish inside you because you couldn't tell him to wrap his cock then you deserve to have your life ruined with a child, it might force the whores to learn a little responsibility.

Guys are more able to force sex regardless of what the woman wants because of physical strength. In addition, the rise of the "stealthing" phenomenon hasn't been helping matters. The fact that you jump immediately to victim blaming says a lot about you.

Pic related.

Well shit lemme actually put a pic related this time.

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Feminazis are more able to broad brush and male bash all men based on the bad behaviours of a very few.

I didn't jump to victim blaming at all you stupid cunt, you turned it into victim blaming by changing the context to physically forced sex, aka rape. If someone is raped they deserve the choice of an abortion, no argument there. Also "stealthing" was never a thing, you just got sucked into the medias fear mongering like an idiot, which you are.

as opposed to all those here on the basket weaving forum who say all women are whores, regardless of anything abortion related. but sure, the big bad feminists are the problem.

You're broad brushing again.

>basket weaving forum who say all women are whores
Bruh its a Tibetian Yak Grooming Forum and despite the rules clearly prohibiting under 18s we do have edgy kids posting here.

Because they don't have a real argument. Tbh that user is probably a femanon based on how they argue

If we lived in Commiefornia do you think we could sue the makers of those broad brushes? For negligence or something?

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typical deflecting which is honestly exactly what I expect from people obsessed with policing women's bodies under the unconvincing guise of morality.

I like how she intentionally ignored this

Excuse you. We're not policing anything but the murder of innocent, unborn children.

The unparalleled faggotry of belonging to a US fraternity

>please be my friend I’ll literally staple my nuts to a tree with a pine one in my ass to belong to your super cool guy club!!!

>only three of us have died from alcohol poisoning so far brother Jimbo. Please sacrifice me next!!

Good times.

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>"I was too socially awkward to attend Greek Meets now I'm assmad"

Or I just sold those retards weed, went to all their parties anyway and never had to eat a cum covered cookie like a mongoloid faggot

That was oddly specific. Is there something you want to tell us?

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Google ookie cookie or soggy biscuit you simpleton.

No thanks.

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You are the cookie didn’t you user. How did it taste? Was it worth it to impress your date rapist buddies?

I thought soggy biscuits was with pee, not cum

>You are the cookie didn’t you user. How did it taste?
Like appallingly bad grammar. ESL much or did the public schools fail you too?

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Butthurt frat faggot detected. Spelling and grammar are not the same thing retard.

Yes I was totally a fraternity person in a college type situation. You got me bro. Enjoy that 1up feeling you've been pursuing for what? Like 25 minutes now?

Soggy biscuit (also known as ookie cookie, limp biscuit, wet biscuit, shoot the cookie, jizzcuit, or cum on a cookie) is a male group masturbation activity in which the participants stand around a biscuit (UK) or cookie (US) masturbating and ejaculating onto it; the last person to do so must eat the biscuit. Additionally, a participant who fails to hit the biscuit when he ejaculates must then eat it.

Well the jokes on you mr 1up because that was horrible grammar and not spelling. More ESL needed.

So just absolutely gay shit then. Couldn't they cut the bullshit and just make the pledges suck each of them off?

Did the cum make the biscuit easier or harder to slide down your gullet? I’d imagine a dry cookie might get really lodged in the back of the throat.

>being this desperate to not look like a homo

Lmao that is perfect grammar injust wrote are instead of ate. Seethe more greekfag.

I’m sure they did that as well, not a true brotherhood unless you’re forced into debased sex acts by your “brothers”

Gosh this must be terrible for you burgers. Having to cross state lines to get your ablortions now.

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our states are bigger than whatever shit hole country you live in

Did you just assume my geographic location? Typical burgery.

And I just love love love how the other douchebag commenter is so sure that I went to a 4 year school when in reality I dropped out of community college. Hes so fixated on my nuts its funny.

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In fak, Why-oh-min has two whole sennedors in Congress!
Norf Dakoda, too.

If I had to have my dick circumcised as an American I don't think women should be able to fucking kill babies because they think it's their body.

Gee, you don't like it when decisions about your body are forced on you? Maybe... forced circumcision and forced carrying of a zygote to term are BOTH bad? I'm sorry your parents had you violated like that.

But forced murder is good?

But a baby is not your body. Its someone elses body.

Pretty much /thread. It’s a medical issue and the government has no right to be involved. That being said women and their blasé attitude toward are also very ignorant. You are preventing a life from existing no matter how you look at it. They have def reverse circle jerked too far in the opposite direction.

And the whole concept of giving uninvolved parties standing suing women for what they do legally, in other states, is mouth breather levels of fucking retarded.

Who's talking about babies? I'm only talking about fetal tissue

Cry about it.

hahaha american men are forced to become men when they are born, thus women should be forced to be fucking women and have the babies from the dicks they get fucked by, simple biology really

>hahaha american men are forced to become men
Odd way of describing forced infant genital mutilation but ok.

>bad thing happened to ME so OTHER bad thing should happen to EVERYONE!

>Its ok to murder babies because infant gential mutilation?

By that logic I can legally murder you because I wasn't killing a person just some skin tissue, fat cells and blood cells

it shouldn't be that hard to understand that fertilized tissue is not yet a person. Your murder comparison is an act inflicted on people. It's that simple.

>it shouldn't be that hard to understand that fertilized tissue is not yet a person.
Cling to your silly beliefs all you want. It wont stop the SCOTUS.

As if we should respect a ruling made by conservative puppets who were placed on the bench solely to produce this exact result. One of them illegally.

>it should not be hard to understand

Simplifies one of the most divisive philosophical and ethical arguments known to mankind without any justification or logic.

As if "NO ITZ BABY KILLING!!!" is so much more nuanced

You pedocrats do not respect life so in return you will get no respect. Respect is earned. Faggot.

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Then be better than that if you don’t like it. I’m pro choice and don’t believe it rises to the level of murder (because it’s an act done without malice, typically) but it’s undeniable that a human existence is being prevented by the will of another.

Your very word choice gets to the heart of it. The life is prevented from happening in the first place, not snuffed out once it has already begun. If stopping POSSIBLE lives from being produced is murder, then everyone should be thrown in jail for not fucking constantly all day, every day. Obviously that's a hyperbolic comparison but it's more akin to birth control than murder, simply done after the egg has been fertilized.